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5 words

5 words!

I was chatting with hubby over the recent holidays about words that I ‘apparently’ say ‘all the time’. We were having a giggle and he says ‘you always say this, do you know what it means?’ Of course my response was ‘yes, if I’m using the words of course I know the meaning’.

So he tested me. 😉 that’s my forever academic hubby! Keeps me on my toes.

So I just wanted to share my ‘words’ that I ‘apparently’ use all the time.

This is not my made up meaning, I actually have copied the true meaning from the dictionary – just to prove to hubby that I do know what I’m talking about!

Melodramatsing / Melodramatic –
adjective: melodramatic
relating to melodrama.
“a melodramatic comedy about Slavic miners”
characteristic of melodrama, especially in being exaggerated or overemotional.
“he flung the door open with a melodramatic flourish”
synonyms: exaggerated, histrionic, extravagant, overdramatic, overdone, overripe, over-sensational, sensationalized, overemotional, sentimental;More
theatrical, stagy, actressy, actorly;
“he flung the door open with a melodramatic flourish”
antonyms: calm, stoical

Retaliate –
verb: retaliate; 3rd person present: retaliates; past tense: retaliated; past participle: retaliated; gerund or present participle: retaliating
make an attack in return for a similar attack.
“the blow stung and she retaliated immediately”
synonyms: fight back, strike back, hit back, respond, react, reply, reciprocate, counterattack, return fire, return the compliment, put up a fight, take the bait, rise to the bait, return like for like, get back at someone, get, give tit for tat, give as good as one gets, let someone see how it feels, give someone a dose/taste of their own medicine; More
have/get/take one’s revenge, take/exact/wreak revenge, be revenged, revenge oneself, avenge oneself, take reprisals, get even, even the score, settle a/the score, settle accounts, pay someone back (in their own coin), pay someone out, repay someone, exact retribution, take an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth);
informalgive someone their comeuppance;
informalget one’s own back;
raregive someone a Roland for an Oliver
“they could torment him without his being able to retaliate”
antonyms: turn the other cheek
repay (an injury or insult) in kind.
“they used their abilities to retaliate the injury”

Humiliated –
past tense: humiliated; past participle: humiliated
make (someone) feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and pride.
“you’ll humiliate me in front of the whole school!”
synonyms: embarrass, mortify, humble, show up, shame, make ashamed, put to shame;disgrace, discomfit, chasten, subdue, abash, abase, debase, demean, degrade, deflate, crush, quash, squash, bring down, bring low, cause to feel small, cause to lose face, make someone eat humble pie, take down a peg or two; informalput down, cut down to size, settle someone’s hash; informalmake someone eat crow; informalown
“you’ll humiliate me in front of the whole school”
embarrassing, mortifying, humbling, ignominious, inglorious, shaming, shameful;
discreditable, undignified, discomfiting, chastening, debasing, demeaning, degrading, deflating, crushing, quashing, squashing, bringing down, bringing low;
“a humiliating election defeat”

Monotonous –
dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest.
“the statistics that he quotes with monotonous regularity”
synonyms: tedious, boring, dull, uninteresting, unexciting, wearisome, tiresome, repetitive, repetitious, unvarying, unchanging, unvaried, lacking variety, without variety, humdrum, ho-hum, routine, mechanical, mind-numbing, soul-destroying, prosaic, run-of-the-mill, uneventful, unrelieved, dreary, plodding, colourless, featureless, dry as dust, uniform, monochrome; More
(of a sound or utterance) lacking in variation in tone or pitch.
“her slurred monotonous speech”
synonyms: toneless, flat, unvarying, uninflected, droning, soporific
“a monotonous voice”

Hectic –
adjective: hectic
full of incessant or frantic activity.
“a hectic business schedule”
synonyms: frantic, frenetic, frenzied, feverish, manic, restless, very busy, very active, fast and furious; More
lively, brisk, bustling, buzzing, vibrant, crowded;
informallike Piccadilly Circus
“a hectic business schedule”
antonyms: leisurely, quiet
relating to or affected by a regularly recurrent fever typically accompanying tuberculosis, with flushed cheeks and hot, dry skin.
noun: hectic; plural noun: hectics
a hectic fever or flush.

I know I use these words a lot and now that he has picked me up on them I think I will make a conscience effort to choose different words.

The thing is though, I’m comfortable with these words and seem to use them in correct Grammer so maybe I should just get the thesaurus out and use different words with the same meaning?

What are your most used words?

What do you think your words say about you?

Why do you think you use those words regularly?

I’d love to hear from you.

Holiday ideas.

With school holidays fast approaching – like now, here are some creative ideas to keep boredom at bay.

These are indoor ideas, however why not take these ideas outdoors?

Fresh air keeps you stimulated, however with Sydney weather at the moment, you just may need to stay indoor’s!

Happy holidays everyone! 😊


Split families

Split Families.

I visited a friend recently who is in a similar position to myself. She had married a man who has children to his previous wife. 4 in fact.

Being that school holidays had just finished and a few more were just around the corner we were chatting about school holidays and how do they split them and also if she includes his children in in all their holidays.

Her response was very truthful and I agree.

She said they do split them but as her husband works full time and long hours, when his children are with them for the holidays he arranged for them to stay with his parents – the Childrens grandparents, half the time so that she doesn’t have to change her plans or do the running around after them. After all she said – quote – ‘they are not my children and they require a lot of work and it’s also important for them to see and spend time with their grandparents’.

I understand that this may offend some people but I think it’s a smart move. She has a 3 year old with her husband and is pregnant with their second child. She said their 3 year old is her main responsibility and that the other children are also old enough to be self sufficient.

Their ages are varied between 13 to 17. I agree that they are old enough to be self sufficient.

I also know that a toddler is busy and does require a lot of attention.

So when she said that her husband also believes that they should be doing things including ‘alone’ holidays with just them 2 (adults/parents/her and him/hubby and wife) and their child I was intrigued as I know my husband thinks that step children should be included in everything.

I asked why he says they need to do things with ‘just them’ and her response was ‘although he loves all his children it’s important for us to do things alone as our family, we do separate holidays with his children but he understands the importance of us having our time together. Me him and our son’.

I was impressed that her husband understands this as most split families are not as open minded and some have a sense of ‘guilt’ so therefore go over and beyond to try and make the step children or children to previous relationships feel super important and in most cases they get all the attention and are not self sufficient as they are mollycoddled. Or felt sorry for. (See previous post on step children which I write after meeting a family in fiji)

I get each family is different and everyone has different needs.

I also understand children to previous relationships still need to be included in some things but do they need to be included in everything?

Do you see importance of doing things as a family and not always having to include step children or children from previous relationships?

I think in most cases it will help the husband and wife’s relationship as my friend was saying that the 2 younger step children are quite jealous of the 3 year old and if her husband is playing with the 3 year old, the others interrupt and ask the father to do things that they know they 3 year old can do, that way the 3 year old is excluded.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think children to previous relationships should always be included in everything?

Should they get special treatment as the parents are no longer together?

Should there still be holidays for the new partner and their children?

Is it important to have separate holidays?

I’d love to hear from you – email me, noordinarymummy@gmail.com