The Crown On Your Head.

I just read the cutest book to my little man whilst putting him to bed tonight.

It’s a nighttime ritual that that we do every night. I lay beside him whilst he is tucked into his bed, his head on my shoulder and I read 2 books before a few ‘pats’ then it’s ‘lights out’.

Tonight I read the most gorgeous book by Nancy Tillman. It was called ‘The Crown On Your Head’. Such a sweet read to remind your little person how special they are.

Here is the first paragraph from this beautiful book. I’ve also attached video for it.

“On the day that we met and I put you to bed,
I noticed a crown on the top of your head.
It was made up of sparkling, glimmering things
like moonlight and fireflies, and dragonfly wings.”
This book would make a lovely gift to any little person. I purchased my copy from Book Depository – – where I order most of my books from. Quick, easy, free delivery and delivered within a few days. 😉

Chorizo and spinach frittata.

Chorizo and baby spinach frittata

This is a simple yet yummy and relatively healthy dish that can be used as a side, snack or meal.

You can also use low fat milk and cheese.

I have cooked this before using capsicum and mushroom. I’ve also cooked it with cubes of sweet potato. It’s one of those easy dishes that can be altered to suit your individual taste.

Chorizo and baby spinach frittata.

Ingredients –

6 x chorizo sausages (I like the spicy one’s)
12 x large eggs (I use 700gm organic eggs)
1 1/2 x cup milk (I use full cream but you can use skim)
3 x cup baby spinach
1 x cup goats cheese (you can use any cheese)
1/2 x cup wholemeal self raising flour

Method –

In a pan brown the chorizo whole then once brown on outside, slice in half and brown the insides. Once brown set aside to cool then slice or cut into bite size pieces.

Whisk the egg, milk and flour until combined.

Add goats cheese and spinach and mix well.

In a large baking dish, pour the egg mixture then slowly place the cooked chorizo over the top evenly.

I add the chorizo lastly as its a ‘heavy’ sausage and it ‘sink’s’ a bit into the egg mixture as it cooks.

Bake on 180 degrees for 30 minutes, then reduce the oven temperature back to 120 degrees and cook for a further 20 minutes or until the top is a golden brown.

Serve either warm or cold.

Stress free toddler!

Being a parent is the hardest job I’ve ever had, however by far the most rewarding.

All the academic qualifications can never prepare you for being a parent. A new adventure and or challenges on a daily or sometimes hourly basis.

Hold tight though, they are only little once and these ‘testing’ times will pass and perhaps we will look back and wonder why we thought they were so hard?


Emotions and crying when angry.

Emotions are funny aren’t they?

They make us laugh, cry, smile, happy, frustrated, angry, irritated and much more.

I was going back through some of my old study note’s from when I was studying to become a counsellor. A topic that I came across was emotions and how we deal with them. I remember finding this subject quite interesting and one that I actually got great marks in my assessment for. (Quiet pat on my own back )

Emotions can get the better of us and in some cases can cause people to react or act irrationally.

I started reading through these notes and thinking about my personality and how I react to different situations. I know that when I’m extremely angry I cry. I find it hard to control. It’s almost like I get wild sensation come over me and tears come pouring out.

Some may say this is a sweet softer side of me, I’m also known to be quite hot headed and protective. (Yes I can loose it but I’m mainly ‘ticked’ and will become extremely protective, especially of my children or those close to me. I become a Mumma bear and hath have no fury like a Mumma pushed too far! 😉)

As I have aged I have learnt to ‘wind in’ my hot head and be more diplomatic but in some situations my tears still stream with anger. I suppose tears are better than yelling at someone or becoming violent right? I suppose it’s the more mature reaction but, I sometimes feel as though my tears are not seen for what they are (anger) and could be seen as sadness, defeat or fear?

Sometimes children cry with frustration when they can’t describe or control their emotions. They get sad when they don’t get their own way and cry right?

I cry with anger. With my anger, it’s generally because I feel as though my thoughts and values have been attacked, everyone is entitled to their own feelings and thoughts and no ones are right or wrong. We are all different therefore have different values. Who says your interpretation of something is right and mine is wrong? Or vice versa?

The physical sensations when I feel personally attacked or angry are similar to anxiety, which for me include a racing heart and tightness in the body. I loose my appetite, feel hot, feel like my face is sunburnt and feel a pressure in my chest, almost like someone is pushing against me. It’s weird but that’s how my body deals with it.

I have tried for many years to control the tears when I’m angry, but sometimes this emotion overcomes my control.

What I have learnt from negative emotions though is that if we dwell on it or allow it to manifest in us. They will overtake our lives and make us miserable.

Negative emotions stop us from thinking and behaving rationally and seeing situations in their true perspective. When this occurs, we tend to see only we want to see and remember only what we want to remember. This only prolongs the anger or grief and prevents us from enjoying life.

The longer this goes on, the more entrenched the problem becomes. Dealing with negative emotions inappropriately can also be harmful – for example, expressing anger with violence.

Some people can be overly emotional or sensitive, which is fine everybody is different. For me learning about emotions whilst studying to be a counsellor has helped me to understand other people’s personalities a little more. Reading their body language and reacting appropriately to their feelings.

I think the biggest factor for me personally, and what stands out from my studies is that negative emotions also can manifest in personal insecurities, general unhappiness, stress and anxiety which can lead to depression.

I know a few people who suffer depression and are on medication for it. Depression for some is described as a disease. I won’t go into depression as that’s a whole other topic and I could blog about it all day, a subject close to my heart. However emotions are natural, we cannot control them fully and we will never fully understand them.

Emotions are psychological (our thoughts) and biological (our feelings). Our brain responds to our thoughts by releasing various hormones and chemicals into our blood stream which send us into a state of arousal. All emotions come about this way, be it positive or negative. It’s complex and can be overwhelming which can also make it hard to overcome.

What we need to learn to do more is, let go of what has made you angry or emotional – constantly going over negative events preoccupies you and stops you from living in the ‘present’ and will manifest in making you feel sad and unhappy.

Holiday ideas.

With school holidays fast approaching – like now, here are some creative ideas to keep boredom at bay.

These are indoor ideas, however why not take these ideas outdoors?

Fresh air keeps you stimulated, however with Sydney weather at the moment, you just may need to stay indoor’s!

Happy holidays everyone! 😊

Days that feel like failure.

Days when we feel like failure.

We all have days where we feel like perhaps we are not the best mum or that we are not on top of things. Gosh, I know sometimes I feel like I am being overwhelmed by everything that I’m not doing anything right.

I feel like perhaps forgotten my little guys drink bottle to go to school or forgot so who g fur ‘news day’ anything, but I often question myself about ‘am I on top of things’. This may be the lack of sleep, it could be the thousand things that I have on my mind, or I could just be overwhelmed by trying to remember everything.

Trying to do everything all at once is not always possible but we must just remind ourselves we are only human.

Again scary mommy just my nod of approval. I get it. Most people would. Click this link and remind yourself, we don’t always have to ‘have it together’. Stop apologising and feel good about yourself and your decisions.

Why yelling doesn’t work.

Why yelling doesn’t work?

I was in a situation over the weekend where my 3 year old was over tired, recovering from tonsillitis and a respiratory infection and being out of his comfort zone. We were away for the weekend visiting family staying in rented accommodation. Very unfamiliar grounds for him which also took its toll with Sleepless nights therefore resulting in a not so happy little man.

As a result he lost his ‘cool’ and threw a tantrum late Saturday afternoon after a day that started at 5:15am, was filled with playing in the park and swimming.

To me a tantrum is something that most 3 year olds do on a regular basis, however in this case there was another adult there who also threw a tantrum yelling and ‘breaking toys’. I’m not saying it’s ok to throw tantrums, however children generally throw them when they feel like they have ‘lost control’ of a situation. It’s a way that they express themselves as most toddler cannot yet communicate with their vocabulary. Which is normal behaviour for toddler’s and young children.

The tantrum started when my 3 yo was building with blocks that are similar to ‘Duplo’ however they were not duplo and kept failing to stay together. As a result my 3 yo got frustrated and threw his attempt at an aeroplane on the ground, stomped his foot and yelled ‘I can’t do it, it keeps broken’. The adult in the vacuity who was playing with the blocks along side him pulled apart everything else that my 3yo had built and yelled ‘see this is what happens when you be silly!’ I was appalled packed up my 3yo and my 10 month old and we left.

I was then accused of not allowing my 3 yo to be disciplined properly told he was naughty and was also told that by taking him out of the situation I wasn’t helping matters as he should have had consequences for his behaviour. What I reminded that person was that;
1 he is 3 years old.
2 he was unwell.
3 he was over tired.
4 he was over stimulated.
5 he was out if his familiar surroundings.
6 he was frustrated and couldn’t communicate with his words.

O took my children and I left that situation as I didn’t want my 3 yo in the company of this juvenile behaviour.

If we are trying to teach children to ‘not worry’ about ‘small things’ how are we expected to have them appreciate and respect our knowledge, if adults are behaving in the same manner as toddlers?

It was a very uncomfortable situation and I believe the adult should have known and acted better.

This type of behaviour by an adult is not a good role model in my eyes, for my toddler to be around. I don’t want my 3 yo to think it’s ok to tell at people especially when frustrated. I feel a better reaction by the adult would have been talking in a civilised voice and try to help my 3yo to understand that accidents can happen and that becoming frustrated is ok but don’t allow it to overcome and upset you.

What he saw instead was an adult behaving like a toddler and throwing his own tantrum instead of acting like an adult and teaching a ‘better way’ to deal with feelings.

The article below, is a very informative read on why yelling at teenagers isn’t appropriate or doesn’t work. I personally don’t believe yelling is the answer in any case. It just shows me, aggression, frustration and lack of self control. I don’t feel that yelling or raising your voice is the answer. It may make your voice loud and heard, however I feel there are many other more intelligent ways to communicate other than raising your voice.

How do you feel when being yelled at?

Does it make you listen? I know it frustrates me and I generally ‘tune out’ to that type of behaviour. If you need to yell to get your point across, perhaps re think your point?

How else can you deliver your thoughts and or feelings without having to yell?

Do yourself a favour, click this link, have a read and let me know your thoughts.

Why This Common Discipline is Harmful for Teens

Creamy chicken and rice.

Creamy chicken and rice.

With the cooler weather approaching I find myself looking for ‘comfort food’. Generally speaking, something warm and yummy yet nutritious!

Now I made this in my ThermoMix but for those who don’t have a ThermoMix I’m sure you could easily cook this either using your stove top and food processor.

It’s my variation of chicken and corn risotto. The last step of blitzing you don’t have to do, I just choose to as I prefer it less ‘rice like texture’ and I also feed this to my 10 month old.


20g butter
3 skinless chicken thighs
150g aborio rice
3 cups chicken stock
1/4 cup quinoa grain – I use tri colour
400gm corn kernals (1 large tin)
400gm butter beans (1 large tin)
1/4 cup cottage cheese (I use low fat)

Put rice and butter in thermi, sauté 2 min at 100 degrees speed 2.

Add chicken stock and quinoa. Cook at 100 degrees in reverse speed 3 for 12 minutes.

Add all other ingredients and cook for 4 minutes at 90 degrees in reverse speed 2.

Once allowed to site for approx 2 minutes.

Purée on speed 6 for approx 10 seconds. (Optional)

I freeze this also in smaller servings for my 10 month old.