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Quick Effective Beauty Secrets!

I am all about learning beauty secrets and I suspect you are, too. After all, it is the little things that really make the difference. We want to look and feel our best.
Here are some beauty secrets that can help you to do that.

1. Your Nails Dry Faster after a Cold Water Dip

Do you get tired of sitting and waiting for your nails to dry? I know that I do. I always have a thousand things on my mind that I want to do and waiting for nails to dry isn’t one of them. I learned that if you dip your hands in cold water when they are tacky, it will help them to set and they will be dry much faster. Plunging them in ice water for ten or fifteen seconds is even better. This is one of my favorite beauty secrets because it helps me save so much time.

2. Baking Soda Mixed with Shampoo Equals Less Buildup

This is a beauty secret that I learned to help me to deal with buildup. Clarifying shampoos are harsh on your hair when used often. Instead of using a clarifying shampoo on a regular basis, try this. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in with your regular shampoo and wash your hair as you normally would. You only do this as needed and it works beautifully.

3. Stretch Your Mascara Longer by Using This Trick

This one will be loved by all of you mascara queens out there. If you want to stretch your mascara to last a longer amount of time, try this. When you feel like your mascara is drying out, add two to four drops of regular Visine or a multipurpose contact solution and shake. It will moisten your mascara and let you use it for a few weeks longer. This is especially helpful when you need a new mascara and don’t have one stashed back.

4. Eye Cream Isn’t Just for Your Eyes

Eye cream isn’t just for your eyes, ladies. If you are using an eye cream that is designed to target and reduce wrinkles, don’t limit it. Use it around your lips and on your forehead. Basically, you should use it wherever you are seeing wrinkles or the beginnings of wrinkles. It can do wonders for all those areas.

5. Lip Exfoliation And Plumping on The Cheap

Lips need exfoliation from time to time. This seems to be especially true when the weather is cool and they dry out. You don’t have to have a special lip product for this. A new toothbrush works wonderfully. Simply wet the toothbrush and gently scrub it across your lips. Not only will it exfoliate them but it will give you a bit of plumping in your lips as well.

6. Moisturize Upward

This one makes a lot of sense if you think about it. When we put on moisturizer, most of us use a downward motion. When we do that, we are pulling our skin down and helping wrinkles to form. Change your habit. Apply your moisturizer in an upward motion. You can help fight the tide of gravity this way.

7. When in a Pinch

Sometimes, you want to liven up your cheeks a little but you don’t have your blush with you. Here is a little secret that dates way back into the 1800s and maybe even beyond. All you need to do is gently pinch the areas of your face where you naturally blush or along your cheekbones. This is not the most pleasant way of adding color but it is very effective. It also gives you a very natural blush which you cannot achieve with a cosmetic product.

These are only 7 beauty secrets that I am thankful I know. I would love it if you would share some of yours with me.

What are your best beauty secrets?

Saturday night in!

I career woman, business owner, stay at home mum, working mum, blogging mum.

So how do I spend my Saturday nights? By watching tv and blogging!

It’s approx 8:30pm and I’ve climbed into bed and am watching the E channel. Basically the E channel is – no disrespect here – tv that you don’t have to think to. It’s easy to watch and doesn’t necessarily require you to think.

My day has been long as it’s been raining so we have been inside with a 15 month old very active little man who seems to get ‘cabin fever’. He goes a little hyper being cooped up inside all day. Although we have a great toy / playroom being inside all day isn’t always ideal.

Hubby decided to make the evening easy so he bought a BBQ chicken for dinner – easy, tasty, yummy! I made my fav coleslaw (recipe is another post) and we chatted about our day.

Bub has not long gone down because he has FOMO – fear of missing out. He has never been to easy to put to bed but of late, he has been terrible! He simply does not want to go to bed. I’ve read numerous articles with all kinda of tips on how to get him to  ‘wind down’ for the night but nothing seems to work. I’m open to your tips!

Our routine at the moment starts at 5pm with dinner followed by a bath approx 5:30pm, quiet time if reading and sitting in the couch, bottle approx 6:40pm bed about 7pm. What am I doing wrong?

So I was only thinking, how did I spend my Saturday nights prior to bub? Well I used to be a bit of a social butterfly! this of course is also prior to marriage. Not that marriage should stop you from going out but going out doesn’t seem as fun when you know your loved one is at home waiting for you. Hubby doesn’t mind me going out but I’d much rather spend the time with him.

So my pre marriage / pre meeting hubby days, they would consist of sleeping in until mid morning, getting up to meet a friend to go shopping. Shopping for an outfit for that night of course. Have some lunch, head home, do my nails then graze on snacks all afternoon awaiting the perfect time to start and get ready for the big night out. These days / nights seem so long ago!

I love my nights in and am so happy with how my life has changed.  I feel like a different person. My bub is amazing every day he makes me smile and feel blessed to have him. I then think how I’d cope with going out and having a big night then waking to a bub throughout the night then being up at 5am ready to play! That’s what time I used to finish my nights. 🙂

So what’s a typical Saturday night for you?