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As a qualified interior designer myself, I’m often looking at other designers work. I find inspiration and ideas that I may not have seen or thought of myself.

Design is constantly changing and evolving.

One thing I always tell clients is that your space reflects your personality and the way you live. Your space should be comfortable and suit your needs.

Sometimes we all get a bit lost in wanting our homes to look like something from a magazine shoot, however what we need to consider is the variables that are in our lives. Do we have children that we need to cater for? I mean, my kids are allowed to lay on the lounge, no shoes of course, they often throw the pillows at each other and I don’t mind.

I want them to be comfortable in their own home and enjoy being children. I don’t want the picture perfect home where they can’t touch anything. After all, I believe childhood is about experience, exploration, learning and growing.

I also want my visitors to feel welcome and comfortable, there is nothing g worse than going somewhere and panicking that your children will break or put something out of place in another’s home. I don’t want my visitors to feel that.

A home to me, should emit happy and welcoming feelings.

The below article is a great write up on how we can design our homes in simple and effective yet liveable spaces. I’ve also added the images for sone Wednesday inspiration. 💕🏠



Posted on June 22, 2017

You like when I do lists and you also like it when I show gorgeous stylish homes, so today I am going to combine the two. So if you are looking to give your home a quick makeover – and make it look just like the interior blogger’s home, then just follow these easy tips for great impact.

Group Your Picture Frames
You do not always need to hang your pictures for optimal exposure. Group on the floor or on a sideboard, and do as Norwegian blogger Katerina from Only Deco Love, add a few empty frames for a more delicate arrangement. Do not overdo it though, add just one or two, as it quickly can look over styled.

Simple Book & Art Display
Displaying books and favorite pics can be tricky, often the books just collects dust in the bookshelf, while some might end in a pile on the coffee table. With simple ledges from Ikea, which can be painted in any color to match the wall color, you can easily make any corner into a gallery, which would make any gallery owner envious. Norwegian blogger Nina from Stylizimo is the one to copy.

Keep It Simple
Danish blogger Caroline from September Edit do simple like no other. Simple doesn’t need to be dool and boring, far from it. Choose a few colors that you like and stick with them. Do not deviate for any means, unless you change the entire color palatte of course.

Style That Couch
A super easy and cheap way to update your living room is to change the pillows on you couch with the season. Choose different sizes and freshen up the style with different prints and textures. And by all means, do not just fold the throw over the side of the couch … NO! Learn from The Design Chaser Michelle and make it look like you just threw it there recklessly.

Show Them Your Chairs
Stools and chairs are the new status symbols, rather you spend some serious cash on them or not, there is no reason to hide them under the table. Showing them all the way in tends to look to neat. Pull them out like Norwegian blogger Elisabeth Heier just a few inches to underline their beauty.

Style The Bookshelves
Make it into a habit of rearranging your bookshelves at least once a month. You don’t have to go all in taking everything out and then replace everything. Simply remove all your accessories and find a new spot for them. Take note from Kasia from My Full House, she knows how to style a set of shelves like a pro.

New year, new you!

New year new you!

So with all the New Years resolutions, a lot of people will have some resolution to do with fitness or training or the gym.

So this isn’t a blog about working out, instead it’s a wardrobe re vamp on your work out clothes!

A lot of us fall victim to monochrome of basics black, white, navy and sometimes grey. Be gone with that and add some colour!

We all know colour can enhance our mood so why not help get us motivated also? It is understood that bright colours evoke energy so why not try to add some bright colours into your workout wardrobe?

I understand some of us like to wear dark clothes especially on our bottom half to ‘cover’ or not enhance our assets however that doesn’t mean plain boring black!

I’ve recently purchased a pair of black tights but with a leopard print on them which is a shiny black. Imagine Matt black tights with a shiny print! I love them, not boring and yet still black!

Why not also add a bright sports bra under your top? I think it’s cute having a little peak of colour from under your clothing.

Or if you dare, wear a complete brighter / coloured outfit.

Don’t be scared to clash prints either, it’s the gym, or fitness training – not a fashion parade. Just be comfortable and remember your not there to impress with your outfit, however I do know it’s nice to look the part and wear nice / cute / sexy / impressive workout gear.

Workout gear also doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve purchased many work out clothing from cotton on body, target, k-mart, forever 21 and other stores that are not exclusively targeted at workout gear or are ‘labels’. These clothes are durable, comfortable, wearable and long lasting.

Working out can be as expensive or as budget friendly as you like, just remember to have fun with it and add colour, you will be surprised how good you feel when your wearing colour and it has been proven to be a mood enhancer!

I’ve listed some colours and the moods that they enhance, hopefully they help you to choose a brighter happier workout wardrobe!

Red = anger, determination, ambition, energy, passion, action.

Pink = unconditional love, nurturing, success, passion.

Yellow = strong mind, intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful.

Orange = social communication, optimism.

Blue = trust, peace, loyalty, integrity.

Green = balance, growth, self-resilient,

Good luck and enjoy!

What to pack in your hospital bag?

What to pack in your hospital bag?

Ok so my little guy is now 21 months and we are trying for number 2, however many of my friends are already expecting their second arrival – literally within a couple days / weeks.

My recent play dates have bought up the old conversations of ‘Are you prepared?’ ‘Have you packed your hospital bag?’ ‘Is your nursery ready?’ And many other similar questions. Which has made me think, what is it we really need to pack for our impending arrival? After the nursery is all done and the car seat is installed. What else? What do we really need to pack whilst we are delivering or staying in hospital after the baby arrives?

My bag was overpacked. I thought I needed ‘everything’ which basically meant I packed ‘everything’ which I didn’t actually use.

A few of my tips on what to pack, and what I think are essential are below. You may want to pack a few extras but next time round, I certainly won’t be taking a huge overpacked bag.

My first suggestion is 1 bag not huge but make is large enough for a smaller bag inside for bub. We do need things for them also 🙂

1. Comfy big undies.
Yes big full briefs undies. No g strings or Brazilians required. If you have a c section you need something that won’t sit on your cut, make sure they are not low cut. If you have a vaginal delivery you don’t want a g string incase you are cut and have stitches. You will also bleed so will need to wear sanitary pads so having underwear that caters for these is mandatory.

2. Sanitary pads.
Preferably with wings to keep them in place. Also I suggest thin ones that you would use on a heavy cycle. This is because you can bleed a lot and don’t want ‘leakage’.

3. Loose fitting and comfortable clothing.
Leave your skirts and dresses at home. If you are breast feeding, you don’t want to be lifting your dress up or pulling it down to feed. I found the loose elastic waste pants very comfy and I wore t shirts or button front shirts.

4. Maternity bras.
If you are planning on breast feeding, these are very useful. My breasts were huge! Underwire was very uncomfortable and with huge breasts you need support. Unfortunately that means wider straps and wider back clasps to help elevate any back pain but also provide comfort and support. Not very sexy but your body will thank you.

5. Snacks.
Yes you will be waking for feeds every few hours and you need to keep eating for energy levels in order to care for your new baby. I once heard that going through labour and giving birth is like running a marathon. You need to replenish your body. I packed nuts, jelly beans, muesli bars, protein bars and a drink bottle. I prefer to drink water but if you want to pack electro light drinks go for it. Pack what you will eat as you don’t get room service at 2am.

6. Thongs / slippers.
Comfy but practical shoes are essential. Nothing that you need to tie up or bend over to put on. You may be sore and swollen, best to be prepared. I found slip on shoes easy, ballet flats, thongs whatever you find comfortable. You may want to go for small walks within the hospital so wearing something on your feet is essential.

7. Toiletries.
Your usual toiletry bag is fine. Remember toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, deodorant – just the usual. Again pending how you deliver will depend on when you can ‘freshen up’ I have birth at 5:21pm and was showering approx 9pm after my epidural wore off. I longed for a shower and moisturiser!

8. Nappies.
Yes some hospitals provide these but not all. Best pack your own just incase. Remember newborn size. I packed 10. You never know how many you may need to change. I was also only in hospital 2 nights.

9. Singlets or clothing for bubba.
Again newborn size. Remember the baby will be wrapped in a blanket which the hospital will provide so no fashion statements needed. You may want to pack some warm onesies (all in ones) if your due in winter but make them practical. The baby is wrapped so no one will see their ‘outfit’. You will need a ‘going home’ outfit though. Again keep it practical.

10. Book or magazines.
Yes I know, rest when the baby sleeps however after your guests leave you may not be tired, you do defiantly need rest though and sometimes reading and browsing magazines is a form of resting. Just make the reading light hearted.

Loose that fat belly!

I just saw this and needed to post it!


As an ex personal trainer myself – I will be the first to admit – we do sometimes forget to use our best and cheapest asset – our own body weight!

Its free so why not use it as resistance!

Other great exercise tips can be found at the below links.









One for those non mummy’s.

So I have a friend who recently started to read my blog.

She isn’t a mummy so when we caught up she asked me to write about other things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with being a mum! I asked her what would she like me to write about and her response was ‘Michelle Bridges it up’ hehe

Well this one is for you.

You know who you are 🙂

For those of you who are not sure who Michelle Bridges is. Michelle is a fabulous Australian personal trainer. She is a wonderful role model as she isn’t super skinny, yet has a great strong beautiful fit body.

Michelle has been a trainer for many years and has a great brand with many sub factors all relating to fitness. She has a 12 week body challenge which I know has been successful as I have had various friends follow and loose wright successfully.

She has a clothing range based on work out gear / active wear that is not just for the gym but super comfy, super affordable and easy to wear to the gym or as every day wear.

She has many published recipe books. Full of easy, healthy, affordable recipes that also taste good. Not like some low fat, calorie controlled recipes that taste like cardboard. She also is an author of an autobiography.

Michelle is one of the top trainers on Australia’s biggest looser tv series.

With all this proven success you should check out her website.


One of my favorite recipes from one of her fabulous recipe books is –


4 large ripe tomatoes or 410g can chopped tomatoes

1 tbsp olive oil

¼ brown onion, diced

1 small jalapeño chilli, sliced

½ small green capsicum

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp ground cumin

salt and pepper, to taste

2 free-range eggs

1 tbsp flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped

If using fresh tomatoes, blanch them for 3 minutes, then peel, seed and chop them, and set aside. Over a medium flame, heat oil in skillet, add onion and cook until transparent. Add chilli and green capsicum, and cook for 4 minutes. Add tomatoes, paprika and cumin, and cook for 5 minutes, allowing mixture to reduce. Add salt and pepper to taste. Make 2 small depressions in mixture and crack eggs into them. Cover and cook until eggs are done. Sprinkle over parsley and serve in skillet.


Otherwise click on the below link for some more quick and easy recipes by Australia’s fitness guru!


An easy effective quick workout Michelle recommends is Circuit training at home!

Michelle Bridges’ ultimate at-home workout in 6 easy exercises!

Gymnastic rolls
1. Lie on the floor with your arms stretched above your head, holding yourself stiff and strong.
2. Take one full roll over to the right. When you’re facing up again, keeping legs and arms stiff, lift both legs and both arms upwards and try to touch your toes.
3. Swiftly flatten out, hold strong and roll back to the left and repeat.
The more you can hold yourself stiff and strong, the smoother you’ll find the move becomes.

Basketball jumps
1. Take a low, long step sideways to the right, bending through your legs, keeping your knees aligned with your toes.
2. As you step your left foot in to meet the right, spring off both feet, taking a jump into the air and taking a basketball shot at the same time.
3. Repeat on the other side. When you step out to the side, be sure to swing your arms out wide as you go low, then scoop them up to go upwards for the shot.
The lower you go the higher you jump.

Walking push-ups
1. Start in a normal push-up position – hands slightly wider than shoulders, shoulders back, long spine and neck, chin pulled in, core drawn in.
2. Perform one repetition then “walk” or “cross” your right hand over your left, then step your left hand out to the side and perform another push-up.
3. Now “walk” yourself back and repeat. Do as many as you can on your toes then drop to your knees.

Turkish get-ups
1. Start by lying face-up on the floor, holding a dumbbell straight out in front of you.
2. Now begin to get yourself up off the floor without allowing the dumbbell to move from above your head.
3. Get all the way up to standing and then lower yourself back down to the start without allowing the dumbbell to drop.
These take practise and require technique, so take your time. If you’re doing time-based training, try doing 5 with your right arm up and then 5 with your left arm up; keep going till your time is up. To make these even harder, try holding a 1kg dumbbell in your hand.

Plyo lunges
1. Standing with feet hip-width apart, draw your core inwards and lift your chest, shoulders back and down.
2. Spring upwards, splitting your legs to land in a lunge position, with your front knee directly above your ankle, not pushing forward over your foot. Use your arms as you would when running – opposite arm to leg – to help engage this dynamic movement.
3. Land with both legs bent at 90 degree angles then push up into a jump, swap legs and land back into lunge position. This movement should be swift and powerful.
Always be sure you’re jumping upwards rather than pushing forwards when you move.

Ice skaters
1. Start with your body weight on your right leg and your left foot poised behind right leg, ready to jump across. Be sure to have the grounded foot slightly angled out with knee aligned with toes.
2. Explosively jump to the left, aiming for maximum distance. Use your arms to help propel you across by swinging them in the same direction.
3. Land softly on left foot, knee and toes aligned, sink into the leg then explode off the leg back to the right side