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Reflecting 2014.

What a year!

An exciting yet busy year it was for me.

Where to start?

Hubby and I bought a house and did some minor renovations prior to moving in, I left my amazing corporate role to become a full time mummy, my mother had 2 heart attacks, we fell pregnant (planned) with bub number 2, my little guy turned 2 and let’s not forget I started this blog in February.

I met some amazing new friends, friends that I know will be life long. They are such wonderful women whom i admire and respect and although I’ve only known them since May – since our move, I know I can trust them with anything and rely on them for forever more.

Our children are of similar age and play well together and these people are wholesome and full of happiness and love.

Ive rekindled some lovely friendships that Id made back in either high school or my early 20’s – again with people I know are genuine and I can trust.

I think that as we get older we are more particular with whom we will and won’t share our lives with, this may be a maturity thing or it could be that we are more cautious. Either way, I know the people in my life now are my true friends with no ‘crap’ involved. Excuse the language. I’m grateful that they have re entered my life and our friendships are growing again.

Again these special people are wholesome and the type of people whom I know I can trust and rely on in whatever situation.

So in 2015 Im sure there will be many more exciting things happen which I’m looking forward to sharing with you including the birth of my 2nd bub due in May.

Stay tuned and I hope to hear your stories in 2015 also!

Saturday night in!

I career woman, business owner, stay at home mum, working mum, blogging mum.

So how do I spend my Saturday nights? By watching tv and blogging!

It’s approx 8:30pm and I’ve climbed into bed and am watching the E channel. Basically the E channel is – no disrespect here – tv that you don’t have to think to. It’s easy to watch and doesn’t necessarily require you to think.

My day has been long as it’s been raining so we have been inside with a 15 month old very active little man who seems to get ‘cabin fever’. He goes a little hyper being cooped up inside all day. Although we have a great toy / playroom being inside all day isn’t always ideal.

Hubby decided to make the evening easy so he bought a BBQ chicken for dinner – easy, tasty, yummy! I made my fav coleslaw (recipe is another post) and we chatted about our day.

Bub has not long gone down because he has FOMO – fear of missing out. He has never been to easy to put to bed but of late, he has been terrible! He simply does not want to go to bed. I’ve read numerous articles with all kinda of tips on how to get him to  ‘wind down’ for the night but nothing seems to work. I’m open to your tips!

Our routine at the moment starts at 5pm with dinner followed by a bath approx 5:30pm, quiet time if reading and sitting in the couch, bottle approx 6:40pm bed about 7pm. What am I doing wrong?

So I was only thinking, how did I spend my Saturday nights prior to bub? Well I used to be a bit of a social butterfly! this of course is also prior to marriage. Not that marriage should stop you from going out but going out doesn’t seem as fun when you know your loved one is at home waiting for you. Hubby doesn’t mind me going out but I’d much rather spend the time with him.

So my pre marriage / pre meeting hubby days, they would consist of sleeping in until mid morning, getting up to meet a friend to go shopping. Shopping for an outfit for that night of course. Have some lunch, head home, do my nails then graze on snacks all afternoon awaiting the perfect time to start and get ready for the big night out. These days / nights seem so long ago!

I love my nights in and am so happy with how my life has changed.  I feel like a different person. My bub is amazing every day he makes me smile and feel blessed to have him. I then think how I’d cope with going out and having a big night then waking to a bub throughout the night then being up at 5am ready to play! That’s what time I used to finish my nights. 🙂

So what’s a typical Saturday night for you?