Tough days.

I will be honest, today was tough…

I cried on numerous occasions out of frustration and the feeling of defeat.

My very robust and super active 4 year old has been waking about 5am every morning for the past 2 weeks. I am tired.

Throughout the day he is busy, although he can play solo, he has been craving my attention and begging me to play with him. It’s not quiet play though. He wants to play superheroes or Jiu Jitsu. Both of which involve wrestling or jumping around ‘chasing bad guys’. It’s exhausting.

I try to tell myself that he is only 4 and I should relish in his want to play with me, as soon he may not want to, but – and I know there should not be a but, but there is. I’m tired.

I stay up late waiting for my husband to get home which is generally about 9:30pm. He works late most nights. By the time we chat, reconnect and have some time together, it’s about 11pm. Only to be woken at 5am if not earlier.

Running on empty and then having busy days it can get the better of me, and today it did.

I’m usually quite strong and can handle a lot. I take it in my stride, but I’m also human.

Today my little guy pushed all kinds of boundaries. As did my 18mo. They fed of each other’s energy and both were full on.

Whilst we were out at Jiu Jitsu this afternoon my little guy was just being silly and another mother passed a comment, a negative comment that hurt my feelings. I chose to ignore it but eventually it got to me and my eyes welled up. Yep in public, I was so embarrassed I tried to hold it together but the tears streamed down my face.

I had to go outside and get ‘fresh air’. It was hard.

I know he is still only 4. I also know he is pushing boundaries and I need to set some really firm ones.

Today I just wanted to ‘give in’. I had a burn inside me where I wanted to pack both my kids back into the car and drive home. Drive to my safe place where there is no one to judge me. No one to tell me how to reprimand my child. No one to snarl at me. No one to pass negative comments at me. No judging eyes. No looking down your nose at me and No looks of disgust.

I then got this post hit my mail box.

It clicked.

I needed it.

I know I shouldn’t feel embarrassed or threatened by my children’s behaviour, but today I did.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Stop Feeling Threatened By Your Child’s Behavior

Smart Watches and Students.

Smart watches and school students .

It was recently bought to my attention the about of technology that school aged children have and or want.

My 2 are still quite young do have not got caught up in wanting iPads, iPhones or other digital stuff. Although my 4yo boy will sometimes ask for my iPad, it’s not an every day occurrence nor does he have his own. My little girl is only 18mo so is still to young to even realise what they are, thank goodness.

Anyway, I was in my local shopping centre and saw a group of boys probably about 12years old all with apple iwatch’s I was quite shocked. So young with such advanced technology- oh and expensive technology.

So it had me thinking many things-
1, wow that’s a lot of money on a young child.
2, do they need this type of ‘smart’ technology? 3, do they also have a ‘regular’ phone?
4, what is society coming to when such young children have such advanced technology?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love an iPhone watch / Apple Watch, whatever they are called, but I already have a watch and an iPhone, so would it replace both? Or would I still need my iPhone? How smart is this Apple Watch?

It also had me think of the watches capabilities and how a young person would use it, and the first thing that came to my mind was fear.

They can access all types of things through search engines so is this technology taking away innocence?

Or is it creating other things, like enabling cheating in school exams?

I may be overreacting here or thinking ‘worst cade’ but as a mother with two little ones my mind does leave me pondering what may be the future for them.

I know that recently a very affluent Sydney boys school put a ban on lap tops for students as they found that the students were not always using third brain, instead quick to google answers and also their hand writing became quite poor.

It’s also been proven that children who do type notes, rather than hand write them, don’t take in as much knowledge as they don’t have to use their brain for things such as spelling and grammar as laptops and computers have spelling and grammar auto corrections.

So with this in mind, will they ban the smart watch also?

Can children cheat by googling and swears or sending a text message or email of the question to another person and have answers sent back?

Or even taking a photo and sending the questions to someone for answers. And there goes my mind into overdrive.

Are these technologies being used correctly, are they safe to use and how can they be monitored for our society?

What are your thoughts?

I would love to hear from you.

The lonely parent.

I know most think that being a parent, has you doing many play dates and mummy coffee catch ups.

Not always, I sometime find myself feeling very lonely.

Sure both my little ones have full schedules of learning and fun daily activities, however I sometimes feel lost within myself and have found that a lot of my friends are too busy also. Doing their own things.

I have an amazing best friend though who is not yet a mummy herself and she is always keen to catch up or make plans.

It’s almost like, once you have children and you become unimportant or not ‘cool enough’ anymore.

I struggle as I put my children first, always and no matter what.

Perhaps I should make more time for myself. To do things without my little ones, but then I feel guilty. It really is a catch 22. For me anyway.

I know they are only little for a short period of time. I want to be there for everything. I want to see their faces as the explore and grow, I want to watch them experience all these firsts.

It’s ok to feel lonely. Your life has changed, mine has for the better as I have two children who I adore. I know someday they will think I’m ‘uncool’ and they will want to be with their friends. But until that time comes, I’m relishing in them, even if it means I sometimes feel disconnected and lonely.

9 Empowering Actions for Lonely Parents

About me.

About me.

Well I’m often told various things about myself but I also find it hard to speak about myself, actually describe myself.

So when asked over the weekend how would I describe myself, I found myself a little ‘mind blank’ so to speak. I’m not sure how I would describe myself?

After thinking about it I’ve come up with a few words, that I feel could possibly sum up my personality.

Loyal – I’m often told that I’m a very loyal friend and once I have bonded with someone or care for them. I am, and I alway’s will be loyal to them.

Caring – I do wear my heart on my sleeve, I know others may beg to differ, however I am a sensitive person. I however do have a ‘toughened’ exterior and try not to show my feelings or emotions too much but I’m quite sensitive, I just try not to show it. When I care, I do care deeply and do all that I can, to ensure those I care about are happy and protected.

Assertive – yup – I’m assertive. I speak my mind and always tell it how I see it. I don’t sugar coat my feelings, although if I’m put in a position where it may hurt another’s feelings, I try to be as honest as I can, but without hurting others.

Trustworthy – I have held many secrets for many years. If I am confided in, that’s where the information stays. I’m not one to ‘air’ other people’s thoughts, feelings or ‘laundry’. I don’t gossip and I don’t care to gossip. Once it’s in ‘the vault’ be sure that’s where it will stay.

Friendly and outgoing – I do have a big personality some may say. I’m generally a happy person and when I am in social settings, I’m not scared to start conversations with strangers and I am, the type of person who will go and speak to the person who is alone to try and help them to feel comfortable. I’m quite often smiling and have been told that my ‘friendliness’ is contagious. I’m also outgoing and will befriend strangers.

Abrasive – if someone has betrayed me or upset me I’m not one to forgive and it forget. I can hold a grudge and I do. Possibly not a great personality trait, however I don’t have the time or energy for those who I believe are not worthy of my time. I may not have a gazillion friends, but those who I choose to have close by me, I treasure. As the old saying goes ‘once bitten, twice shy’. I rarely give second chances. I will be polite in all situations, that does not mean I like you, nor does it mean I respect you or care for you. I’m harsh but real. This I feel can be abrasive, but that’s me, a little ‘rough’ around the edges and speak my mind but also have a soft heart for those deserving.

How would you describe yourself?

I’d love to hear your opinions. If you don’t feel comfortable posting a comment, please feel free to send me a private email.

Raising a ‘bad ass’ daughter.

I love this.

I think there are great boundaries that girls have to break in order to be equal in today’s society.

I hope that my daughter is ‘bad ass’.

I know I’m trying to instil traits within her that I feel are important.

I definitely encourage being independent, good communication, respect, choices and failures.

We play outside, we hold worms, we brush off dirt if we happen to fall. I make an effort not to mollycoddle her with small incidents that can be dismissed.

I want her to be strong willed, opinionated and be strong enough to stand up for herself. I want that for both my children.

I grew up in a small town and there was lots of ‘bullying’ happening. There was lots of disconnection within many environments. I think having my parents divorce at such a young age helped me to be more resilient and self sufficient perhaps a little ‘bad ass’.

I’m not saying we need heartache or sadness or ‘bad’ things to happen to us to help us evolve and grow. I do believe that experiences help to open our minds and teach us lessons.