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School Holiday Fun!

Fun for your little ones.

Which school holidays here, I often find parents, friends and children wondering what to do.

Weather they are looking for at home fun or fun away on holidays everyone seems to want to do something.

Not just school holiday periods either, I’m often asked for tips on ideas for occupying children of all ages. So here are my top few.

If you have some ideas you would like to share, please email me, I’d love to hear from you. Noordinarymummy@gmail.com

If you live in Sydney – as I do, are are happy to spend some cash.

Taronga Zoo
SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Olympic Park
Powerhouse Museum
Luna Park Sydney
I fly down under

For those wanting to save cash or simply wanting to stay home but still have fun. Yes this can be done!

Go to the library – stay for story time

Bake something, anything a cake, cookies, whatever is in your pantry

Construct something with blocks or Lego’s

Read a book

Paint with water, get old brushes and paint on either the ground or on old newspapers

Draw/Color together

Host a play date with their favorite friend

Dress Up together

Build a go kart

Go swimming (indoor or outdoor, river, beach or pool)

Have a picnic (outside or on the living room floor!)

Listen to new music together

Do karaoke, you can ever use a hair brush as your microphone

Visit a museum

Visit a Zoo

Visit a pet store

Write and mail a letter to someone special

Play a card or board game

Take a walk

Get out baby photos and talk about them

Sing Songs

Take a class together at local art center

Go roller or ice skating together

Tell stories about when your child was a baby

Hug/hold your child

Build a blanket fort over yoir lounge or dining room

Tell your child what makes them special ( to you and others)

Teach/tell your child about your job – take them to work for a day if you can

Have a scavenger hunt (indoor or outdoor)

Go to a movie together

Visit your child at school

Dig out your year book and share about your experiences

Visit a nursing home or hospital

Finger Paint

Take pictures

Visit and learn about places in your neighborhood (fire station, police station, post office, dairy, etc.)

Clean out a room together (basement, attic, garage)

Work a puzzle together

Plan a vacation together – then GO!

Build a bird house

Play a sport together

Rake leaves and play/jump in them

Visit an apple orchard / pumpkin patch or any orchard and offer your help

Plant something

Have a water fight

Play hide and seek

Collect different leaves, rocks or sticks from around your home

Have a block party – invite your neighbours over for afternoon tea or a play or a BBQ

Take a hike, go for a walk, explore your community

Make puppets and put on a show for each other – these can be made from old socks with buttons for yes and simple wool thread as a mouth

Tell stories about your childhood

Attend a local athletic event

Learn about different cultures – get on the internet or read books

Take flowers to a friend

Go for a train ride

Go horseback riding

Climb a tree

Go camping

Have a family talent show

Draw a map and have a treasure hunt

Walk/play in the rain

Talk about feelings/emotions

Paint a picture by numbers together

Go to a theater performance

Complete a DIY project together

Wash the car

Play Frisbee

Pick up litter in your community

Fly a homemade kite

Jump rope

Exercise together

Have running races around your backyard or in a local park

Discuss your child’s favourite foods and then chat about nutrition and the 4 basic food groups

Start a savings account – talk about budgeting and saving money – very beneficial for their later years

Write a story (draw illustrations together too!)

Go fishing

Visit a relative

Visit the neighbors

Go bowling

Have an at home dance party!

Play Simon Says

Have letter or color of the week and look for them together – ie green grass

Play “I Spy”

Act out a favorite story together

Play charades

Listen to music and play homemade instruments together – this can be as wild as your imagination will allow. Use old cling wrap tubes for the base of a guitar, an old tissue box for the base of guitar then draw on the strings. Don’t forget to use cotton tips or cotton balls for the tuning 😉

Start a gratitude journal with your child – they can draw what they are thankful for

Let your child pick out the menu for a meal then get them involved in helping to prepare and cook the meal

Start a collection – stamps, rocks or buttons, what is of interest

Practice/teach something (reading, tying shoes, zipping zipper, sports, rhyming, sorting, telling time)

Draw with chalk on your driveway or footpath – it washes away with either a hose down it bucket of water

Go for a bike ride

Play pretend

Make a collage out of photos and/or clippings of their favorite things

Tell jokes

Spend time simply LISTENING to them.

Make a list of things you want to do together in the future!

Other fun craft ideas can be found at-
For more ideas on what to do in Sydney, click the link below.

Bath paint?

Bath time fun!

Well my little one loves bath time. Weather he is taking a ‘big boy’ shower or having a soak in the tub, he doesn’t mind.

He has one thousand things in the bath with him which range from toothbrushes, to funnels, to Tupperware, anything he can really find that takes his fancy really, and who am I to stop him exploring and being creative?

So to enhance his creativity just a little more I’ve made bath time just that little be extra special by making bath paint!

Yep you heard it – painting in the bath!

With special paint of course, which doesn’t stain the bath and us easily washed away. How I hear you ask?

With shaving foam!

It needs to be the thick foam almost gel like but don’t waste money on expensive stuff, it all works the same except the more bubbly it is the quicker it dissolves.

So get a silicone ice cube tray.

Fill each hole with the shave foam.

Add different drops of food colour to each hole.

And there you have it!

A miniature paint pallet for bath time fun!

Ps – you can use your fingers to paint or an old tooth brush, or perhaps a real paintbrush, you can pick small cheap paint brushes up at the cheaper variety stores or even the local super market of hardware.

Home made piñata!

Home made piñata!

We all want our little ones birthdays to be special and almost every child I know has a party to celebrate every year!

Party’s can become quite expensive and we are not all wealthy. Although sine children think that we are and become expectant of birthday parties.

I am trying to raise my little one not to be expectant. I say trying as he is only 20 months old. I will however not allow a party every year just because he wants one.

I know some readers may say I’m ‘mean’ or ‘that’s nasty’ but seriously, do children need a party every year? What is wrong with having a nice picnic with your family or having 2 friends come over for a play and cupcakes? Why does it need to be extravagant and excessive?

This could be a whole other blog about parents and children who try to ‘out do’ each other with hosting parties. So back to my piñata !

Easy to make and don’t cost a lot, plus lots of fun! Get your little ones involved!

You will need –

2 x old news papers torn into pieces approx 1 inch squared or similar ( the shape doesn’t matter)

A selection of coloured child friendly or non toxic paint.

As many balloons as you wish to make piñata

1 x tub of child friendly / non toxic paper glue. (Something like clag or water based – easier for the piñata to break when being hit)

A leg nth of string to tie the balloon whilst drying.

Firstly blow up the balloons and tie a knot in each end.

Tie some string at least 40cm in length around the knot. This works as a handle as such.

Then paint the entire balloon with the glue making sure not to leave any in painted.

With the newspaper stick each pice over the balloon to cover the entire thing with the newspaper or until you can no longer see and balloon. Making sure that you leave the tied end uncovered. This is where you will fill the piñata with lollies! Or toys, or whatever you fancy!

Repeat the glue and paper process 3 times. Allow the paste to dry over night in a cool well vented space. Perhaps tie the balloons up so that they also cannot be touched.

Once all dry you can carefully pop the balloon with a pin and fill with your desired filling.

Once filled, stand the piñata upside down so that the opening is at the top and carefully cover with a piece of newspaper and glue down again but be careful not to get the glue inside with your goodies.

Using another piece of string to your desired length paste carefully so that this will be what you use to tie up your piñata. You can also use decorative ribbon if you wish.

** My tip if your using lollies, use lollies in wrappers. This also helps if glue get on the but also nice when the piñata breaks and lollies fall to the ground.

Once completely dry you can paint the balloon as you wish. Perhaps making a face or patterned in any design you like. Again allow to dry for a few hours or over night.

Your piñata is ready! Have fun!