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Quick an effective core workout.

Quick an effective core workout.

Exercising doesn’t have to be extensive. It doesn’t mean that you need to do hours of exercise in order to see results or feel good.

I believe that doing the right exercise for your needs or wants, in proper form will have you seeing good results in no time.

I literally train for 2.5hrs per week. (If I’m lucky, I don’t always get to all 3 classes but I try to do at least 1). I do a body balance class on a Monday. This class is only an hour, it consists of a mixture of Pilates, yoga and Thai Chi moves. I find it helps me to stretch, relax and ease my mind for the week ahead. It’s low impact but I see results. Wednesday and Saturday to do a 30 minute CXWorx class which is a core training class. This again is low impact using balance and minimal weight and a resistance band / tube doing movement’s that tighten and tone your core muscles and improves your functional strength.

So below I’ve put together a short workout that I believe will get you results. It’s not a long workout, but if you try and do it at least 3 times per week, you will get some sort of results. Not over night, but if your following a healthy eating plan and keeping hydrated and active, along with doing these exercises correctly. You will get results. Remember a healthy mind helps a healthy body.

These exercises do not require any equipment other than your own body weight. You can do them in the comfort and privacy of your home or outside in the garden. I personally love training out doors. I love the fresh air and serenity that being in a garden can provide. Calming and relaxing yet still a workout.

Try doing these exercises for 30 seconds each. Once you have completed a whole round, start again.

Try completing these exercise 3 times each. If you can only do a single round, that’s ok. You can build up to doing the 3 rounds. Start slow if your a beginner or have not exercised in a while, and whilst I’m no doctor, if you have any injury or health issues, please speak to your doctor prior to any exercise.

1st exercise
Lay on your stomach face down.
Start by ensuring that your elbows are directly under your shoulders.
Your feet a little wider than hip width and if you can, raise up onto your toes keeping your stomach tightened. If you find yourself wobbling or dipping in the lower back, go down to your knees with toes resting on the floor.
It is important that you keep your back straight and level, don’t raise your hips and look directly ahead. If you look down at your feet you will cause strain in your neck.
If your feeling shakey or any pain in your lower back, it is best to perform this exercise on your knees. Remember though, you must keep your back level and core activated for this exercise to be effective. (An activated core us basically tightening your stomach muscles, holding them in).
2nd exercise
Leg Raises.
Laying on your back, bring your knees up to create a 90 degree angle between your legs and the floor.
Activate your core (brace / tighten your stomach muscles) imagine that there is a box pushed up against your hamstring’s (back of legs) and bottom and your calf muscles are resting on the top of it.
Keeping your toes pointed, slowly lower them down to tap the floor then slowly raise them back up keeping the knees at 90 degrees at all times.
This movement comes from the hips only and should take you 2 seconds to get your toes to touch the floor then, 2 seconds to raise them again.
Keeping your tummy braced will help support your lower back, you can tuck your fingers under the small of your lower back (think kidney region) but don’t allow it to arch or lift your back off the ground. By tightening the stomach muscles you will have more control with this movement.
3rd exercise
Standing with your feet a little wider than hip width, keep your toes facing forward brace your tummy and keeping your back straight, imagine there is a chair behind you and your going to sit on it.
Lower your bottom as if your tail bone is going to touch the chair, but instead of sitting using your leg and bottom muscles to stand back up.
If your loosing your balance you can keep your hands and arms out straight in front of you, or rest them on your hips.
This is more effective if your driving your strength from your heels (in your feet).
4th exercise
Single leg squat right side.
Standing with your feet again hip width apart, leaning slightly over from the hips so that your nose is over your toes. Back straight. Looking forward.
Take your left leg back and straighten it, point your toe. Keep your right knee slightly bent and using your right leg to squat down and up. Taking 2 seconds to go down and 2 seconds to raise up.
Try to keep the left leg slightly off the floor and remember, this is not a deep lunge or swat, you only need to bend to lower approx 30cms.
As with the above exercise keep your stomach tightened to activate your core.
If your loosing balance put your hands either on your hips or reach them out in front.
Try to ensure that your stable leg is not ‘wobbling’ if your knee is moving sideways, you can injure yourself, so please try to keep as stable as possible.
5th exercise
Single leg squat left side.
(as above but opposite side)
Standing with your feet hip width apart, leaning slightly over from the hips so that your nose is over your toes. Back straight. Again looking forward.
Take your right leg back and straighten it, point your toe, keep your left knee slightly bent for balance and using your left leg to squat down and up. Again only a slight movement of approx 40cm and again try to keep the straight leg off the floor.
Taking 2 seconds to go down and 2 seconds to raise up.
As with the above exercise keep your stomach tightened to activate your core.
If your loosing balance put your hands either on your hips or reach them out in front.
6th exercise
Star Jump Burpee.
This exercise will certainly get your heart rate up which is good for ‘cardio’.
Start by laying face down on the floor.
Then ‘jump’ up and into a star jump.
(Arms and legs wide). Keep a slight bend in your knees to avoid ‘jarring’ of the joints.
Remember to keep your tummy in, back straight and use your leg’s and bottom muscles to stabilise your movement.
7th exercise
Oblique Crunch – left side.
Start by laying on your back, then roll onto your left side. Have your left arm out at shoulder height but flat on the floor. This will help stabilise your body from rolling forward. Legs straight. Toes pointed.
Then using your oblique (side of tummy muscles) squeeze up to the roof by raising your top (right) knee and right elbow. Try to get the knee and elbow to touch. Imagine your creating a C shape with your spine with your knee and head the top and bottom of the C. You will feel a slight ‘pinch’ between your ribs and hips if this exercise is done correctly.
8th exercise
Oblique Crunch – right side.
(as above but opposite side)
Start by laying on your back, then roll onto your right side. Have your right arm out at shoulder height but flat on the floor. This will help stabilise your body from rolling forward. Legs straight. Toes pointed.
Then using your oblique (side of tummy muscles) squeeze up to the roof by raising your top (now left) knee and left elbow. Try to get the knee and elbow to touch.
You will feel a slight ‘pinch’ between your ribs and hips if this exercise is done correctly.
9th exercise
Lifting Plank – right side
Starting in your plank position as you do in exercise 1. Keeping your elbows under your shoulders and hands together.
Make sure your stomach is activated to support your lower back and your body still.
Slowly and gently, push your body up with your right hand keeping the hand under the shoulder and arm straight, them raise with the left hand. You are now in a push up position.
Hold for 2 seconds, then lower the body again by going back down onto your elbows, right side down first.
You can do this exercise either on your toes or your knees. If you find that your body seems to be rolling, adjust and lower to your knees. You will still get results, you just need to strengthen your core to hold your body and form correctly. You can build up to being on your toes.
10th exercise
Lifting Plank – left side
(as above but opposite side)
Starting in your plank position as you do in exercise 1. Keeping your elbows under your shoulders and hands together.
Make sure your stomach is activated to support your lower back and your body still.
Slowly and gently, push your body up with your left hand, keeping the hand under the shoulder and arm straight, them raise with the right hand.
You are now in a push up position.
Hold for 2 seconds, then lower the body again by going back down onto your elbows left side down first.
11th exercise
Oblique side taps.
Laying on your back with knees bent and toes tucked up towards your bottom.
Keep your hands along aside your body.
Slightly raise the top of your body, basically from your chest to the top of your head. Approx 15cm off the floor.
Then with your fingers, move sideways towards your toes gently taping your ankle. Creating a slight C shape in your spine.
Alternate from left to right with your stomach muscles tightened to help support your lower back.

Whilst performing any of the above exercises, remember to breathe. By breathing your oxygenating your blood, which keeps it pumping throughout your body. Oxygen energises!

Enjoy! Remember exercise should be fun.

I’d love to hear or see your results.

New year – new you?

New year, new you? Ummm maybe but shouldn’t we be more focused on continuity?

I know that most New Years resolutions are to ‘loose weight’ ‘get fit’ ‘tone up’ etc. however I prefer to try and not follow ‘dad’ diets but continue to eat and live healthy throughout the year.

Yes I know it’s easier said than done, but rest assured if you don’t give yourself a time limit or try to convince yourself it’s a ‘new resolution’ you will generally be able to stick to it.

Now I had my second baby 7 months ago and have recently started to ‘work out’ again. Not because I’m trying to loose baby weight as such. I’m not as I’m fortunate enough that my baby weight was easily shifted. With what I believe helped was breast feeding and generally eating healthy throughout my pregnancy.

I did however still gain 17kg but I managed to loose it all within the first 3 months. My body shape had however changed. I’m more curvy now and my hips are defiantly wider. I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight and in most of my pre pregnancy clothing but I will admit they do fit differently and my jeans are tighter in the hips and bottom and yup – I have muffin top! But I haven’t been too stressed about it. I’m more concerned with keeping my milk supply for my baby girl and also being healthy for my own well being.

So having recently joined the gym to gain some fitness back I’m doing low impact exercises. Things such as body balance class, Pilates on a mat and yoga. I’ve also started with a personal trainer once per week focusing on more core and inner strength training.

Since exercising again I find that I have more energy and feel better as a mother, wife and person.

I used to train a lot, right up until I fell pregnant with my little man who recently turned 3. I trained every day – 7 days per week for about 2 hours per day mainly weight with about 30 minutes cardio and 15 minutes stretching.

It was hard for me to fall pregnant and I had complications with both my pregnancies so with my first my obstetrician suggested I do light exercise only which I basically quit the gym and only did light walking. I found that if I went too quickly I would get cramping and a ‘stitch’ like feeling in my tummy and groin area so I didn’t want to push my body.

Every one is different though and most can continue to exercise without any issues however listen to your body and also seek medical advice if your concerned.

Whilst on holiday I came across this article with some very good exercises which can be done anywhere any time.

I’m big on using your own body weight as your resistance and I’m also a big believer in listening to your body and only doing what your comfortable with.

Check out this link. Great exercises. Easy to do. You can do them anywhere, and perhaps like me, after the little ones go to bed and you have a spare 30-45 minutes to yourself.

I know it may not seem appealing to exercise at the end of the day as your possibly tired from looking after your little ones, or perhaps just a long day at work. BUT trust me when I say the endorphins will kick in and after a few days of exercising. Your body will feel great and your energy levels will be higher.

Go on, give it a go!

Good luck!


Mix up your workout!

Mix up your workout –

If your like me and have become complacent in your workouts, below are a few tips on how to get back into the ‘groove’ and become excited to workout again!

Cut your workout time down!

Working harder for a shorter amount of time is so much better for fat loss results. High Intensity Interval Training is probably the fastest ways to melt fat from your body and also accelerate your fitness levels. Rather than your traditional 30 or 45 mins of cardio on the treadmill at the same intensity/speed, try this:

60 secs sprints (as hard as you can) with 90 secs recovery time (this can be at a walk pace or even a slow jog). Try this for a total of 20-22 minutes. Notice the calorie burn and how you feel afterwards – similar energy burn for much less time.

Swap up your barbell with a medicine ball.

Lots of us use dumbbell training in our workouts but why not mix it up? Try using a medicine ball or barbell for your entire workout. It’s amazing how heavy a 5kg medicine ball can feel as a posed to a barbell, this also helps to engage other muscle groups therefore harder workout – better results!

Get out

If you are a regular indoor gym participant have a week outdoors and expand your exercise mindset. Go for a run or try running up and down stairs, climb walls – indoor abseiling is allowed, step up to benches/tables/chairs. You’ll be amazed how quickly your workout goes when your outdoors and absorbing your surroundings also.

Add unstable training to your workout

Have you tried squats on a Fit Ball? What about a single leg squat? I was working out at a gym on the northern beaches many years ago and one of the personal trainers there suggested I try these. Killer! By adding balance training to your routine will force your muscles especially your core muscles to work harder and it also helps your reflexes to become faster. You don’t need fancy equipment, simply using your arm weights whilst standing on one leg completely changes your focus.

Try a non-electronic workout

Block all cardio equipment that uses power. No treadmill, stepper, cross trainer, bike. Great creative – try high knees, ice skaters, skipping, plyometrics, mountain climbers, running especially outdoors and swimming. You are guaranteed to see better results and will feel the difference in your hear rate.

Use time under tension (TUT)

I’ve previously been guilty of performing the same speed in a lot of my workouts or actually just sticking to the same workout routine. The average time it takes to perform 10 reps is usually about 15-20 seconds, what you want to try is draw this out to 30-40 sec. Where each rep would usually take you 1-2 sec to perform, aim for it to take up 3-4 secs per rep. The more time under tension, the harder the workout and therefore greater results. Expect TUT to help increase muscle growth and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Add agility training to your workouts

Rarely do people try agility training (ladder runs, jumping). Yes, it’s quite sports specific but it’s great to shake things up in current workout and everyone can benefit from agility work. Something really simple is an shuttle run, working on accelerating, decelerating and directional change.

Ban all floor-based ab workouts

There’s no need to freak out, here are some suggestions: Knee to elbow hangs, wood chops or even the plank – especially on an angle – put your feet on the lounge, elbows on the ground allowing your weight to be angled (feet higher than shoulders) have feet shoulder width apart, keep your tummy tight and control your breathing. Hold for 10 seconds then release – rest for 10 seconds then repeat. As you get a stronger core try to lengthen the time to 15 seconds then 20 seconds. Do this for 8-10 reps.

Become competitive with a friend.

Go running! Pick someone who is a better runner than you so that you challenge yourself, push yourself harder and feel that burn. So many of us get caught out running the same track, same pace and for the same distance and time. Running with a better or faster runner than you will force you out of that comfort zone and make you push yourself harder.

Try using your own body weight

No machines allowed. Be creative with your workouts – easily done at home. Try – step ups, lunges, side lunges, burpees, push-ups and planks etc. Use the TUT method with this body weight only method to challenge yourself and better results.

Being pregnant.

Being pregnant!

So I’m 31 weeks pregnant with my little princess and the count down is on!

I’m extremely excited to meet her and give my little man a sister and my hubby a daughter. The latter is possibly not the most appealing as hubby is worried about having a little girl, mainly her teenage years and how he can contain boyfriends, cosmetics, mood swings etc….. The best is yet to come!

This pregnancy has been similar but also very different to my first. I know they say no two are the same but I thought that possibly they could be, same mum – same dad, how different can it be?

Well to start with, my first notably is a boy and I’m expecting a girl.

Secondly even though I had morning / mourning sickness with my little man it was controllable. This time round I’ve felt terrible most days as have literally vomited every day and at no particular time.

Thirdly I have grown an enormous bottom! I carried my little man mostly in the tummy, yes I was big but at least I was still wearing my normal size pants. Ok no skinny jeans but tights and pants still fitted. This time, no chance! My hips feel double the size and yes they look it also, although my tummy isn’t very big? So I guess it’s true when they say you carry boys in front and girls in the back? (Old wives tale)

Fourth is the weight gain. First time around, I put on 17.5kgs….. This pregnancy I have only gained 9kg. I get that I still have approx 8-9 weeks to go but I can’t really see my self adding another 9kgs in that time frame? Well Id be shocked if I did.

Fifth is the sleep, or lack there of. It seems I get really tired especially as I am a stay at home mummy looking after my beautiful 2 year old boy who is super active and has recently decided to reject his day sleep, so from 6:30am until 6:30pm he is a little firecracker! An absolute ball of energy! However when I try to sleep or rest I seem to get energised.

Sixth, being uncomfortable. With everything! I can’t sit comfortably as my tummy seems to be right up under my nose and literally sits on my lap. Laying down I feel like I have an anchor pulling me to the side and let’s not forget the calf muscle aches and lower back pain. Again nothing like I experienced in my first pregnancy. This one has been tough. Especially the body aches.

Seventh, food and cravings. Mmmm well I don’t really feel like eating and the slightest aroma makes me want to vomit. No particular cravings this time around but first time was all about chocolate flavoured milk and chicken sandwiches on white bread.

Eighth would be the wriggles and movement. Gosh my little guy would wriggle and move all the time, however my little miss only at night. Day time she is quite still, well at least I don’t feel her as much but rest assured, as soon as I’m resting it laying trying to sleep, she wriggles and kicks and moves. Perhaps this is the beginning of her sleeping pattern? Is she going to be a restless or sleepless child? Only time will tell.

Ninth is the funny tastes I get in my mouth, sometimes it’s a metal taste almost like I have pieces of metal in my mouth? Or it can sometimes be the taste of acid, perhaps from the vomiting. Mostly it’s a thick non hungry taste almost like ice eastern too much? Bizzar I know but hard to explain.

I know this probably isn’t painting the best picture of pregnancy but I can guarantee that I will defiantly miss being pregnant. I do love and enjoy my tummy and the movement. The bonding where only I can feel her move. The special bond that only a mother can feel as the baby is in her tummy growing. I missed it with my little man and am sure that I will miss it again.

Although it hasn’t been easy I certainly don’t regret any moment of it. I love being pregnant and knowing that I am growing a human who is so innocent inside me makes me feel blessed.

I’m very much looking forward to the next chapter in my life of being a mummy to my two beautiful children. My little man whom is my prince, my darling, my solider, my best friend, my first child, my only boy, my everything and my little princess awaiting arrival.

She will no doubt be my gorgeous little girl, my darling princess, my best friend, my youngest child, my only daughter, my everything.

One child of each sex is all I need to complete my little family. I feel blessed and fulfilled with absolute happiness and excitement.

How have your pregnancy experiences differed to either mine or with each of your children? Id love to hear your stories. Email me noordinarymummy@gmail.com

Guest writer Trish.

I promised I would post / publish some of my guest writers work so here goes.

This is a touching yet sad and truthful note from Trish. She has opened up her heart to tell us her story. Hopefully this will touch others as it has me and make you think more about our words and actions and how they can have a massive impact on other lives.

My regular readers know how passionate I am about healthy eating and setting a good example for our  children. Most of all installing good eating habits in children.

The world is so obsessed with talking about obesity, there are just as many anorexic children or children with eating disorders out there as there are obese or overweight children.

Let’s try work together and bring eating disorders to the forefront also.

Guest writer Trish.

I had an eating disorder from an early age. Both my parents were body obsessed and quite frankly still are.

My mother always on a diet, but she called it ‘healthy eating’ and my fathers long conquest to be muscular and lean with competing in body building.

I remember from when I was about 5 years old being a fussy eater so instead of my parents being persistent, they gave in. I didn’t like vegetables so I was made eat them. Perhaps they couldn’t be bothered, perhaps they didn’t want the fight? Most nights I are plain pasta. Occasionally I would eat lamb cutlets but other than those, not much more.

My mothers obsession with her body image is still very much as it was when I was younger. Her quest to be thin, constantly running and constantly comparing herself to others.

I observed from a very early age and although they don’t assume I’ve taken anything in, this has played a huge part in my life.

I had a fear of food from about the age of 8 or so. No wanting to eat anything that my mother labeled ‘bad’.

I grew up in a household where body image was constantly talked about and both my parents had obsessions with their appearances. Looking back it wasn’t a great loving environment teaching me to love myself and or my body.

My eating disorder started by me saying I wasn’t very hungry, not finishing my meals then completely skipping meals. I would then binge, feel terrible about what I did. Have a huge amount of guilt about eating ‘bad food’ then starve myself.

This followed on well into my teens until a high school teacher picked up on it and spoke to my parents and I saw a doctor. I remember being 35kg in grade 10 so I was about 15 years old.

I still have a fear of food but not as bad as it has been. From all the starving myself and binge eating my hair started falling out, I was constantly tired and run down and caught a cold very easily. This is because my immune system was low as I wasn’t feeding it enough nutrients. It still takes me a while to recover from sickness and perhaps will for the rest of my life?

My parents will never take responsibility for my eating disorder but I believe it is their fault. If they had of instilled good eating habits in me from and early age and not been so obsessed with their own body image perhaps Id have a different mindset and not have put my body through this?

If you have any fear of food or any eating disorder, please seek help. This can and will always affect you in some way otherwise.

Remember a healthy mindset is the first step!

12 minute workout!

12 minute workout

For a fit sexy and rocking body, you need to do both cardio and weights for fat burning and strength. But that doesn’t mean you have to separate the two and do a longer and harder workout.

Take your training up a notch by pairing strength moves with cardio exercises to help burn that fat and build calorie-burning muscle.


Plank Pike
2 to 3
Start in a forearm plank position with feet hip-width apart, hands clasped together, and abs drawn in tight.

Press down through arms and pike hips up, pushing chest toward thighs (body should resemble an upside-down “V”). Return to starting position.


Squat Deadlift.
2 to 3
Stand with feet wider than hips, knees and toes turned out about 45-degrees, holding onto the end of a dumbbell in both hands.

Bend knees out over toes and push hips back, lowering into a sumo squat as upper body hinges forward about 45 degrees. Tap the bottom of the dumbbell to the floor. Return to starting position.


Single-Leg Squat Thrust
2 to 3
5 per side
Stand on left leg with right knee bent, foot lifted behind body, arms extended overhead and abs engaged.

Keeping right knee bent, squat down, placing hands shoulder-width apart on the floor.

Jump left foot back into a plank position (right knee is still bent, foot pointed to the ceiling), abs pulled in tight. Reverse movement to return to starting position.


Side Lunge Triceps Extension
2 to 3
10 per side
Stand with feet together, holding a dumbbell at either end parallel to the floor, and extend arms overhead. Take a wide step to the right, lowering into a side lunge by bending right knee over toes and pushing hips back as arms reach dumbbell to top of right foot.

Push off right leg and bring feet together, bending knees slightly, squeezing through inner thighs, and raising arms overhead. Keeping arms close by sides of head, bend elbows to lower the dumbbell behind head. Extend arms straight overhead, then lower to starting position.


4-Dot Drill
2 to 3
5 in each direction
Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms by sides. Imagine there are four dots in arranged in a square shape formation on the floor and you’re standing on the back right dot. Lower into a squat.

Immediately jump up and forward, landing on the front right dot (swing arms as needed to help propel body) in squat position. Repeat, landing on the upper left dot. Repeat again, landing on the back left dot. Repeat once more, landing in starting position to complete 1 rep.
Rotating Lunge to Overhead Press
2 to 3
10 per side
Stand with feet slightly wider than hips, holding a dumbbell in right hand. Pivot through feet, turning toes to the right and immediately lowering into a deep lunge, reaching right arm to the floor just outside of right foot.

Stand up and rotate body, turning toes to the left and lifting right heel off the floor as right arm bends into chest and then presses dumbbell overhead (arm should be slightly in front of head at the top), abs engaged. Return to starting position.


Touchdown Jack
2 to 3
Stand with feet together, arms by sides. Jump feet out wide, bending knees out over toes, pushing hips behind body, and reaching left hand to the floor (try to tap fingertips to the floor if possible) and right arm behind body.

Quickly jump up and return to starting position. Continue, alternating arms each rep.

Rotating Plank

2 to 3
Start in a plank position with hands and feet hip-width apart, abs engaged.

Pivoting onto sides of feet, turn body to the left, reaching left arm over shoulder, palm facing forward, into a side plank. Hold for 1 count. Return to starting position. Continue, alternating sides each rep.

Loose that fat belly!

I just saw this and needed to post it!


As an ex personal trainer myself – I will be the first to admit – we do sometimes forget to use our best and cheapest asset – our own body weight!

Its free so why not use it as resistance!

Other great exercise tips can be found at the below links.









Keeping summer ready in the cooler seasons.

So summer is almost over and the cooler weather is settling in.

This means multiple things to gals like me.

1. Warm comfy baggy clothing
2. Yummy delicious comfort food
3. Stay inside and snuggle on the couch
4. Being fairly inactive and watching lots of movies / TV

So what am I going to change?

Firstly I’m going to play around with some new meal ideas that are not only yummy but better for me. Comfort food does not have to be unhealthy nor greasy nor hard!

I love a chili con carne just as much as anyone else so below is my easy, low fat but extremely delicious recipe.

Chili Con Carne

1kg lean beef mince
2 x medium eggs
1 x 400g tin kidney beans
1 x 400g tin chick peas
1 x 400g tin white beans
1 x 400g tin black beans
1/2 x cup tomato paste
1 x teaspoon minced garlic
1 x red chili finely sliced
Salt n pepper to taste

Lightly brown the mince on a medium heat adding the 2 raw eggs – the eggs add extra protein but also keep the mince fluffy and less dense.
Drain all the beans and give a rinse before adding into mince.
Add tomato paste mix well.
Add chili, garlic and salt and pepper to taste.

Serve by itself, with some flat bread or with couscous.


My next change is to be / stay active!

Even when the weather permits nice walks outside. There are still many indoor activities that can be done to get moving and stay active.

These can include :

Lunges – side and front.
Side lunge –

This is easy simply stand with legs apart – approx. a little wider than shoulder width.

Keeping your body upright and shoulders back slightly bend your knees.

Gradually turn your toes outward.

Leaning your weight over your right knew first then back to your centre standing upright then repeat 10 times.

After you have done 10 on the right leg swap to your left leg and again repeat 10 times.

Do this until you have done 3 sets on each leg.

Front lunges –

Stand with legs again a little over shoulder width apart. Twist your body and feet to face the left side.

Keeping your balance bend left knee to a little above 90 degree angle.

Keep back leg straight.

Gently lower your body placing the weight on your back toe bending the front knee.

Keep your body upright at all times and don’t add too much pressure on your bent knee.

Place your hands on your hips for stability.

Lower yourself 10 times counting 3 seconds down then 3 seconds back up to upright position. Repeat 3 times then swap legs.

Do the same on the other leg again 3 x 10 front lunges.

Marching on the spot

Remember to breathe

Keeping your feet facing forward

Back straight and tummy in

Lift each knee to a 90 degree angle pointing your toe as you lift the knee as to march on the spot

Do for 10mins rest for 60 seconds then repeat another 10 mins twice so that you have done 30mins marching

Although these exercises are pretty simple, they are effective and will keep your energy levels up during the cooler season and keeps your legs and bottom firm for summer.

Adding a light weight whilst marching on the spot – this can be as simple as holding 2 x tins of food. Just make sure the tins are the same weight.

Whilst marching hold the weight / tin at your thigh facing your palm towards your body.

As you lift your knee slightly turn your opposite palm outwards and curl at the elbow – instant bicep curl.

Repeat with other arm remembering to keep your tummy in and alternate arms raising left leg with right arm then right leg with left arm.

This will keep those arms tight and singlet ready!

If your feeling a little more active you can try  skipping.

Skipping –

Providing you have high ceilings.

Get a skipping rope from your local toy store – most will still sell them or even buy approx. 2 meters of any type of rope from the hardware store – with the hardware store bought rope – tie a knot in each end to use as handles – this will help steady the grip.

Skipping takes me back to the school yard at lunch times playing with my friends. Skipping is high intensity and you will see results in your fitness and energy levels.

You can do any of the above exercises in the comfort of your baggy clothes and in front if your movie / TV…

Just remember moving burns calories – assisted weight will burn more calories – DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF THOUGH – IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY PAIN OR DISCOMFORT STOP STRAIGHT AWAY AND CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.

Keeping summer ready all year round is easy. Give it a try.

More exercise tips can be found at the below link. Shape magazine is awesome for easy effective workouts that are far from boring!