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New year – new you?

New year, new you? Ummm maybe but shouldn’t we be more focused on continuity?

I know that most New Years resolutions are to ‘loose weight’ ‘get fit’ ‘tone up’ etc. however I prefer to try and not follow ‘dad’ diets but continue to eat and live healthy throughout the year.

Yes I know it’s easier said than done, but rest assured if you don’t give yourself a time limit or try to convince yourself it’s a ‘new resolution’ you will generally be able to stick to it.

Now I had my second baby 7 months ago and have recently started to ‘work out’ again. Not because I’m trying to loose baby weight as such. I’m not as I’m fortunate enough that my baby weight was easily shifted. With what I believe helped was breast feeding and generally eating healthy throughout my pregnancy.

I did however still gain 17kg but I managed to loose it all within the first 3 months. My body shape had however changed. I’m more curvy now and my hips are defiantly wider. I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight and in most of my pre pregnancy clothing but I will admit they do fit differently and my jeans are tighter in the hips and bottom and yup – I have muffin top! But I haven’t been too stressed about it. I’m more concerned with keeping my milk supply for my baby girl and also being healthy for my own well being.

So having recently joined the gym to gain some fitness back I’m doing low impact exercises. Things such as body balance class, Pilates on a mat and yoga. I’ve also started with a personal trainer once per week focusing on more core and inner strength training.

Since exercising again I find that I have more energy and feel better as a mother, wife and person.

I used to train a lot, right up until I fell pregnant with my little man who recently turned 3. I trained every day – 7 days per week for about 2 hours per day mainly weight with about 30 minutes cardio and 15 minutes stretching.

It was hard for me to fall pregnant and I had complications with both my pregnancies so with my first my obstetrician suggested I do light exercise only which I basically quit the gym and only did light walking. I found that if I went too quickly I would get cramping and a ‘stitch’ like feeling in my tummy and groin area so I didn’t want to push my body.

Every one is different though and most can continue to exercise without any issues however listen to your body and also seek medical advice if your concerned.

Whilst on holiday I came across this article with some very good exercises which can be done anywhere any time.

I’m big on using your own body weight as your resistance and I’m also a big believer in listening to your body and only doing what your comfortable with.

Check out this link. Great exercises. Easy to do. You can do them anywhere, and perhaps like me, after the little ones go to bed and you have a spare 30-45 minutes to yourself.

I know it may not seem appealing to exercise at the end of the day as your possibly tired from looking after your little ones, or perhaps just a long day at work. BUT trust me when I say the endorphins will kick in and after a few days of exercising. Your body will feel great and your energy levels will be higher.

Go on, give it a go!

Good luck!


15 minute work out!

10 Moves to Do Before Breakfast

Mornings are crazy busy!

Between late night deadlines busily working in the office, drinks with friends after work, dinner catch ups, waking children, snoring partners and early morning starts, it can sometimes be hard to prioritise your workout.

Here is a quick 15-minute workout that will energise you for the rest of your day!

Who says workouts need to be hourly??

1 – Drop and Pop
Step your right foot back into a reverse lunge and bend both knees to 90 degrees. Engage core muscles and push off your back foot, bringing your right knee up towards your chest as you straighten up. Step straight back into reverse lunge. Do 30 seconds on each side for a duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Works: glutes, thighs, hip flexors, and core.)

2 – Plank Jacks
Start in an elevated plank position with your feet together. Keeping your hips low and abs in tight, open feet out and in like a jumping jack. Almost like a star jump but horizontal. If you need a break, hold your plank or try some pushups. Repeat for 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Works: chest, shoulders, core, and abductors.)

3 – Cycle Punch
Sitting on the floor, lean slightly back as if your doing a sit up, lift your legs up to 90 degree position, find your balance keeping your tummy in and tightened with your hands behind your head. Pull your right knee up and extend the left leg out whilst rotating your torso bringing your left shoulder toward the right knee then punch with the extended arm – ie left hand. Like riding a bike but sitting. Repeat for 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Works: obliques, deltoids, quads, and lower back.)

4 – Sumo Star Power
Start in a squat position, making sure your feet are facing forward and approx shoulder width apart. Press off both feet and jump, sending arms out into a high V and extending the legs out wide, creating a star shape with your body. (Basically a star jump but from a squat position) Do as many as you can; if you start to get fatigued move to traditional squats. Don’t quit! Repeat for 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Works: glutes, quads, hamstrings, inner thighs, and calves.)

5 – Killer Curtsey
Start with right foot crossed behind left, so inner thighs touch. Bend knees to a curtsy position, keeping upper body upright, tummy in, back straight and shoulders back. Then step out to the right into a side lunge, send hips back but keep chest lifted. Do 30 seconds on each side for duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Work: glutes, abductors, inner thighs, and hamstrings.)

6 – Rear Ender
Start in a lunge position with right foot back and elevated on small box or step. Bend knees down to a 90/90 position. Take 2 counts up and 2 counts down, make sure torso stays upright with core tightened. Breath in on your way down then out on your way up. Do 30 seconds on one side then switch. Repeat for duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Works: glutes, quads, hip flexors, and core.)

7 – Extender Bender
Start in plank position and pull right knee up toward right elbow. Almost like running on the spot horizontally or climbing along the ground. Then extend right leg back and raise it keeping both your back and legs straight then squeeze your gluts. Do 30 seconds on each side. Repeat for duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Works: glutes, quads, hip flexors, and core.)

8 – V-up Body Shaper
Lying on your back with left knee bent and right leg straight. Extend both arms up over head, keeping lower back pressed down to the floor and tummy in. Raise your right leg up 45 degree off the ground keeping your leg straight, whilst slowly raising your upper body again approx 45 degrees off the ground. Keeping your head and neck straight then slowly lower. Do 15 reps. Switch and repeat for duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Works: glutes, quads, hip flexors, and core.)

9 – High Knee Hike
Standing on your left leg, place right foot up on small box or step. Step up onto the box and drive left knee up toward chest, keeping your tummy in, shoulders back and upper body straight. Do 30 seconds on each side. Repeat for duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Works: glutes, quads, hip flexors, and core.)

10 – Mountain Climber
Start in plank position and alternate bringing right and left knees up towards chest, like you are running. Keep hips down and try not to bounce. Climb for 20 seconds, do 10 seconds of pushups and repeat to complete the minute and 30 second set. (Works: glutes, quads, hip flexors, and core.)

Calories and summer!

With spring here and summer just around the corner with sun and fun approaching. We all consider loosing a few kilos.

The easiest way to loose some unwanted kilos is by watching what you eat. Not by watching it go into your mouth, but by choosing healthier options.

Snacking is the hardest as most of us reach for the not so healthy snacks, mostly the snacks that are easily reached are not always the lowest in calories or fat content.

Now I’m not a believer in calorie counting as such, nor do I eliminate fats from my diet or sugar in fact. I’m a HUGE believer in everything in moderation. I believe if you starve or deprive yourself of something you are more likely to want it more.

Let’s face it, not everyone has super powered amazing phenomenal will power. So below are some of my favourite low calorie snacks that are generally in most homes. You could say they are a staple in my house. Easy to throw together in a salad or meal and by limiting your portions you will keep on track. Yes there are also some treats in there. Life and food is to enjoy. So enjoy!

I believe that when your trying to loose weight women should aim for approx
1200 cal per day men should a for 1500 cal per day or approx 280 cal per meal and
5 meals per day.

1/2 x cup chick peas = 95 cal
1/2 x cup White beans = 216 cal
1/2 x cup black beans = 108 cal
1/2 x cup lentils = 287 cal
1/2 x cup kidney beans = 250cal
1 x 60gm sweet potato = 52 cal
1 x Coles Choc chip cookie = 80cal
1 x 100gm turkey mince = 155 cal
1 x small mandarin = 24 cal
1 x small banana = 76 cal
2 x whole grain rice cracker = 8 cal
10 x Allen’s jelly beans = 98 cal
200ml skim milk = 68 cal
1 heaped teaspoon Milo = 28 cal
1/2 cup boiled brown rice = 122 cal
100g low fat beef mince = 146 cal
20g low fat tasty cheddar cheese = 69 cal
250ml hot cup of tea w skim milk 1/2 teaspoon sugar = 15 cal
1 teaspoon raw fresh garlic = 3 cal
1 teaspoon chilli powder = 20 cal
1 x medium pear = 61 cal
1 teaspoon margarine = 28 cal
1 teaspoon strawberry jam = 40 cal
100g pink salmon in brine = 126 cal
100g tin tuna = 74 cal
2 x rice cracker = 14cal
1 x salada biscuits = 59
1 x small tomato = 3 cal
1 x boiled egg = 12 cal
100g light ham = 108 cal
100g light turkey = 98 cal
1 tab spoon avo = 20 cal
1 tab light cream cheese / Philli = 36 cal
10 x cherries = 30 cal
2 x strawberries = 8 cal
5 slices leb cucumber = 12 cal
2 x slices 9 grain bread = 167 cal
5 x pieces licorice = 90 cal
1 small tub diced peaches = 84 cal
1 small tub diced pears = 81 cal
2 x Jatz 97% far free = 20 cal
100gm button mushrooms = 40 cal
60gm Sweet potato = 52 cal
150gm white potato = 136 cal
100gm butternut pumpkin = 52 cal
75gm Zucchini = 15 cal
40gm green peas = 24 cal
70gm frozen yogurt = 102 cal

A few easy exercises!





So it’s a beautiful sunny Sunday!

Im feeling rather lazy today but this weather is so lovely I feel I need to be enjoying it!

Hubby and I have just returned from a quick escape to the hunter valley to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.

Yes I over indulged but it was worth it! You will never get any food guilt from me 😉 I love and enjoy food!

So here are a few quick and easy  exercises to help me feel a little more energetic!

Remember exercising and being fit should be fun and not seen as a chore or something you do simply to look good, being healthy starts with a healthy mindset.

If you have some exercise tips, email me. I’d love to share them.

Burpee’s – The exercise.

Burpee’s….? (The exercise)

I’ve been doing some research on different exercises and how they can benefit and it hinder our bodies. Let’s face it, some exercises can be quite ‘jolting’ or ‘harsh’ or ‘demanding’ on our different body parts which can cause injury. Now before you stop reading or decide – ‘yep, exercise causes injury, there’s no reason for me to hurt myself’ each exercise when preformed correctly can actually benefit and do your body justice.

I’ve just read an article on Burpee’s. Yep the age old Burpee!

Now knowing my background as a personal trainer, I don’t remember having my client do many if these. I think although they have been used and performed for centuries, I personally believe that the new ‘Cross Fit’ training has inspired trainer all over the world, to bring back the Burpee!

It makes sense to me and whilst I’m sitting in the couch waiting for my toddler to wake from his midday sleep writing this blog, my hubby asked ‘why are you writing about something you don’t actually do?’ Hmmmm well hubby just because I don’t do them right now, doesn’t mean others don’t.  In fact now I’m feeling a little inspired to do some, perhaps tomorrow 🙂
Burpees 101: What They Are & Benefits!

This six-count bodyweight movement is used across the country in workouts by coaches, fitness fans, and trainers alike as an all-around conditioning exercise that gets the heart rate up. A burpee is a squat that moves into a quickly into a plank position, then back up to standing in one quick movement.

“A burpee is somewhat equal to a push up, good morning, air squat, and a vertical jump all in one”.

If done correctly, the exercise will train the pushing muscles of the upper body, all the muscles of the lower body, and the core muscles. Giving you – a complete all over body workout.

Breaking It Down

1. Start by standing up straight. Bend over at the hips, pushing the hips slightly back and reaching down to touch the floor with your hands while keeping both your feet on the floor (your can bend your knees slightly, but you want to make sure you’re using your hamstrings for the strength).

2. From there, quickly jump back with your feet into a push-up / plank position.

3. Your chest should only then slightly touch the floor. You don’t necessarily need to do a true push-up but don’t slump onto the floor, using your core and stomach muscles to stabilise your body weight.

4. Return into the plank position by pushing up with your hands (again keeping your core tight).

5. Push back up by using the power from your hips and bottom to bring your feet in toward your hands. Try to land on the whole foot as to stop any rolling of the ankle.

6. Explosively again jump upward, most people add a clap or throw their hands up into the air for the extra ‘oomph’.

To practice getting the hips fired up for a Burpee, it’s best to practice the burpee with your feet together and then play around with your foot position. Just keep in mind that if your feet go further out than your shoulders, it will be harder to use your hips and bottom muscles when jumping back up.

Burpee Benefits

There are a lot of benefits that come from doing burpees, the most obvious of which is being able to get up quickly after a fall.

A Burpee is a movement that develops strength, endurance, explosiveness, and coordination because there’s so much going on.

Most fitness professionals or athlete’s say that you can reap many benefits from doing burpees no matter your form, it’s also reiterated that there are no specific rules on how to get from standing to the floor and back up again, however there are ways to make the whole process a whole lot more efficient.

By doing your burpees properly you will not fatigue as fast and will be able to keep going performing these exercises longer.

In a high rep burpee workout—think more about good form. When you’re working for speed, think less is more, move faster. A Burpee is great for cardiovascular workout also!

Try doing 3 sets of 10 Burpee’s 3 times a week and build from there!

Love them? Or hate them? Tell me what you think of burpees or have you got a favourite exercise?

Heart attack, it’s a big deal.

Heart attack, it’s a big deal.

So 2 weeks ago my mum had not 1 but 2 heart attacks. My mum is a nurse and works very hard in a hospital over an hours drive from the small town where she lives. She had arrived at work early on the Friday morning complaining if chest pains and shortness of breath, one if her colleagues insisted on taking her pulse – which was racing. Her colleague also insisted on an ECG straight away only to find out my mother had suffered a minor heart attack.

She has been suffering sharp chest pains for a few months but thought nothing of them, passing them off as indigestion. Turns out she was wrong.

I found out that my mother had a heart attack at approx 4pm that afternoon after she had it at 7am. The hospital had informed her husband who failed to contact anyone else to raise the awareness. Needless to say I was fuming. This is my mother, this is her health and this is very important.

The way I found out is not ideal, I was on a play date with a friend and our two boys and received a calm from my older sister asking if I had heard from mum. My reply was no as I hadn’t. I asked her why? He response that she received a weird text from her but had tried calling mums mobile only to have it ring out or go to voice mail. She was taking her 3 children to the dentist and asked me to keep trying.

I decided to call the hospital where our mother works. To my shock I was transferred to the emergency department where a nurse informed me that she had was unable to talk as she had a heart attack and they were running tests to work out why.

I called my sister to inform her and she rushed to the hospital which is 1.5hrs away ASAP.

The hospital staff were concerned after running tests so sent her via patient transport to a larger hospital the next day. I of course travelled to that hospital on the Sunday morning with my toddler for a visit. I received a call from my sister earlier that morning saying she had another heart attack earlier that morning.

My mum is young 54 to be exact, how can this happen to her? Why has this happened to her?

After many tests, cardiac ablation )which required nodes to be removed from her heart) and an angiogram it turns out the heart attacks were caused by a condition called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Which basically means the sufferer has emotional stress. It’s also called ‘octopus heart’ or ‘broken heart syndrome’.

Now before the shock set in I was thinking, mode removed? Why? Doesn’t she need those?

Nodes in the heart are what basically pumps the heart, nodes create the electrical conduction for the heart to pump. Normal electrical conduction in the heart allows impulses that are generated by the sinoatrial node (SA node) of the heart to be propagated (stimulate) the cardiac muscle (myocardium). The myocardium contracts after it’s stimulated. It is the stimulation of the myocardium that allows contraction of the heart, allowing blood to be pumped throughout the rat of our body’s.

My mum herself is a highly trained nurse and has been for many years, yes she has a stressful life but to hear this diagnosis is a little shocking.

I won’t go into her personal life details but there are many confirmed reasons as to why she is suffering ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’. Now it’s up to her and our family to try and eliminate these stresses to ensure that she is around with us for many years to come.

After much research into this I’ve found the descriptions below from a Harvard Health publication.

It’s named after an octopus trap — and that’s not all that’s unusual about this reversible heart condition. It occurs almost exclusively in women.

Years of gender-based research have shown that in matters of the heart, sex differences abound. One striking example is the temporary heart condition known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, first described in 1990 in Japan. More than 90% of reported cases are in women ages 58 to 75. Research suggests that at least 6% of women evaluated for a heart attack actually have this disorder, which has only recently been reported in the United States and may go largely unrecognized. Fortunately, most people recover rapidly with no long-term heart damage.
Features of takotsubo cardiomyopathy

Chest pain and shortness of breath after severe stress (emotional or physical)

Electrocardiogram abnormalities that mimic those of a heart attack

No evidence of coronary artery obstruction

Movement abnormalities in the left ventricle

Ballooning of the left ventricle

Recovery within a month
What is it?

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a weakening of the left ventricle, the heart’s main pumping chamber, usually as the result of severe emotional or physical stress, such as a sudden illness, the loss of a loved one, a serious accident, or a natural disaster such as an earthquake. (For additional examples, see “Stressors associated with takotsubo cardiomyopathy.”) That’s why the condition is also called stress-induced cardiomyopathy, or broken-heart syndrome. The main symptoms are chest pain and shortness of breath.
Stressors associated with takotsubo cardiomyopathy*

Sudden drop in blood pressure

Serious illness, surgery, or medical procedure (e.g., cardiac stress test)

Severe pain

Domestic violence

Asthma attack

Receiving bad news (such as a diagnosis of cancer)

Car or other accident

Unexpected loss, illness, or injury of a close relative, friend, or pet

Fierce argument

Financial loss

Intense fear

Public speaking

A surprise party or other sudden surprise

The precise cause isn’t known, but experts think that surging stress hormones (for example, adrenaline) essentially “stun” the heart, triggering changes in heart muscle cells or coronary blood vessels (or both) that prevent the left ventricle from contracting effectively. Researchers suspect that older women are more vulnerable because of reduced levels of estrogen after menopause. In studies with rats whose ovaries had been removed, the ones given estrogen while under stress had less left-ventricle dysfunction and higher levels of certain heart-protective substances.

Takotsubo symptoms are indistinguishable from those of a heart attack. And an electrocardiogram (ECG) may show abnormalities also found in some heart attacks — in particular, changes known as ST-segment elevation. Consequently, imaging studies and other measures are needed to rule out a heart attack. To get a definitive diagnosis, clinicians look for the following:

No evidence on an angiogram of blockages in the coronary arteries — the most common cause of heart attacks. (The coronary arteries are also not blocked in microvessel disease, a more common cause of heart attack symptoms in older women. Microvessel disease results from abnormal dilation of the blood vessels feeding the heart.)

A rapid but small rise in cardiac biomarkers (substances released into the blood when the heart is damaged). In a heart attack, cardiac biomarkers take longer to rise but peak higher.

Evidence from an x-ray, echocardiogram (ultrasound image), or other imaging technique that there are abnormal movements in the walls of the left ventricle. The most common abnormality in takotsubo cardiomyopathy — the one that gives the disorder its name — is ballooning of the lower part of the left ventricle (apex). During contraction (systole), this bulging ventricle resembles a tako-tsubo, a pot used by Japanese fishermen to trap octopuses. Another term for the disorder is apical ballooning syndrome. (See “Apical ballooning and the tako-tsubo.”)

Heart attacks can be caused by many factors of our lives and can occur at any age or any fitness level.

If you are suffering any type of stress or tightness in your chest, please see your doctor. No life is worth losing.

Too old for a bikini?

Too old for a bikini?

At what age is it no longer appropriate to wear a bikini? I’m on an amazing sunny holiday with my two loves, my beautiful husband and my gorgeous little 19 month old boy – both are my world. I look around and see many women wearing bikini’s and some look ok others I wonder…

Am I being a prude? Is there an age were it’s no longer socially acceptable to wear a bikini? I’ve been reading other forums on this matter and have came up with some questions. Is it a self confidence thing? You wear it because you think you look great? Is it polite to stop embarrassing yourself and or your children? You may think you look great but what about others if your over exposing?

I have a friend whom is stunning and gorgeous! She is in her early 40’s and has 2 children but the body of a super model and she refuses to wear a bikini. When I questioned her on why when is looks amazing, her response was that it’s not age appropriate over 40.

I know this will cause some controversy but I tend to agree with her. You have all the younger years to flaunt what you have, why is it that you want to continue to flaunt it?

Are you that in love with yourself that you feel others need to see your body also?

Do you have the mentality of ‘who cares’ what others think?

Do you think ‘if you have it, flaunt it’?

Believe me, there are some very small bikinis out there which I really feel are inappropriate on older women.

Perhaps I am a prude, but there are many stunning full piece swim suits that would look a lot nicer on many women. I don’t care how thin or fit you are sometimes covering up is nicer to look at and less embarrassing to your children. They may not be telling you in fear of offending you but there is one very outspoken approx 6yo here asking his mother to put a dress over her bikini as it’s ’embarrassing’.

I know we all talk about body confidence but is there such a thing as age appropriate or too much body confidence?

12 minute workout!

12 minute workout

For a fit sexy and rocking body, you need to do both cardio and weights for fat burning and strength. But that doesn’t mean you have to separate the two and do a longer and harder workout.

Take your training up a notch by pairing strength moves with cardio exercises to help burn that fat and build calorie-burning muscle.


Plank Pike
2 to 3
Start in a forearm plank position with feet hip-width apart, hands clasped together, and abs drawn in tight.

Press down through arms and pike hips up, pushing chest toward thighs (body should resemble an upside-down “V”). Return to starting position.


Squat Deadlift.
2 to 3
Stand with feet wider than hips, knees and toes turned out about 45-degrees, holding onto the end of a dumbbell in both hands.

Bend knees out over toes and push hips back, lowering into a sumo squat as upper body hinges forward about 45 degrees. Tap the bottom of the dumbbell to the floor. Return to starting position.


Single-Leg Squat Thrust
2 to 3
5 per side
Stand on left leg with right knee bent, foot lifted behind body, arms extended overhead and abs engaged.

Keeping right knee bent, squat down, placing hands shoulder-width apart on the floor.

Jump left foot back into a plank position (right knee is still bent, foot pointed to the ceiling), abs pulled in tight. Reverse movement to return to starting position.


Side Lunge Triceps Extension
2 to 3
10 per side
Stand with feet together, holding a dumbbell at either end parallel to the floor, and extend arms overhead. Take a wide step to the right, lowering into a side lunge by bending right knee over toes and pushing hips back as arms reach dumbbell to top of right foot.

Push off right leg and bring feet together, bending knees slightly, squeezing through inner thighs, and raising arms overhead. Keeping arms close by sides of head, bend elbows to lower the dumbbell behind head. Extend arms straight overhead, then lower to starting position.


4-Dot Drill
2 to 3
5 in each direction
Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms by sides. Imagine there are four dots in arranged in a square shape formation on the floor and you’re standing on the back right dot. Lower into a squat.

Immediately jump up and forward, landing on the front right dot (swing arms as needed to help propel body) in squat position. Repeat, landing on the upper left dot. Repeat again, landing on the back left dot. Repeat once more, landing in starting position to complete 1 rep.
Rotating Lunge to Overhead Press
2 to 3
10 per side
Stand with feet slightly wider than hips, holding a dumbbell in right hand. Pivot through feet, turning toes to the right and immediately lowering into a deep lunge, reaching right arm to the floor just outside of right foot.

Stand up and rotate body, turning toes to the left and lifting right heel off the floor as right arm bends into chest and then presses dumbbell overhead (arm should be slightly in front of head at the top), abs engaged. Return to starting position.


Touchdown Jack
2 to 3
Stand with feet together, arms by sides. Jump feet out wide, bending knees out over toes, pushing hips behind body, and reaching left hand to the floor (try to tap fingertips to the floor if possible) and right arm behind body.

Quickly jump up and return to starting position. Continue, alternating arms each rep.

Rotating Plank

2 to 3
Start in a plank position with hands and feet hip-width apart, abs engaged.

Pivoting onto sides of feet, turn body to the left, reaching left arm over shoulder, palm facing forward, into a side plank. Hold for 1 count. Return to starting position. Continue, alternating sides each rep.

One for those non mummy’s.

So I have a friend who recently started to read my blog.

She isn’t a mummy so when we caught up she asked me to write about other things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with being a mum! I asked her what would she like me to write about and her response was ‘Michelle Bridges it up’ hehe

Well this one is for you.

You know who you are 🙂

For those of you who are not sure who Michelle Bridges is. Michelle is a fabulous Australian personal trainer. She is a wonderful role model as she isn’t super skinny, yet has a great strong beautiful fit body.

Michelle has been a trainer for many years and has a great brand with many sub factors all relating to fitness. She has a 12 week body challenge which I know has been successful as I have had various friends follow and loose wright successfully.

She has a clothing range based on work out gear / active wear that is not just for the gym but super comfy, super affordable and easy to wear to the gym or as every day wear.

She has many published recipe books. Full of easy, healthy, affordable recipes that also taste good. Not like some low fat, calorie controlled recipes that taste like cardboard. She also is an author of an autobiography.

Michelle is one of the top trainers on Australia’s biggest looser tv series.

With all this proven success you should check out her website.


One of my favorite recipes from one of her fabulous recipe books is –


4 large ripe tomatoes or 410g can chopped tomatoes

1 tbsp olive oil

¼ brown onion, diced

1 small jalapeño chilli, sliced

½ small green capsicum

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp ground cumin

salt and pepper, to taste

2 free-range eggs

1 tbsp flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped

If using fresh tomatoes, blanch them for 3 minutes, then peel, seed and chop them, and set aside. Over a medium flame, heat oil in skillet, add onion and cook until transparent. Add chilli and green capsicum, and cook for 4 minutes. Add tomatoes, paprika and cumin, and cook for 5 minutes, allowing mixture to reduce. Add salt and pepper to taste. Make 2 small depressions in mixture and crack eggs into them. Cover and cook until eggs are done. Sprinkle over parsley and serve in skillet.


Otherwise click on the below link for some more quick and easy recipes by Australia’s fitness guru!


An easy effective quick workout Michelle recommends is Circuit training at home!

Michelle Bridges’ ultimate at-home workout in 6 easy exercises!

Gymnastic rolls
1. Lie on the floor with your arms stretched above your head, holding yourself stiff and strong.
2. Take one full roll over to the right. When you’re facing up again, keeping legs and arms stiff, lift both legs and both arms upwards and try to touch your toes.
3. Swiftly flatten out, hold strong and roll back to the left and repeat.
The more you can hold yourself stiff and strong, the smoother you’ll find the move becomes.

Basketball jumps
1. Take a low, long step sideways to the right, bending through your legs, keeping your knees aligned with your toes.
2. As you step your left foot in to meet the right, spring off both feet, taking a jump into the air and taking a basketball shot at the same time.
3. Repeat on the other side. When you step out to the side, be sure to swing your arms out wide as you go low, then scoop them up to go upwards for the shot.
The lower you go the higher you jump.

Walking push-ups
1. Start in a normal push-up position – hands slightly wider than shoulders, shoulders back, long spine and neck, chin pulled in, core drawn in.
2. Perform one repetition then “walk” or “cross” your right hand over your left, then step your left hand out to the side and perform another push-up.
3. Now “walk” yourself back and repeat. Do as many as you can on your toes then drop to your knees.

Turkish get-ups
1. Start by lying face-up on the floor, holding a dumbbell straight out in front of you.
2. Now begin to get yourself up off the floor without allowing the dumbbell to move from above your head.
3. Get all the way up to standing and then lower yourself back down to the start without allowing the dumbbell to drop.
These take practise and require technique, so take your time. If you’re doing time-based training, try doing 5 with your right arm up and then 5 with your left arm up; keep going till your time is up. To make these even harder, try holding a 1kg dumbbell in your hand.

Plyo lunges
1. Standing with feet hip-width apart, draw your core inwards and lift your chest, shoulders back and down.
2. Spring upwards, splitting your legs to land in a lunge position, with your front knee directly above your ankle, not pushing forward over your foot. Use your arms as you would when running – opposite arm to leg – to help engage this dynamic movement.
3. Land with both legs bent at 90 degree angles then push up into a jump, swap legs and land back into lunge position. This movement should be swift and powerful.
Always be sure you’re jumping upwards rather than pushing forwards when you move.

Ice skaters
1. Start with your body weight on your right leg and your left foot poised behind right leg, ready to jump across. Be sure to have the grounded foot slightly angled out with knee aligned with toes.
2. Explosively jump to the left, aiming for maximum distance. Use your arms to help propel you across by swinging them in the same direction.
3. Land softly on left foot, knee and toes aligned, sink into the leg then explode off the leg back to the right side




Keeping summer ready in the cooler seasons.

So summer is almost over and the cooler weather is settling in.

This means multiple things to gals like me.

1. Warm comfy baggy clothing
2. Yummy delicious comfort food
3. Stay inside and snuggle on the couch
4. Being fairly inactive and watching lots of movies / TV

So what am I going to change?

Firstly I’m going to play around with some new meal ideas that are not only yummy but better for me. Comfort food does not have to be unhealthy nor greasy nor hard!

I love a chili con carne just as much as anyone else so below is my easy, low fat but extremely delicious recipe.

Chili Con Carne

1kg lean beef mince
2 x medium eggs
1 x 400g tin kidney beans
1 x 400g tin chick peas
1 x 400g tin white beans
1 x 400g tin black beans
1/2 x cup tomato paste
1 x teaspoon minced garlic
1 x red chili finely sliced
Salt n pepper to taste

Lightly brown the mince on a medium heat adding the 2 raw eggs – the eggs add extra protein but also keep the mince fluffy and less dense.
Drain all the beans and give a rinse before adding into mince.
Add tomato paste mix well.
Add chili, garlic and salt and pepper to taste.

Serve by itself, with some flat bread or with couscous.


My next change is to be / stay active!

Even when the weather permits nice walks outside. There are still many indoor activities that can be done to get moving and stay active.

These can include :

Lunges – side and front.
Side lunge –

This is easy simply stand with legs apart – approx. a little wider than shoulder width.

Keeping your body upright and shoulders back slightly bend your knees.

Gradually turn your toes outward.

Leaning your weight over your right knew first then back to your centre standing upright then repeat 10 times.

After you have done 10 on the right leg swap to your left leg and again repeat 10 times.

Do this until you have done 3 sets on each leg.

Front lunges –

Stand with legs again a little over shoulder width apart. Twist your body and feet to face the left side.

Keeping your balance bend left knee to a little above 90 degree angle.

Keep back leg straight.

Gently lower your body placing the weight on your back toe bending the front knee.

Keep your body upright at all times and don’t add too much pressure on your bent knee.

Place your hands on your hips for stability.

Lower yourself 10 times counting 3 seconds down then 3 seconds back up to upright position. Repeat 3 times then swap legs.

Do the same on the other leg again 3 x 10 front lunges.

Marching on the spot

Remember to breathe

Keeping your feet facing forward

Back straight and tummy in

Lift each knee to a 90 degree angle pointing your toe as you lift the knee as to march on the spot

Do for 10mins rest for 60 seconds then repeat another 10 mins twice so that you have done 30mins marching

Although these exercises are pretty simple, they are effective and will keep your energy levels up during the cooler season and keeps your legs and bottom firm for summer.

Adding a light weight whilst marching on the spot – this can be as simple as holding 2 x tins of food. Just make sure the tins are the same weight.

Whilst marching hold the weight / tin at your thigh facing your palm towards your body.

As you lift your knee slightly turn your opposite palm outwards and curl at the elbow – instant bicep curl.

Repeat with other arm remembering to keep your tummy in and alternate arms raising left leg with right arm then right leg with left arm.

This will keep those arms tight and singlet ready!

If your feeling a little more active you can try  skipping.

Skipping –

Providing you have high ceilings.

Get a skipping rope from your local toy store – most will still sell them or even buy approx. 2 meters of any type of rope from the hardware store – with the hardware store bought rope – tie a knot in each end to use as handles – this will help steady the grip.

Skipping takes me back to the school yard at lunch times playing with my friends. Skipping is high intensity and you will see results in your fitness and energy levels.

You can do any of the above exercises in the comfort of your baggy clothes and in front if your movie / TV…

Just remember moving burns calories – assisted weight will burn more calories – DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF THOUGH – IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY PAIN OR DISCOMFORT STOP STRAIGHT AWAY AND CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.

Keeping summer ready all year round is easy. Give it a try.

More exercise tips can be found at the below link. Shape magazine is awesome for easy effective workouts that are far from boring!