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Holiday exercise

Quick and easy exercises that can be done anywhere!

Whilst on holiday I don’t generally make time for the gym. I do however try to do little things just to keep active. Pending where your holiday or what your doing, these exercises can be don’t in your hotel room or at a local park.

If we are somewhere with swimming facilities, I’m always swimming with my 2 little ones. Not doing ‘laps’ but general playing with them, treading water, swimming races etc. this is an ‘incidental exercise’ (I have previously posted about incidental exercise).

Key to these are to always hold in your tummy – this activates your core muscles which also help with good posture.

3 X Plank for 30 seconds rest 10 seconds
– You can do this on your knees or toes pending your fitness ability. Get into the ‘push up’ position with your elbows directly below your shoulders, you can clasp your hand’s in front if you like or have your forearms crossed. Keep your knees / toes approx the same width as your hips. Keep your back straight. Hold your tummy in tight and keep he whole body still.

3 X 20m Walking lunges
– keeping shoulders back and your tummy in, take a step into a lunge position, keeping your knees at apex a 90 degrees angle, then pushing up from the front leg and taking the next step forward again into a 90 degree angle remembering to keep your back straight and core activated. Repeat until you have done approx 20meters. You can do 10 steps one way then 10 back if you are space confined. Walking lunges use your thighs and bottom, which are larger muscle groups therefore a very effective workout.

3 X set 12 Squats
– keeping your back straight, tummy in and shoulders back. Have your knees a little over shoulder width apart. Knees and feet slightly turned out. Pretend your going to sit into a chair controlling the movement down slowly, hold this position at 90 degrees and slowly come up. When coming back up squeeze your bottom in. Again using the thighs and bottom, core.

3 X sets laying bike
– laying on your back, bring your knees to a 90degree angle, feet raised from the floor (imagine a box under your calf muscles and up against your bottom. Slowly straighten one leg out at a time and hold your tummy in, lowering the leg to approx 10cm off the floor. Rotating each leg. Repeat until you have done 10 each side. Rest 30 seconds then repeat until you have done 3 sets on each leg. You can also rest your hands under the lower part of your back to help stabilise if needed.

Remember that all exercise should be done using care. If your in pain at all or during and movement, stop. (Bad hurting not lactic acid burn) You should also speak with a doctor if you suffer any injuries prior to any exercise.

Also remember that walking is great exercise. Whilst we are on holiday I quite often walk over taking a bus or taxi. It gives me fresh air, I get to see the ‘sights’ easier and more freely and pushing a pram is extra weight therefore added resistance, especially up hills.



Do people just settle?

As my regular readers know, I love sex and the city. I still watch it on Foxtel and still love every little thing about it.

I recently watched the episode where Carrie’s friend ‘just settles’ as the guy is good on paper and she has reached a certain age and feels she needs to settle down as that’s just ‘what you do’.

So it’s made me think – yes I’m s traditionalist and I married for love. However I’ve been thinking of reasons other than love as to why people do marry and this is what I’ve came up with.

For money – yes some people to feel they need the financial guarantee or support for a particular lifestyle so I guess they ‘hunt’ down that person in order to get their needs met.

For religious beliefs – I recently watched a television show on channel 7 where the woman was married at an early age to a Muslim man and they were in love but after many years of his controlling ways and they had 2 beautiful children she wanted to leave him. He wouldn’t sign the divorce papers so when she went on a holiday overseas he lodged a marriage certificate to that country stating that they were still in fact married and as she had met someone else – after the separation she was now committing a crime within their religion. Her ex husband took their children and wouldn’t allow her access to them and almost destroyed her life. She was in hiding for many months as such a ‘crime’ – according to the ex husband could see her jailed for life or even the death penalty.

Now I’m not saying it’s only Muslims but I find it hard to agree with having to stay married if the person that you are married to is making your life miserable and is threatening you or causing harm or an unsafe environment for the family especially children.

For children – so I understand some people think that there is a time frame on when you can / should have children but I don’t understand women who fall pregnant in order to get proposed to? Each to their own though.

For convenience – so they no longer have to worry about a relationship?

So I’ve done some googling and found some other reasons why people get married other than the traditional reason for being in love.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or reasonings for getting married.

Email me – noordinarymummy@gmail.com

Because you love them or really like them.

Because she wants to.

Because you don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Because you don’t want anyone else to have them.

Because, wait — how old are you?

Because of God.

Because your boss is married or all your friend’s are married or getting married so you should too?

Because the sex is good.

Because the fights are good.

Because the sex after the fights is really good.

Because they pick up the dry cleaning.

Because you know that even if it gets bad, life will probably be easier, happier, with them than without them.

Because you believe that it’s going to work out.

What ever your reason, I just hope it lasts and its your right reason.

School Holiday Fun!

Fun for your little ones.

Which school holidays here, I often find parents, friends and children wondering what to do.

Weather they are looking for at home fun or fun away on holidays everyone seems to want to do something.

Not just school holiday periods either, I’m often asked for tips on ideas for occupying children of all ages. So here are my top few.

If you have some ideas you would like to share, please email me, I’d love to hear from you. Noordinarymummy@gmail.com

If you live in Sydney – as I do, are are happy to spend some cash.

Taronga Zoo
SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Olympic Park
Powerhouse Museum
Luna Park Sydney
I fly down under

For those wanting to save cash or simply wanting to stay home but still have fun. Yes this can be done!

Go to the library – stay for story time

Bake something, anything a cake, cookies, whatever is in your pantry

Construct something with blocks or Lego’s

Read a book

Paint with water, get old brushes and paint on either the ground or on old newspapers

Draw/Color together

Host a play date with their favorite friend

Dress Up together

Build a go kart

Go swimming (indoor or outdoor, river, beach or pool)

Have a picnic (outside or on the living room floor!)

Listen to new music together

Do karaoke, you can ever use a hair brush as your microphone

Visit a museum

Visit a Zoo

Visit a pet store

Write and mail a letter to someone special

Play a card or board game

Take a walk

Get out baby photos and talk about them

Sing Songs

Take a class together at local art center

Go roller or ice skating together

Tell stories about when your child was a baby

Hug/hold your child

Build a blanket fort over yoir lounge or dining room

Tell your child what makes them special ( to you and others)

Teach/tell your child about your job – take them to work for a day if you can

Have a scavenger hunt (indoor or outdoor)

Go to a movie together

Visit your child at school

Dig out your year book and share about your experiences

Visit a nursing home or hospital

Finger Paint

Take pictures

Visit and learn about places in your neighborhood (fire station, police station, post office, dairy, etc.)

Clean out a room together (basement, attic, garage)

Work a puzzle together

Plan a vacation together – then GO!

Build a bird house

Play a sport together

Rake leaves and play/jump in them

Visit an apple orchard / pumpkin patch or any orchard and offer your help

Plant something

Have a water fight

Play hide and seek

Collect different leaves, rocks or sticks from around your home

Have a block party – invite your neighbours over for afternoon tea or a play or a BBQ

Take a hike, go for a walk, explore your community

Make puppets and put on a show for each other – these can be made from old socks with buttons for yes and simple wool thread as a mouth

Tell stories about your childhood

Attend a local athletic event

Learn about different cultures – get on the internet or read books

Take flowers to a friend

Go for a train ride

Go horseback riding

Climb a tree

Go camping

Have a family talent show

Draw a map and have a treasure hunt

Walk/play in the rain

Talk about feelings/emotions

Paint a picture by numbers together

Go to a theater performance

Complete a DIY project together

Wash the car

Play Frisbee

Pick up litter in your community

Fly a homemade kite

Jump rope

Exercise together

Have running races around your backyard or in a local park

Discuss your child’s favourite foods and then chat about nutrition and the 4 basic food groups

Start a savings account – talk about budgeting and saving money – very beneficial for their later years

Write a story (draw illustrations together too!)

Go fishing

Visit a relative

Visit the neighbors

Go bowling

Have an at home dance party!

Play Simon Says

Have letter or color of the week and look for them together – ie green grass

Play “I Spy”

Act out a favorite story together

Play charades

Listen to music and play homemade instruments together – this can be as wild as your imagination will allow. Use old cling wrap tubes for the base of a guitar, an old tissue box for the base of guitar then draw on the strings. Don’t forget to use cotton tips or cotton balls for the tuning 😉

Start a gratitude journal with your child – they can draw what they are thankful for

Let your child pick out the menu for a meal then get them involved in helping to prepare and cook the meal

Start a collection – stamps, rocks or buttons, what is of interest

Practice/teach something (reading, tying shoes, zipping zipper, sports, rhyming, sorting, telling time)

Draw with chalk on your driveway or footpath – it washes away with either a hose down it bucket of water

Go for a bike ride

Play pretend

Make a collage out of photos and/or clippings of their favorite things

Tell jokes

Spend time simply LISTENING to them.

Make a list of things you want to do together in the future!

Other fun craft ideas can be found at-
For more ideas on what to do in Sydney, click the link below.

Step children.

On my recent holiday to Fiji I met some lovely people. All different and from various countries but no the less similar.

It seems almost 1 in 3 family’s have step children. Given that the divorce rates here in Australia alone are high, statistics show that approx 48% of marriage ends in divorce.

This one woman I met was quite opinionated on her step child.

On day 4 of our holiday my toddler and I were swimming in one of the family friendly pools when she came with her 2 year old daughter to play with us. My little one had a dump truck, spade and rake in the pool which seemed to be a hit with other children.

So the usual conversation started, she asked me then I asked her the same questions,’how long have you been here, how long are you staying, is this your first Fiji trip, who are you with? Etc

Her response was she was with her husband, their two daughters and her husbands son.

Her husbands son I thought? She then elaborated that She and her husband had been together 13 years and they had 2 daughters together, a 5 year old and a 2 year old. The ‘husbands son’ was 19 and from his previous relationship. I didn’t divulge any deeper but she was more than happy to tell me all about the situation.

The husbands son seems to be the ‘favourite’ child, let’s face it when it comes to break ups, there is always pity on the ‘poor child’ who’s parents are no longer together.

She went on to tell me that she didn’t have much to do with him as he is bad mannered, disrespectful towards her, arrogant and expecting. He apparently ‘wants for nothing and receive’s all he asks for, she mentioned that they are certainly not wealthy but the father buys and does whatever the son asks. She also proceeded to tell me that he demands his fathers attention and because her husband doesn’t see the son too often as he lives with his mother he feels feels obliged to give him his undivided attention when he does see him. I asked how often does her husband see his son and she replied with ‘every second weekend’.

She said that she has no doubt that her hubby loves their two daughters but wishes he put as much effort into them as he does his 19 year old son. She said that when the son is around the daughters are often not included with the father and sons activities.

Quite sad really. I think that as the girls grow up they will see this behaviour and perhaps resent both the father and his son?

I asked her how it affects her marriage and she replied with ‘it’s great when the son isn’t around’. I guess I wasn’t surprised as there are many similar situations like this.

Which makes me wonder, do you have to like your step children?

This woman certainly gave me the impression that she doesn’t like her step son at all. She said a few other things which shocked me and I think that if I was in her position I wouldn’t like the husbands son either.

She says she tolerates her husbands son for his sake but cringes each time the son is over, as it generally means that she and her husband argue over his parenting style with the son and the lack of involvement he has with their daughters. She feels that her husband favours the son and has a sense of guilt which is why he allows the son to behave in such a disrespectful and arrogant manner.

I felt sorry for her, what a difficult situation.

I guess that her story is not the only one like this out there, there are so many split families around, however I guess it’s how you treat the situation as to how your next relationship / family will unfold.

She said it’s always been the same for the 13 years that they have been together but has gotten worse since they had their girls and she sometimes questions why she puts up with it.

I didn’t ask her but I am wondering ‘Do you think the father feels guilty that he has moved on and is happy with someone other than the sons mother which is why he feels obliged to put the son first and almost neglects his new family of wife and 2 girls when the son is around?’.

‘Call me Sasha’

‘Call me Sasha’ by Geena Leigh

Whilst on holiday, I’m between sailing up the gorgeous weather, playing with my adorable little man and blogging I read an excellent book.

I seldomly read so being able to find the time to read and finish the book exceeded my expectations. I’m not sure what drew my attention to this book or why I purchased it, I think perhaps the cover? Subtle yet attention grabbing. That doesn’t really make sense does it…?

Anyway I struggled to put this book down and within 2 nights I had read it cover to cover. The whole 296 pages! I know it’s not the longest novel but for someone time poor this is the first book I’ve finished reading in about 2 years.

I know most of you probably read constantly and finish your books, however I generally find I get distracted or bored with reading and rarely finish the book I’ve started. My husband says I’m ‘fast twitched’ or a ‘go getter’ that I always have something that needs doing and ‘can’t sit still long enough’ or ‘can’t relax’. 🙂 yes I’m not usually one to laze around and generally do like to be doing something.

This book is a cold hard truth about this woman’s life. She is such an inspiration. What she endured throughout her life is almost unbelievable.

In many parts or chapters of this book my mind was saying ‘as if’ ‘poor girl’ or I would get a sense of anger inside if me and have a urge to protect her. This is possibly also mothers instincts 🙂

If you like me seldomly have time to read, for what ever reason – I will not judge you as I am quite time poor. I climb into bed generally exhausted, and within minutes I’m asleep, preparing myself for a new day of mummy and wife duties along with play dates, household chores and trying to think up new and exciting things I can do with my little man. So of your after a great read, that isn’t too long – (I find 500+ page books overwhelming) may I suggest you read this. ‘Call me Sasha’ by Geena Leigh. Such a well written memoir. I certainly look forward to her next book.

Below I’ve copied and pasted a snippet I found about the book. I hope that you also enjoy it.

If you have a ‘must read’ please key me know, I’d love to read something that my followers recommend 🙂

News.com.au writes –

TO SAY that Geena Leigh has lived a full-on life would be an understatement.

She left home at 15 and started working as a sex worker a few years later, eventually turning to drugs and developing a heroin addiction.

She travelled overseas, working as a sex worker in London and Greece before returning to Sydney as a 21-year-old.

When she was 33, she had a drug overdose when she was with a client, who revived her by performing CPR and then complained that she wouldn’t finish the job.

Finally, after more than 19 years in the sex industry, she’s managed to get her life on track and find a loving partner and a job she’s proud of.

In her new book Call Me Sasha, Geena Leigh opens up about her past as a sex worker, detailing what life is really like for a lady of the night:

Fiji – Bula!

imageFiji Sitting beside the stunning pool on a wonderful holiday with my hubby and gorgeous toddler I feel very lucky!

We have came to Fiji Denaru Island and are staying in a lovely villa at the Sheraton. The sun is shining and the days are getting lost. 🙂 not a care in the works simply relaxing and spending quality time with my hubby and bubby! So let me tell you why we chose Fiji as our destination.

My husband and his family have been coming to this wonderful island for many years, my husbands mother recalls stories of bringing her children here when they were very young. My husband took his first steps at 14 months old in Fiji and for many years to follow they would continue to come here as their annual family holiday. It holds a special place in his heart which I find sweet and he has lovely early memories here.

My husband fell in love with it way back then and for the past few years we have made it our wonderful family holiday and am sure we will continue to come here with our next bubba also. I too have fallen in love with this place, it’s so convenient to get here only a 3.5hr flight (approx) from Sydney.

Here are only a few reasons as to why we will continue to come back to this stunning island.

1. The people are so accommodating, friendly, happy and a delight to deal with.

2. The sun is always shining!

3. The water is clear and blue,

4. There are 5 plus pools to choose from to swim in or lay by incase you don’t want to swim or lay by the beach 🙂

5. The sand is white 🙂

6. There is kids club for kids up to the age 14

7. The food is yummy

8. It’s relaxing and carefree

9. Bula – means hello, and that word to me sounds happy!

10. Everyone is always smiling and friendly

11. It’s family friendly

12. The amenities are always clean

13. There are various activities to keep you busy – only if you want

14. We get a 2 bedroom villa with a kitchen (easy for staying in and cooking for little ones)

15. It’s affordable

16. The fresh coconuts are delicious!

17. You don’t need to leave the resort if you don’t want too, there are 2 deli’s, many family friendly restaurants, bakery, multiple gifts stores and various recreational activities on-site

18. The Sheraton is associated with the Westin here so you have full access of all the Westins amenities also including their gym and recreational activities and restaurants.

19. You don’t need to carry around your wallet / purse. Within either Sheraton or Westin you can charge anything from any shop or restaurant to your room

20. The main port ‘Port Denaru’ is a easy flat 15 minute walk where you will find a very convenient mini supermarket and duty free store for all your needs.!

Chapters of our lives.

I have this theory, that we go through chapters in our lives. Much like a novel / book we all have different stages / chapters.

Let me tell you a little about my chapters.

Chapter 1.
I grew up in a small country town in NSW. The whole population of the town where I grew up in is approx 2500 people. There is a lot of farming there especially with dairy cattle.

I did all my schooling there and studied to be a fitness instructor whilst studying my HSC (high school certificate in grade 12) as soon as I completed my HSC I moved to Sydney with my then high school boyfriend and started work in a university gymnasium. I did everything from teaching aerobic classes to one on one personal training, swim coaching, pool life guarding and the customer service desk. That relationship was failing as we were both too young to be 100% committed to the relationship so we called it a day.

Chapter 2.
I met a guy who was in the Royal Australian Navy. I thought he was wonderful and after knowing him approx 3 months, I moved to WA to be with him. This was a whirlwind relationship I was 20yo. After approx 6 months he proposed and I thought he was the ‘one’. Needless to say things turned sour after I found out he was cheating on me. I staied in WA though and soildered on with my life at 21yo.

Chapter 3.
After almost 3 years in WA I decided it was time to be closer to my family. My older sister had just had her first baby – a gorgeous little girl and my brother who was a jackaroo had been involved in a terrible accident and was in hospital with various broken bones, fractures on the skull and punctured lungs. So back to Sydney I moved.

I started working for a transport company selling their services and was romanced by a much younger guy. I was first not interested as we were colleagues however after him chasing me for over 12 months, I allowed him to take me to dinner. I started a new job and thought our relationship would work.

He was 5 years my junior. We actually got along very well and out romance blossomed. I was shortly introduced to his family and being South American, I was welcomed as part of their family and got along with everyone very well. This relationship for lack of a better word was ‘toxic’ he being younger just wanted to go party with his mates and as he lived with his parents an hour from the city he would ‘use’ my place (I loved alone) as a place to stay after his ‘boys nights’. I lived 15 minutes from the city.

I think I staied with him as I loved his family and with mine being 4hrs away from Sydney, I felt part of something as his mother thought if me as her own. She has 3 boys.

After putting up with his antics for almost 4 years I broke it off with him. Bought a new apartment that was mine and started over – again.

Chapter 4.
After being single approx a year and starting my own Jewellery wholesale business I thought my life was in order. Until I met my now husband.

We met at a dance party and I initially thought he was homosexual. We were dancing in a group and everyone was quite risky and he was the only guy not ‘mauling’ the girls. 🙂 until he made his move on me.

After acres hours of him trying to convince me he wasn’t homosexual we kissed. From that night on we were inseparable. We were truly in love and spent all our time together. We went visiting my friends and the first time he told me he loved me was in the rain running home after dinner. We had only been dating a month.

I won’t say our relationship was or is perfect. He is 9 years my senior, divorced, has a now almost 12 yo son to his first wife and was quite the bachelor in between his divorce and our beginning.
The first 2 years of our relationship was rocky, we broke up 3 times as he wasn’t sure he wanted to be in a committed relationship. His son and I didn’t really get along, no matter how hard I tried the child hated me. He would ignore me, kick me under the table, throw food at me and basically do anything to annoy me.

My hubby thought this was all to hard on the child so decided to call it quits on our relationship. Instead of disciplining the child the easy option was to break up and eliminate the ‘hard’ part. At every break up we were only apart 2 weeks. He kept coming back apologizing profusely. Saying he loves me and can’t be without me.

Chapter 5.
After dating my now husband for 2 years we decided to live together – well officially live together. We had spent almost every night together since meeting however both owned our own apartments.

On a holiday in Thailand I decided to sell my unit and we decide to rent his out and live together. We rented a gorgeous house that was quite the family home.

Bare in mind, my now hubby was never getting married again nor was he ever having more children (reminder that we have a 15 month old).

We lived happily together for a year when out for dinner one night the bombshell was dropped. ‘I want to see other people’ he said to me. I thought my world was ending.

Chapter 6.
So after he gave me a month to move out – I started my life yet over again. I picked up the pieces and moved on. Well tried to.

I found a new home, I decided to find a new job and I got on with things. We kept in touch and he started dating other people which hurt. People that I knew.

Within 6 weeks we was asking to forgive him. I was receiving text messages daily, being asked for dinners, emails at work and flowers left at my door.

I asked him why should I forgive and why does he feel he deserves a second chance? He had stuffed me around and this wasn’t fair. We had already broken up 3 times, why would I want to put myself through this again?

So I wrote him a long well thought out email with approx 20 reasons as to why I should consider our relationship again.

Each morning on his way to work he would leave a note and a rose on the windscreen of my car answering a question. This went on until every question I had asked was answered. I didn’t take him back that easily though. I made him start proving his love and saying me, and only me again.

Within a week I had a plane ticket emailed to my work, this ticket was to join him in Paris! At first I wasn’t sure but thought – hey he making a good effort here what have I to loose?

On the trip we did all the romantic things and at the top of the Eiffel Tower he have me a diamond ring. No not an engagement ring but a ‘promise’ ring. This was a promise that he would never break my heart again. And he hasn’t!

Chapter 7.
We broke up the last day in January, were back together in April and in Paris in May. In feb the following year he proposed, out our favorite park wit a romantic picnic. He had called in sick from his job that day however I knew something was up.

At around 4pm he called me at work to tell me that he would pick me up as he had a surprise for me. I knew what the surprise was. Let’s say woman’s instinct.

We drove to our favorite place and he had everything prepared and said ‘you know your my best friend right?, you know you mean the works to me right?, I’m
Sorry for the past but I want you in my life for forever, will you make me the happiest man in the works and be my wife? Well I said yes!

Chapter 8.
We started planning a holiday along the Amalfi Coast. His suggestion to my delight was to elope. Just me and him and the Amalfi coast, so romantic and surreal. We had set the date for our family wedding for September that year. 2 weddings within the year I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the universe.

Chapter 9.
After our Amalfi wedding we decided to start and try for a baby. A wonderful addition to our life. This was a horrible set back. I was told I had no eggs and unless I started HRT (hormone replacement therapy) I would not conceive naturally.

So I had booked myself in with Sydney’s best IVF specialist and started alternate therapies including daily Chinese herbs, acupuncture 3 times per week, yoga, meditation, all natural diet- no foods won’t preservatives, no alcohol, no caffeine, nothing that wasn’t natural.

Yes this was tough but I knew I had to do it. I also spoke to my mother and sister about using their eggs. My sister has beautiful healthy children and my mother has 3 also.

All this whilst planning our Sydney wedding. After our Sydney wedding I had my unfortunate dilemma with my boss and friend (previous post ‘friend or foe’) I then got head hunted by a competitor whom I now still work for almost 3 years later.

It took a while but with persistence and a clear mind we fell pregnant in the January. After 9 months trying we had naturally conceived. Our IVF doctor couldn’t believe it. So we canceled the HRT and IVF and monitored the pregnancy very closely.

I was sick – very sick throughout my pregnancy vomiting twice sometimes more daily. But again very well worth it!

Chapter 10.
After 9 grueling but amazing months of pregnancy watching my belly grow, see the ultrasounds, hear my little guys heat beat, feel him move inside me – yes he was super active, all that amazing stuff and more. I had my gorgeous little man in November 2012.

The past 16 months have been sleepless, restless, lots of learning. Motherhood has taught me so much.

It’s thought me to put less pressure on myself, accept mistakes, learn to accept that I’m doing the best that I can every day and stressing about being the perfect mother, wife, employee, step mother and friend is not worth it.

I had this amazing little man enter my world who is tried so hard to get, be totally reliant on me. He didn’t know if I was making mistakes or not doing something right. I was clearly just being hard on myself.

He just needed nappie changes, being fed, being clean and most importantly being loved.

Chapter 11.
So somewhere between getting married in Sydney and falling pregnant (may actually) we moved in with my husbands parents. My hubby took a voluntary redundancy – I know good timing, and to elevate any extra financial stress we rented out our gorgeous home that we bought and moved in with his parents.

We have now been living here now almost 2 years. Thankfully we have also bought our own new home.

We sold our other home 2 weeks ago and now move I to a fresh new family home in 18 days. Not that I am counting 🙂

This is yet another wonderful chapter in my life.

See I believe we all have chapters.

If you sit down and think about where you started and where you are now you are bound to have a few stories.

Think about your chapters. Weather they msgs you laugh or make you cry. We all have a story to tell. Some will appreciate your honesty, others will judge but remember the only important judge on your life is yourself.