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Children’s Rooms

Setting up a child’s bedroom.

Creating a haven for your little ones to sleep, relax and play can be a challenge at the best of times, however throwing in colour pallets, superhero themes and toy areas can put your head into a spin!

It can be really difficult finding the right balance between the functional and the fun, and evolving the space as your children grow and change.

While sleeping space needs to be calm and quiet, the room should also be fun and have areas that inspire your little a ones creativity and imagination with plenty of storage and space for books, craft and toys.

I often change both my little princess’s nursery and my little mans room around. I personally get board of looking at it the same way each and every day so assume that perhaps so do they?

Why shouldn’t our children have a fun bedroom that they actually enjoy being in that it’s only about ‘sleep time’.

Below I’ve listed a few things to consider when trying to put together the perfect kids room for your little ones:

Get the kids involved – use their favourite colours, gather some of their favourite artworks to display, and make them really feel part of the decision making. That way they are more likely to want to spend time in this space.

Space it out – especially if you are only working with a small space, try to use the space wisely so there are specific areas for both sleep and play. Keep the sleeping space clutter free and away from toys and other distractions is a good idea. Wall shelving can also be a good way to keep ‘special’ items away from harms way.

Create a reading corner – kids who love books will hopefully grow into adults that love books. By creating a little reading corner in one area of the room your essentially creating a space where you can display favourite books, and a dedicated area for quiet time. Tee-pees are great to house the kids treasured items.

Light – while bright or natural lighting is important during the day for play time and homework softer lighting is much more soothing for night time. A night light or lamp is a good idea to have next to or close to the bed for bedtime stories.

Let the imagination run wild – if you keep the basics like the bed or cot neutral, then experiment with bold colours and textures in your artwork, wall decals (removable ones) bed linen, furnishings and toys, make the room fun and easy to excite and delight your children at every age and stage of their lives.

Natural therapies, alternative medicines? Natural IVF?

Alternative therapies and IVF?

Some of you may or may not be aware that we had some difficulties falling pregnant with my now gorgeous 20 month old healthy, happy, busy, boy!

I was told that I had no ‘eggs’ and that I would need to have hormone replacement therapy (HRT) along with IVF.

When I was given this news I was devastated. I thought it was the worst thing I could have ever heard. Such a blow to the ego, why are so women able to have babies so easily and I can’t I was asking myself?

Then anger set in and I was thinking of all the women who neglect their children or fall pregnant to keep or trap a partner. I has all these emotions were running through me. I was 33 years old. Married, trying to start a family with the guy I had been with for at the time 6 years. Why me?

I wasn’t going to let it defeat me. I am a stubborn and defiant personality and I certainly don’t like to loose nor be beat by something. To give up certainly wasn’t in me. I was willing to try anything prior to HRT and IVF.

Not because I am against it, but I wanted to try alternatives as I’d heard how straining on your body and mind both HRT and IVF are and with their costs and risks your still not guaranteed to fall pregnant, therefore is wanted to try other ‘possibilities’ first.

So I went to visit a Chinese Herbalist. He was so lovely, his English was broken but he understood my struggle. He tested my hormone levels via feeling my energies. No needles, no blood samples simply held his hands approx 15cm away from the outline of my arms and head and felt my bodies energies.

At first I thought this was Bizzar but i kept telling myself, whatever works! I really wanted a family with my husband and was willing to try anything!

He made up some specialised herbs for me to take as a tea and suggested I also take other vitamin supplements such as magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin B and a few others. He also suggested acupuncture, a cleaner diet and meditation. I had used acupuncture previously for a sports injury but never meditated. I am a high energy person and the thought of meditation was a little overwhelming. I had to at least try though. Remembering everyone’s needs are different and these were what my body needed, no necessarily what everyone will need.

I read a few articles and books on self meditation, taking myself to a quiet place abc allowing my thoughts to ‘quieten’. This was very foreign to me and it took many attempts – about 10, before I actually succeeded in meditation. Blocking out sounds and not being distracted I found very challenging. I would meditate every evening. Sitting on my bed or laying. No TV on just me in the dark with my body still and listening to my heart beat. I would slowly tell each part of my body to relax, staring at my toes and working my way up to my brain, with each breath I would feel more calm and at ease with meditation and eventually I could lay alone meditating for an hour.

No I didn’t fall asleep but I would certainly feel relaxed. 🙂

My cleaner diet was, no alcohol, nothing with preservatives or as little as preservatives as possible, (basically nothing from a packet) more fruit, veg and meat. Less processed foods and lower starchy carbohydrates.

I was seeing SYDNEY IVF acupuncture in George street Sydney twice a week for acupuncture, meditating at home daily, eating clean and healthy and took a lot of stresses from my life. Including quitting my job which I loved but my boss was making my role difficult. (If you have been following my previous posts, this is the boss that pursued my friends, ended up dating one and spoke about her in a condescending and revolting manner.) – I quit as I could no longer stand his behaviour. I was unemployed approx a month before I was contacted by my most recent boss doing the same role but with a lot less stress involved , it’s a much larger and more professional organisation with wonderful supporting management and staff.

So with my new lifestyle I fell pregnant. I will admit it still took 7 months but I fell naturally. No chemical HRT no IVF naturally! I felt on top of the world.

So my advice is. If you are struggling to fall pregnant naturally don’t discount HRT and IVF however also don’t be dis heartened. If like me you are open to alternative medicine, go speak to a natural therapist or even an acupuncture specialist. They will be able to help put you in contact with the people who can hopefully help you bring a baby to this world.

I now have my wonderful little man whom I adore more than anything for and am extremely thankful and fragile to have him in my life. If I do encounter these hurdles again I will most certainly try alternative therapies again. 🙂

Does your toddler sleep?

Toddler Sleeping Issues!

My little guy has never been a great sleeper, I fact he has always woken minimal 4 times per night.

I’ve read all minds of books to try and get assistance with this. I’ve done control crying and white noise. You name it, I’ve tried it! Still with no avail.

I’ve been told not by one but by many that once asleep, most toddlers sleep through most nights without waking the house hold. But toddlers love to test their independence, so getting them to bed in the first place can be a challenge within itself!

Toddlers also get overtired easily. When they do, they find it harder to get to sleep. They become over stimulated and more aroused. Once you can spot these little signs of tiredness, you should start to settle your bub before grumpiness sets in. A consistent bedtime routine will be a big help.

Understanding sleep and sleep patterns is an important starting point for helping your child develop healthy habits and a positive attitude towards sleep.

Toddler sleep schedule according to our peaditrician should be :

7 am: wake up
1 pm: morning sleep of approx 2 hours
3 pm: wake up
7 pm: bedtime.
If your toddler’s day sleep is too long or too late in the day, you might struggle in getting them ready for bed until late at night.

Some toddlers like to wake with the birds at 5.30 am or 6 am. Like my little guy. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it. Putting him toddler to bed later at night in the hope of later starts in the morning doesn’t tend to work. He still wakes with the first chirp of a birdie!

In some books I’ve read they say a consistent bedtime routine helps prepare a child for sleep. Most toddlers are ready for bed between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm. This is a good time, because they sleep deepest between 8 pm and midnight.

A routine might look something like this:

6.30 pm: brush teeth and change nappy
6.45 pm: quiet time (read a book or tell a story)
7 pm: into bed and kiss goodnight.
If your child takes a dummy to bed, you might consider saying goodbye to it at around three years old. My little guy still has one but he is only 16 months old. I constantly get judged by others for allowing him to have it but it settles him and comforts him when upset so I’m happy to allow it for the time being.

Every night if I don’t wait in my little mans room until he is completely asleep he will cry and call out to me. Not daddy or anyone else, just me. This can be testing and I have tried to let him cry it out but he works himself up so much that he vomits. This then means I have to change the sheets and do extra washing. I’ve been suggested by trecillian to try these tips:

1. Avoid boisterous play before bedtime. This can make it harder for your child to settle. Imagine if you were to listen to very loud techno music then try sleeping straight away? Not going to happen as your too pumped up and exited. The same goes for a toddler.

2. Establish a consistent, calming bedtime routine. Before leaving the room, check that your child has everything they need. Remind your child to stay quietly in bed.

3. Try not to respond to your child’s calls after you’ve turned the light out, no matter how loud he protests. If you respond, he’ll try the same thing again next bedtime.

4. If your child gets up and try’s to get out of bed, return them to bed firmly or pay them back down and quietly – over and over until there’s no more getting up. Or you can return them to their bed once – if they get up again, close the bedroom door and ignore all further protests.

5. If your toddler shares a bedroom with a brother or sister, you might need to delay your other child’s bedtime by half an hour until your toddler is settled and asleep. With luck, your toddler will very quickly get the message that bedtime is for sleeping, and the disruption to all will be minimal.

6. In calling out, your child might actually need something. If your child has done a poo, change the nappy with the lights dim and no talking. If your child is scared of a monster under the bed, a quick check by you (with the light off) can confirm the room is monster-free. Your toddler might settle after that. If your child is scared of the dark, think about using a night-light. Whatever the issue is, keeping on eye on light and noise in your child’s room is a good idea.

Other issues that you may experience that I have are night terrors and or bad dreams. A night terror is when your child suddenly becomes very agitated while in a state of deep sleep. A night terror can last from a few minutes up to 40 minutes. My little one often does this and they say not to wake them as they don’t understand or realize what is happening and quite often don’t even remember. Waking them can result in them going back to sleep and experiencing the sane dream / terror.

Many children grind their teeth at some stage. Children won’t usually be woken up by the sound of their own teeth grinding – but other people in the room might be!

Moving to a ‘big bed’
Most children move from a cot to a bed somewhere between two and three-and-a-half years old. But there’s no hurry, particularly as some young toddlers become trickier to manage in a bed. Of course, you might need to move your child if your child has started climbing out of the cot or needs to use the potty at night, or if you need the cot for a new baby.

Getting help
Pills, potions and tonics aren’t usually the answer to solving children’s sleeping problems – there are better ways to deal with your child’s sleep difficulties. I’ve tried rescue remedie, baby calm, lavender, white noise. Everything. We are moving house in 3 weeks so I plan on getting trecillian in to help at the new house.

More info on this can be found at: