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Quick workout?

Quick workout

Weather your time poor or just cant be bothered, it’s still important to be active.

If your not one to hit the gym or go for a walk / run, try exercising at home using your own body weight as resistance and be comfortable in your lounge room, no I don’t mean laying on your lounge, I mean utilise the space.

You don’t need a lot of space approx 2 square meters. You don’t even have to do this daily, however I recommend 3 times per week at a minimum and you will def feel better! Hey you may even find that you have fun!

– Run on the spot for the count of 30
– Drop down and do 20 burpees
– Finish off with planning for the count of 30

Repeat these 3 exercises 5 times each!

When running remember to keep your tummy in and shoulders back with your head up.

When doing a Burpee remember to keep your hands shoulder width apart and never drop your tummy to the ground. Again keep your head up and tummy in with feet also shoulder width apart.

When planning, keep on your toes with feet together and elbows directly below your shoulders, head straight looking at the ground and tummy in tight. Don’t forget to breath in your nose and exhale out your mouth.

It’s important to keep good posture and do these exercises properly to ensure minimal risk of injury.

Have you got a quick work out that you enjoy?

Email me – noordinarymummy@gmail.com

Incidental exercise

Incidental exercise

Sorry I have written about exercise or fitness for a little while. Feeling sluggish has made me lazy. No excuse though I know 🙂

I’ve been suffering sinus and also a slight head cold – double whammy unfortunately. Feeling a little better now though.

It’s been raining a lot so being stuck inside I’ve been cooking and keeping warm. Oh and eating!

I don’t often struggle to exercise or be active but when I feel under the weather I’m not always so motivated….

How do you keep active when your feeling unwell?

I try ‘incidental’ exercise. Keeping active when not feeling great often exerts you even more and naked you feel worse right?

Sometimes a good sweat can make you feel better though?

How do you know how far to push yourself when not feeling well?

Try core exercise.

1. Holding your tummy in whilst doing general home chores or even whilst walking to collect the mail. My driveway is 75m long so is a couple minutes walk.

2. Squeezing your bottom cheeks in and holding for 10 seconds then Releasing and repeating 10 times. You can do this whilst watching your favourite shows

3. Standing on your tippy toes raising your calves then going back down on your flat feet – again repeating 10 times after holding for a few seconds on each raise.

4. Whilst sitting on the lounge, keep your legs out straight, point and flex your toes and hold each movement for 5 seconds. Although this doesn’t seem to strenuous simply stretching your muscles gives you an incidental workout.

5. Planking – I know – how?
Lay on the floor on your tummy, arms beside you and legs straight. Slightly raise your legs and shoulders – without bending your knees or straining your neck. Create a slight banana in the curve of your back. Again holding each position for 10 seconds – repeat 10 times.

Flat tummy? Coming up!

Are you obsessed with having a flat tummy?

Here are a few quick exercises that will have your tummy flatter in no time! However remember exercise is only part of the equation, diet is a huge factor in keeping your tummy flat! Certain foods contain gasses that can keep you bloated and too many fatty foods simply ‘keep you fat’ ….!

Give these a go, hold each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat 5 times each exercise. Make it fun and do it circuit style, do the first exercise holding for 30 seconds, then the second exercise again holding for 30 seconds and continue on until all 5 exercises are completed. Repeat each exercise 5 times!

First exercise –

Get in a forearm plank with abs engaged and feet wider than hips on sliding discs. (Or put some socks on) Raise hips in the air as high as possible, sliding feet in together, and holding abs in sucking them towards your spine. Return to starting position.

Second exercise –

Lie face up with hands clasped behind head, legs extended about hip-width apart keep feet flexed. Engage abs and sit up, bending knees and sliding heels into body. Slowly lower back to starting position. If this hurts your bottom / tail bone, use a low pillow to cushion.

Third exercise –

Lie facedown with arms overhead, open your legs hip-width apart, toes pointed. Extend spine and lift chest off the floor, sliding arms downward towards your sides as your body lifts. Return to starting position.

Forth exercise –

Get on all fours with your toes tucked under again in socks. Tighten your abs and lift knees a few inches off the floor, keeping hips in line with shoulders. Swivel your knees slightly to the right, pivoting feet, keeping shoulders over hands then swivel knees to the left. Continue, alternating sides. Instead if holding this for 30 seconds each, try rotating to each side holding at each side for 10 seconds.

Fifth exercise –

Get in a side elbow plank position with right elbow bent under shoulder, left hand behind head, legs and hips straight keeping your feet flexed. Extend left leg in front of hip (keep knee as straight as possible, bending to modify if needed) and touch toes with left hand. Return to starting position. Switch sides to complete set.

Remember feeling toned and confident is also your mindset, thinking healthy, eating healthy and living healthy are the most important things you can do for yourself!

Also remember that being thin is not always healthy, a lot of people starve them self to be thin. This will have adverse affect long term as starving your body is mainly starving your organs and by starving them you cannot function properly. Eventually your organs will ‘give up’ or ‘shut down’ from lack of nutrients, which we all get from food, eating a well balanced diet is key!

Remember it’s only as hard as you want it to be!