Saving our Environment

Saving our environment.

Not so long ago I was approached by another school mum who suggested I write about helping to save our environment. 

With so much happening within the world at the moment there are so many aspects to this subject. 

You only have to watch the news to see the drastic changes within our environment. Some of these are natural disasters, however I firmly believe that we as humans are contributing to the harmful impact that our environment is giving us. 




Call it Mother Nature fighting back if you want, but we have all contributed some way, shape or form to this situation. 

We have had such a dry summer with very minimal rain which has caused terrible drought within various regions. Many families and communities on level 5 water restrictions which meant some households were limited to 100 litres per day and recycling their water usage. This means showering over a bucket for a very limited shower time. Reusing that water to then water gardens or wash cars. Instead of running your hot water tap until the hot water comes through, boiling the jug and using that water to then run a sink for your dishes. Whilst doing your washing of clothing you recycle that grey water into buckets to again be used elsewhere.

We have then had the worst fires that Australia has seen in a long time ravaged through these areas and many more. With the drought drying all the trees and creating kindle. These fires spread fast and were ferocious not holding back on destroying many homes, bushland and wildlife.

From that we saw that still within Australia certain companies were using much needed water to mine and pump this commodity. With rivers and dams dried up, people were allowing firefighters to access their homes pool water to help save others homes and environments. 

We then all prayed for rain and at some point we knew that it would come, but the recent rain fall has then flooded many areas and filling much needed dams and rivers but has also created the danger of overflow and flooding. With dam walks braking and ‘bottle necks’ within our river systems the fast flowing water has to escape somewhere so rises them breaks over the walls and floods into lower laying areas. 

With any natural disaster, there are other impacts and things that rise such as stale water from the floods creating algae and other contamination. Falling trees from both flood and fires damaging homes and waterways. Farmland destroyed. Animals dying. All of these have terrible impact on our environment. 

One example is the drought stricken farmers. If there is no water to feed the grass and paddocks of farmers cattle cannot eat. With no food for the cattle, they starve and die. You may be things how does this affect me?

Well no cattle leads to no milk. Milk comes from cows right? But there is also the conundrum of the companies pumping water to make the plastic bottles for the cows milk to be purchased in. Catch 22?

Cattle also provide meat. No cattle, no meat. What will we eat?

No rain, no grains and vegetables to be grown. No vegetables, no grains, no fruit, equals no food. 

Mother Nature provides so much for us. We should all stand together to help her and save our beautiful world. 

I hear you reading this thinking, how can I help? Well every little thing helps. Start with recycling. Cardboard, plastics, glass, tin most things can be recycled. This plays a huge part in minimising landfills and the pull back on manufacturing more plastic and other recycled goods. I know your now thinking that will stop jobs, it won’t as there are many other jobs out there apart from manufacturing. It’s all  about educating yourself and doing little changes that’s I’ll have a big impact. 

Swapping from aerosol cans to roll on. Yes your possibly still using a plastic container but the aerosol gases burn holes in our ozone layer. Our ozone layer is what helps to protect us from the suns burning rays which also helps from extra hot days and drought, drying and fires. 

Every little bit helps. Do some research and educate yourself a little more. Cliche I know, but together we can make a difference.