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About me.

About me.

Well I’m often told various things about myself but I also find it hard to speak about myself, actually describe myself.

So when asked over the weekend how would I describe myself, I found myself a little ‘mind blank’ so to speak. I’m not sure how I would describe myself?

After thinking about it I’ve come up with a few words, that I feel could possibly sum up my personality.

Loyal – I’m often told that I’m a very loyal friend and once I have bonded with someone or care for them. I am, and I alway’s will be loyal to them.

Caring – I do wear my heart on my sleeve, I know others may beg to differ, however I am a sensitive person. I however do have a ‘toughened’ exterior and try not to show my feelings or emotions too much but I’m quite sensitive, I just try not to show it. When I care, I do care deeply and do all that I can, to ensure those I care about are happy and protected.

Assertive – yup – I’m assertive. I speak my mind and always tell it how I see it. I don’t sugar coat my feelings, although if I’m put in a position where it may hurt another’s feelings, I try to be as honest as I can, but without hurting others.

Trustworthy – I have held many secrets for many years. If I am confided in, that’s where the information stays. I’m not one to ‘air’ other people’s thoughts, feelings or ‘laundry’. I don’t gossip and I don’t care to gossip. Once it’s in ‘the vault’ be sure that’s where it will stay.

Friendly and outgoing – I do have a big personality some may say. I’m generally a happy person and when I am in social settings, I’m not scared to start conversations with strangers and I am, the type of person who will go and speak to the person who is alone to try and help them to feel comfortable. I’m quite often smiling and have been told that my ‘friendliness’ is contagious. I’m also outgoing and will befriend strangers.

Abrasive – if someone has betrayed me or upset me I’m not one to forgive and it forget. I can hold a grudge and I do. Possibly not a great personality trait, however I don’t have the time or energy for those who I believe are not worthy of my time. I may not have a gazillion friends, but those who I choose to have close by me, I treasure. As the old saying goes ‘once bitten, twice shy’. I rarely give second chances. I will be polite in all situations, that does not mean I like you, nor does it mean I respect you or care for you. I’m harsh but real. This I feel can be abrasive, but that’s me, a little ‘rough’ around the edges and speak my mind but also have a soft heart for those deserving.

How would you describe yourself?

I’d love to hear your opinions. If you don’t feel comfortable posting a comment, please feel free to send me a private email. Noordinarymummy@gmail.com

Life’s lessons.

What I’ve learned.

My husband and I often sit and chat about everyday stuff. We also chat about what we have learnt from each other and how we have grown as both individuals and as a partnership / marriage / couple.

Ive learnt quite a lot from him, I’m happy to admit. I think he brings out the best and perhaps sometimes the worst in me. We have been together 10 years and married for 5, so I guess something seems to be going right for us.

What he has taught me.

Take time for me – hubby says I’m selfless that I do so much for everyone but tend to do things for myself. I don’t see this as a negative ad I enjoy helping and being there for those who are deserving.

Don’t be ashamed of anything – I used to be embarrassed that I never went to university. He says I am successful in my own right. I guess so? I had my own business which was quite successful for approx 5 years. I purchased my own property in bondi when I was only 26 with no help from anyone. Saved my own deposit, paid my own mortgage and successfully renovated it and sold for a good profit. I often get the question about education, I’m not sure why so many people care what school I went too? Anyway I used to be embarrassed to say I never went to uni but it hasn’t stopped me from being successful.

Be proud of who I am – I can be emotional, I know I’m stubborn, I can be arrogant, I know I’m outspoken, I can be overbearing but I also know I’m honest, trustworthy, reliable and loyal. Hubby says I being outspoken can sometimes get me into trouble, but I’d rather speak up than be no voice, hubby also says I have the heart of Pharlap. 😉

We defiantly come from different worlds and I used to question what made him fall in love with me.

My husband comes from an affluent family, he is an academic, he almost as many letters as the alphabet in university degrees beside his name, he went to a private school then SYDNEY university and graduated with honours, has always had a steady and successful career in company management and leadership roles.

I am a girl who grew up in the country in a very small town. I left the small town at 17 and moved to Sydney alone knowing 1 person and got myself a good job, set myself up and was independant. After 2 years in Sydney moved to Perth, was there approx 3 years then moved back to Sydney. Went back to study to further educate myself, worked hard to get my own business, bought my first apartment, had a few various ‘jobs’. I say jobs loosely as I knew they were not a career. I was working towards that. Still studying whilst working full time to allow myself financial freedom and the ability to achieve my goals.

I eventually met my husband whom although we came from different worlds and some would say have nothing in common, we mesh. We work well as a couple, he has my back, makes me laugh and we have created a beautiful family together.

Although we seem like the ‘Unlikely’ couple – they do say opposites attract.

He is my best friend and I’m grateful for the life we have created and thankful for all we share together.

I have made friends and lost friends, we all have different wants and different needs. Those that want to make an effort for you will, those that don’t make the effort never will and possibly have never been a good or true friend anyway. I have a handful of the most wonderful friends whom I will always cherish, some have been in my life for 10+ years, others fewer however I still would do anything for those whom I consider my true friends no matter how long we have known each other.

We all have Aspirations. Some choose to follow them, some choose to ignore them.

We all make our own choices and for every choice there will always be a consequence. It may be a fabulous consequence, it may not be. However every action will always get a reaction good or bad, for better or for worse. We must live our lives, learn our lessons and be happy with who we are.

People will form whatever opinion of you that they want. This is out of your control. You can’t change people’s thoughts and if they have their mind set on something, or believe a situation to be a certain way, just accept it. Right or wrong we all want to believe something.

I have learnt some things the easy way, others the hard way. I guess that’s what has helped to ‘shape’ me the person that I am today?

I’m still learning, but I’m open to learning. Life has lessons both good and bad. I will make mistakes but I will also learn from them.

Life is a journey and no one knows what is next or around your corner. All I know is that I’m pretty happy and have been blessed with my life thus far. Thanks to those who have shared my path with me.

Fact or Fiction?

Fact or fiction?

To all my devoted and wonderful readers πŸ™‚

Just a quick note to let you know all my blogs are real and not fake.

They are real and have happened in either my life or someone I knows life.

This is not fiction.

There is no defamation in my blogs and with much discussion with others, I feel I needed to tell you this.

I don’t post lies. I do not make stories up nor glorify them in anyway for readers.

Choose to believe what you like but know that I’m not about making stories up to gain readers. πŸ™‚

This is my life and events from my life.