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I’m Moving!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, I’ve been super busy moving house!

Very exciting times ahead for us.

It’s been quite chaotic and crazy packing boxes with a toddler running around.

Ive learnt a few things with this nice that I’ve found really helped.

Here are a few of my moving tips to help you ease  your next move!

1. Book your Removalist in advance. I booked mine a month in advance.

2. Have your booked Removalist drop boxes to you early – again mine were dropped 3 weeks early. This helps as your not as ruses and can start packing slowly. This then stops the panic rush and stress of packing.

3. Keep your old newspapers – uses these to wrap your valuables. Removalist wrapping paper is super expensive!

4. To move your clothing, I buy those big hessian bags that you generally use to take your clothes to the dry cleaner in. Easy to transport, cost shld the price if a small box at approx $3 ea and can carry sooo much more than the regular box!

5. Take your valuables inc Jewellery in your car with you – eliminates any chance of theft of loss.

6. Keep hydrated! Moving is hard yakka mentally and physically. Keep your fluids up and don’t forget to eat! You need energy!

7. After the nice is done, sit back and enjoy. Moving can be stressful and exhausting on you and your relationships. Be kind to yourself. If you don’t get it complete in the first few days, don’t stress – you live there now – ease yourself into it!