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Nappy Bags / Wallet?

Nappy bags!

So I recently wrote a blog on nappy bags being so unattractive, bulky and expensive!

Well I have just had a friend email me a link for what she thinks is a product that Id love!

I haven’t held it in my hand nor seen it for real but after reading about it and seeing the pretty little pictures, I’m possibly going to buy one!

Easy to manage, looks to fit most essentials for the little one and Yep – inexpensive!

Have a look for yourselves!

It’s the Elari wallet. I think I will get an orange one, comes in many colours and with various pockets / inserts and a foldable change mat, who can say no right?


Swapping designer bags for nappy bags!

When we swap designer handbags for nappy bags.

I’m not sure about you but I don’t use a ‘nappy bag’ I simply throw all my toddler needs into my oversized handbag.

I know it’s possibly not practical and ideal – but it works for me. At this sat age, however I am expecting number 2 in 16 weeks so perhaps I will change my mind?

I didn’t have so many things in my handbag that I meant I needed the oversize nappy bag, plus I didn’t really want to use a nappy bag and let’s face it, how many nappy bags out there are ‘sexy/nice/attractive’ to look at?

I get that they were made for a purpose and have many different compartments for all your baby or toddler needs, but I find them so bulky and big and generally unattractive.

Yes I know – they are not always designed for fashion but it would be nice to have something that doesn’t feel like an overnight bag or swag right? Oh and don’t forget the hefty cost as most mothers feel they ‘need’ to use a nappy bag just because they have children. They have their target market!

I’m yet to find one that I like that suits my needs and is user friendly, not with multiple compartments so that you forget which pocket had the wipes and which one has your keys! I’m also not into rummaging around trying to find different things.

I don’t do the overkill with my bag either, it’s usually a daily throw into my handbag for when we are out and about. My handbag has a few pockets where I can slip my keys for easy access and also a mobile phone pocket so I know where everything is at any stage.

My handbag now consists of:

My belongings.
– Wallet
– Mobile phone
– Keys
– sunglasses
– Small pencil case with band aids, lip balm, panadol, pen, nail file,

My toddlers belongings.
– 2 x nappies in a medium sized pencil case for hygiene reasons
– small packet of nappy wipes
– small roll on sunscreen SPF 50
– hat
– drink bottle of water
– a small car or toy of some sort
– 2 x nappy disposal bags
– small lunch box of toddler snacks

So why carry the extra large nappy bag? All this stuff fits in my handbag and isn’t too heavy. It also means I’m not carrying a big full bag and feel like I’m almost going on a road trip!

What are your experiences?

Do you use a nappy bag?

Have you found one that you love?

Do you find them useful or do you simply make do with your handbag like me?

Email me – noordinarymummy@gmail.com

What to pack in your hospital bag?

What to pack in your hospital bag?

Ok so my little guy is now 21 months and we are trying for number 2, however many of my friends are already expecting their second arrival – literally within a couple days / weeks.

My recent play dates have bought up the old conversations of ‘Are you prepared?’ ‘Have you packed your hospital bag?’ ‘Is your nursery ready?’ And many other similar questions. Which has made me think, what is it we really need to pack for our impending arrival? After the nursery is all done and the car seat is installed. What else? What do we really need to pack whilst we are delivering or staying in hospital after the baby arrives?

My bag was overpacked. I thought I needed ‘everything’ which basically meant I packed ‘everything’ which I didn’t actually use.

A few of my tips on what to pack, and what I think are essential are below. You may want to pack a few extras but next time round, I certainly won’t be taking a huge overpacked bag.

My first suggestion is 1 bag not huge but make is large enough for a smaller bag inside for bub. We do need things for them also 🙂

1. Comfy big undies.
Yes big full briefs undies. No g strings or Brazilians required. If you have a c section you need something that won’t sit on your cut, make sure they are not low cut. If you have a vaginal delivery you don’t want a g string incase you are cut and have stitches. You will also bleed so will need to wear sanitary pads so having underwear that caters for these is mandatory.

2. Sanitary pads.
Preferably with wings to keep them in place. Also I suggest thin ones that you would use on a heavy cycle. This is because you can bleed a lot and don’t want ‘leakage’.

3. Loose fitting and comfortable clothing.
Leave your skirts and dresses at home. If you are breast feeding, you don’t want to be lifting your dress up or pulling it down to feed. I found the loose elastic waste pants very comfy and I wore t shirts or button front shirts.

4. Maternity bras.
If you are planning on breast feeding, these are very useful. My breasts were huge! Underwire was very uncomfortable and with huge breasts you need support. Unfortunately that means wider straps and wider back clasps to help elevate any back pain but also provide comfort and support. Not very sexy but your body will thank you.

5. Snacks.
Yes you will be waking for feeds every few hours and you need to keep eating for energy levels in order to care for your new baby. I once heard that going through labour and giving birth is like running a marathon. You need to replenish your body. I packed nuts, jelly beans, muesli bars, protein bars and a drink bottle. I prefer to drink water but if you want to pack electro light drinks go for it. Pack what you will eat as you don’t get room service at 2am.

6. Thongs / slippers.
Comfy but practical shoes are essential. Nothing that you need to tie up or bend over to put on. You may be sore and swollen, best to be prepared. I found slip on shoes easy, ballet flats, thongs whatever you find comfortable. You may want to go for small walks within the hospital so wearing something on your feet is essential.

7. Toiletries.
Your usual toiletry bag is fine. Remember toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, deodorant – just the usual. Again pending how you deliver will depend on when you can ‘freshen up’ I have birth at 5:21pm and was showering approx 9pm after my epidural wore off. I longed for a shower and moisturiser!

8. Nappies.
Yes some hospitals provide these but not all. Best pack your own just incase. Remember newborn size. I packed 10. You never know how many you may need to change. I was also only in hospital 2 nights.

9. Singlets or clothing for bubba.
Again newborn size. Remember the baby will be wrapped in a blanket which the hospital will provide so no fashion statements needed. You may want to pack some warm onesies (all in ones) if your due in winter but make them practical. The baby is wrapped so no one will see their ‘outfit’. You will need a ‘going home’ outfit though. Again keep it practical.

10. Book or magazines.
Yes I know, rest when the baby sleeps however after your guests leave you may not be tired, you do defiantly need rest though and sometimes reading and browsing magazines is a form of resting. Just make the reading light hearted.