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Teething toddlers!

Well I’m sure most of you have experienced this, those of you who are mummy’s that is – the others – if you are planning on becoming a mummy – I hope this helps!

We are currently going through getting our molar teeth. My little cherub is almost 16 months old and for the most part the  days are wonderful but on the odd occasion we have had terrible ones where the days never seem to end and the wakes during the nights seem longer!

Getting teeth is tough and very painful, I understand so I’ve been trying to find alternates to pain relief that are not pharmaceutical.

Im not so much an organic mummy so to speak however the thought of giving my little one nurofen or panadol every 4 hours as the back of the box prescribes worries me a little as I am an over thinker and wonder what repercussions it may have on his health?

I understand that most are harmless but they do contain sugar and other things that I don’t necessarily want to give him daily – but then again – when nothing seems to relive his screaming pain – I do pull out the medicine box.

I have however tried and had success with the following so here are my tips to you:

Brauer Calm -I love this product. Its kind of like a natural panadol and it works for many things including teething, restlessness, sleeping and general irritability. Its all natural ingredients also ease my mind and I have used it for sleeplessness, teething and when little one is having a very shocking day! Being herbal I don’t feel like I’m drugging’ him but also helping him when he is almost pulling  his ears off from thedeferred  pain that occurs with teething.

Amber necklaces / bracelets. – My hubby isn’t a fan as he doesn’t quite like the thought of his ‘little guy’ wearing a gemstone necklace, or any form of female accessory, so I actually have 2 and wrap one each around my little boys ankles, a little controversial but these I do feel help. Amber apparently has healing powers, and if you are anything like me – you are willing to try anything. Here is a link to help explain these ‘healing powers.

Crushed Cloves – Now this I am still unsure – I appreciate that its a pungent flavour and my little one certainly doesn’t appreciate it but again – the cloves have some aesthetic values and it did in-fact work for us! Cloves are naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Simply crush the cloves with a mortar and pestle and add a small amount of cooking oil to create a paste – use your clean finger and rub along the swollen red gums.

Cold Cheese Sticks – Again not everyone’s cup of tea, however my little one loves cheese and when he is teething he tends to go off his food a little so having really cold cheese sticks available means he is still eating and providing you choose a good cheese rather than those that I believe taste like plastic, they are still getting calcium, proteins, vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B12. I prefer Bega Cheddar Sticks – I purchase these from the cheese section at our local Coles supermarket.

Cold wet face washer – This again is really good – tried and tested. Get a clean face washer, wet it with cold water and place in the freezer for approx. 30mins. Once its really cold take out and let your little one bite on it. Its cold on their gums which relieves the inflammation and helps sooth. An added bonus is that its free and if your little one bites like mine does, this is a great deterrent!

Otherwise there are always great products Bonjela, Nelsons Teetha Gel, SM33 and other gel like solutions that I have also used and found helped.

If all these are of interest to you, great or perhaps read the links below for other ideas.

If you have any tips – please let me know 🙂

Happy Teething!





Dirty dishwasher woes…

Dishwashers need a good clean now and again – it helps them run more efficiently and also keeps give your dishes a better clean.

As soon as your dishwasher gets ‘bad breath‘ – you know that horrible oder that you sometimes get when you open the fisher washer draw, time for a good clean!

Filters especially should be cleaned every few runs. Here is a quick and easy way to clean your dishwasher without the harsh chemicals.

You will need:

2 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon essential oil (eg Eucalyptus Oil or Tea tree Oil)
1/2 cup white vinegar

Make sure you empty the dishwasher first and give the filters a good scrub with an old toothbrush and washing up detergent.

Add the bicarbonate of soda and essential oils into where you would usually put the cleaning tablet or powder.

Fill the rinse aid compartment with white vinegar until over flowing.

Run the dishwasher on the hottest setting (or the pots and pans setting which is usually the hottest).

Every few months or so it is a good idea to remove the spray arms and give them a good scrub with a toothbrush and washing up liquid. Built up scum and dried food can also create smells and grow nasties!

Most spray arms are very easy to remove (check with your owners manual if concerned) cleaning these gives your dishwasher greater ‘spraying’ power.

If your dishwasher continues to smell in the days afterwards, you are going to need something a bit more heavy duty (could mean you have scum and grease in your pipes) and this is when you will need to resort to the a professional dishwasher cleaner?

Shopping with a social toddler.

So this morning I popped my little one in the pram and we went for our usual walk.

It’s approx 9:30am and already 25 degrees but feels like 40, with high humidity! Walking and pushing the pram I can feel the sweat dripping down my back. I’m painting such a wonderful picture for you aren’t I?

So walking along my little one is very social, chatting away to not only himself but also to anyone we pass. Waving and saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to everyone with a big smile gleaming across his face. I don’t mind him being social as I think it’s polite, however this morning something very weird happened.

We went into a shop – one of my favorites actually, and all the staff know us as we are regularly in there so they make conversation. As we are chatting my little boy – 15 months old – starts chatting to a stranger in the shop. An older woman approx 60yo, well dressed and with another woman of approx same age. Just light chat, simply saying hi and waving but not just once he spoke to her approx 4 times. Again I don’t see any issue with this however the woman he was chatting to did.

She looked at me sternly and asked ‘does he ever be quiet?’ I must say I was shocked by her comment and the shop assistances both looked at me awaiting my response. It took me a couple of seconds to not snap at her, then my response was ‘actually I don’t mind that he communicates and is social, id rather that than have him ignore people and be rude’. Needless to say she shot me a ‘look’ and walked out.

The shop assistance’ both congratulated me on my response, one saying the she had to bite her tongue and probably wouldn’t have been so polite.

Was I wrong to stand up for my social toddler?

Tell me do you think a chatty toddler is too much?

Should I try to contain my toddlers social skills?

With this incident aside, here are some yummy photos from this gorgeous shop!imageimageimageimage

Keeping summer ready in the cooler seasons.

So summer is almost over and the cooler weather is settling in.

This means multiple things to gals like me.

1. Warm comfy baggy clothing
2. Yummy delicious comfort food
3. Stay inside and snuggle on the couch
4. Being fairly inactive and watching lots of movies / TV

So what am I going to change?

Firstly I’m going to play around with some new meal ideas that are not only yummy but better for me. Comfort food does not have to be unhealthy nor greasy nor hard!

I love a chili con carne just as much as anyone else so below is my easy, low fat but extremely delicious recipe.

Chili Con Carne

1kg lean beef mince
2 x medium eggs
1 x 400g tin kidney beans
1 x 400g tin chick peas
1 x 400g tin white beans
1 x 400g tin black beans
1/2 x cup tomato paste
1 x teaspoon minced garlic
1 x red chili finely sliced
Salt n pepper to taste

Lightly brown the mince on a medium heat adding the 2 raw eggs – the eggs add extra protein but also keep the mince fluffy and less dense.
Drain all the beans and give a rinse before adding into mince.
Add tomato paste mix well.
Add chili, garlic and salt and pepper to taste.

Serve by itself, with some flat bread or with couscous.


My next change is to be / stay active!

Even when the weather permits nice walks outside. There are still many indoor activities that can be done to get moving and stay active.

These can include :

Lunges – side and front.
Side lunge –

This is easy simply stand with legs apart – approx. a little wider than shoulder width.

Keeping your body upright and shoulders back slightly bend your knees.

Gradually turn your toes outward.

Leaning your weight over your right knew first then back to your centre standing upright then repeat 10 times.

After you have done 10 on the right leg swap to your left leg and again repeat 10 times.

Do this until you have done 3 sets on each leg.

Front lunges –

Stand with legs again a little over shoulder width apart. Twist your body and feet to face the left side.

Keeping your balance bend left knee to a little above 90 degree angle.

Keep back leg straight.

Gently lower your body placing the weight on your back toe bending the front knee.

Keep your body upright at all times and don’t add too much pressure on your bent knee.

Place your hands on your hips for stability.

Lower yourself 10 times counting 3 seconds down then 3 seconds back up to upright position. Repeat 3 times then swap legs.

Do the same on the other leg again 3 x 10 front lunges.

Marching on the spot

Remember to breathe

Keeping your feet facing forward

Back straight and tummy in

Lift each knee to a 90 degree angle pointing your toe as you lift the knee as to march on the spot

Do for 10mins rest for 60 seconds then repeat another 10 mins twice so that you have done 30mins marching

Although these exercises are pretty simple, they are effective and will keep your energy levels up during the cooler season and keeps your legs and bottom firm for summer.

Adding a light weight whilst marching on the spot – this can be as simple as holding 2 x tins of food. Just make sure the tins are the same weight.

Whilst marching hold the weight / tin at your thigh facing your palm towards your body.

As you lift your knee slightly turn your opposite palm outwards and curl at the elbow – instant bicep curl.

Repeat with other arm remembering to keep your tummy in and alternate arms raising left leg with right arm then right leg with left arm.

This will keep those arms tight and singlet ready!

If your feeling a little more active you can try  skipping.

Skipping –

Providing you have high ceilings.

Get a skipping rope from your local toy store – most will still sell them or even buy approx. 2 meters of any type of rope from the hardware store – with the hardware store bought rope – tie a knot in each end to use as handles – this will help steady the grip.

Skipping takes me back to the school yard at lunch times playing with my friends. Skipping is high intensity and you will see results in your fitness and energy levels.

You can do any of the above exercises in the comfort of your baggy clothes and in front if your movie / TV…

Just remember moving burns calories – assisted weight will burn more calories – DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF THOUGH – IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY PAIN OR DISCOMFORT STOP STRAIGHT AWAY AND CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.

Keeping summer ready all year round is easy. Give it a try.

More exercise tips can be found at the below link. Shape magazine is awesome for easy effective workouts that are far from boring!




Inspiration from Tone it Up & What Courtney Wore!

So I’ve just started following a few new blogs. When I say ‘new’ I mean, new to me.

I like to think of myself as a little stylish, others may beg to differ  – so this new blog that’s kinda inspired me to think a little more about ‘outfits’ that I put together is ‘What Courtney Wore’.

Courtney is a ‘southern bell’  so to speak. She has great style – but most of all what I like about her is that she is ‘real’. When I say ‘ real’ I’m not meaning it as a throw away line, I mean it as she speaks her mind and is not shy with what she wears. Not that she is wearing super revealing outfits, but that she is happy to clash colors, be bold and mix it up a bit! Be brave – take a chance. Be inspired by Courtney!

Another blog that I’ve recently started to follow is Tone it Up.

These girls I also appreciated. Again they are real, as far as I can see 🙂 they are into their fitness, but not scrawny nor too muscular. They are toned, fit and healthy women.

This blog takes me back to the beginning of my career. Yes I was once upon a time ago a personal trainer / fitness instructor.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like to work out and keep fit, however working full time and being a full time wife and mummy, I don’t always get time to go to the gym.

Ok let’s be honest here – I have not stepped into a gym since I was 3 months pregnant and my little man is now 15 months old. You do the math. I have however tried to keep fit in other ways including walking with the pram – ESP up hills 🙂 thigh and butt killer! And also by generally playing with my little one.

Let’s face it – we would all rather play with our family than hit the gym right?

Why not incorporate them / our families in our work outs whilst in the comfort of our homes.

Karena and Katrina from Tone it Up have made so many easy simple work outs that you can do whilst your little one is sleeping or if they are awake – use them as your added weight. 🙂

When squatting or lunging hold your little one across your front – almost like they are bear hugging you! Extra weight equals harder workout equals more calories burned!


When laying down on your back use your little one as a weight and play flying games with them – fun for them to zoom up and down but also a great workout for you. Just remember to keep that tummy in, butt and legs tight and don’t strain!

See more exercises on Tone it up blog / website –

Just remember – be creative with your workouts! Don’t be boring, keep it fun – include your little ones and ENJOY!



Rainy day play ideas for toddlers.

Well its yet another rainy day today and I’ve been up since 5:15am playing with my 15 month old – who by the way is very active.

Not that I mind as he is full of personality and I love the one on one time with him.

We quite often play the same games so today I thought I’d Google some indoor fun things.

What I found are some great ideas from other bloggers, so I have attached the links for you below.

I quite often find myself on the kidspot site – I find it easy to read and also has great tips.

One of my favourite games that I have found on this link today, is making binoculars – super easy and lets face it – doesn’t everyone have some old toilet rolls laying around?

Make play binoculars

These binoculars are fun to make and even more fun for little ones to play with! They are easy to craft too – just use your imagination and you can be anywhere from on a wild safari to looking at stars in the sky!

Number of Players:


What You Need:

  • 2 toilet rolls (per person)
  • length of ribbon or string (long enough to hang around your child’s neck)
  • stapler
  • masking tape
  • paint, crayon or stickers to decorate


Line up the toilet rolls parallel to one another and staple them together (on the inside) at each end nor if you have a longer stapler – try staple in the centre.

The toilet rolls should now be fastened together to resemble binoculars.

Tape each end of the length of string to the inside of the combined toilet rolls (your child can use this to hang the binoculars from their neck).


  • For an authentic look, wrap the binoculars in aluminium foil or simply paint them, draw on them with crayon in fabulous patterns including camouflage or even try drawing leopard print to blend in on the savannah of your lounge room.

Have Fun!



Easy Coleslaw

This is a very easy recipe that was passed on by a friend.

I have added a few other ingredients and tweaked it to my taste.

I hope that you like it!


1 x cup grated carrot

2 x cups finely chopped / sliced cabbage

1 x cup low fat grated cheese

1 x cup grated green apple

4 x finely sliced shallots


3/4 x cup low fat whole egg mayo

1 x tablespoon seeded mustard

1 x teaspoon minced garlic

Toss all base ingredients together,

Mix in a separate bowl all the dressing ingredients.

Slowly stir the dressing over the base mix.

Refrigerate – serve cold – Enjoy!



A rainy summers day!

A rainy summer day – blog

I enjoy beautiful things.

However I am also aware of the old saying ‘beauty lays in the eye of the beholder’ – therefore I understand that what I believe is beautiful may not appeal or be beautiful to others.

Weather you follow my blog because you like what I write, you like my images, you like my tips / recipes or stories. Whatever the reason you continue to follow – I thank you and hope that my blog makes you smile.

Welcome – Getting to know me.

So welcome to No Ordinary Mummy, My first Blog 🙂

I’ve always read blogs and have always wanted to start one so now here I have.

A few years ago (8) I met my now husband – got engaged – got married and have recently had our first child. A gorgeous little boy now 15 months old. He is amazing, every day he makes me smile and I feel so blessed to have this healthy, happy, gorgeous it’s little man in my life.

Why am I telling you this personal information you ask? Because I want to be honest with you and let you in on my life…..