Easy Salmon Balls

Well if like me you are constantly trying to come up with some new ideas to give your toddler to eat, this one is easy.

My little guy is very independant and is now only wanting to feed himself, so coming up with healthy options for finger food wasnt easy. Perhaps your toddler is fussy also? Mine is all about texture – he likes to poke everything and only then if he decides the texture is ok, well then he may eat it.

It also helps them to add some fish into their diets. As we all know fish is full of wonderful minerals including magnesium and omega 3 which is great for brain development and also good for the fatty tissue in skin.

Here is a very simple yet yummy recipe that my little one loves – mainly because he can feed himself!

1 x tin red or pink salmon – drained o f brine

1 x medium sweet potato

1 x half cup bread crumbs

1 x tablespoon lemon juice

2 x tablespoons wholemeal flour

1 x quarter cup of cottage cheese

Method –

Chop the sweet potato into cubes and cook until soft then drain water and mash coarsly.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

Combine the salmon, sweet potato, cottage cheese, lemon and flour then roll into balls – approx the size of golf balls

After the balls are rolled – roll them in the bread crumbs and make sure they are well coated

Line a baking tray with baking paper then gently place all the salmon balls on the tray evenly spaced

Bake for approx 10 minutes, watching as to not burn turning as they gow golden.

Keeping your energy levels up!

Everyone is familiar with all-out feeling or that exhausted day (or night) when no matter how enticing something can be, we just can’t psych ourselves up to go.

What can be harder to recognize is a low-grade energy drain. In this case, you may not necessarily feel the classic signs of exhaustion. Much like achy muscles or that all-over tired feeling. What you do experience is an increasing lack of get-up-and-go for many of the activities you used to love.

You may also find it harder to concentrate on normal every day tasks, and, eventually, you can also find your patience grows short and your level of frustration rises, even when confronted with seemingly simple every day things.

Top 10 Energy Boosters
1. Increase Your Magnesium Intake

Eating a balanced diet can help ensure your vitamin and mineral needs are met. But if you still find yourself too to tired you could have a slight magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is a mineral that is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in your body, including breaking down glucose into energy, So when levels are even a little low, energy can drop.

It’s known that women with magnesium deficiencies have higher heart rates and required more oxygen to do physical tasks than they did after their magnesium levels were restored. That means their bodies were working harder which, over time, can leave you feeling even more tired and depleted.

The recommended daily intake of magnesium is around 300 milligrams for women and 350 milligrams for men. To make sure you’re getting enough try Adding a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashews to your daily diet. This will also Increase your intake of whole grains, particularly bran cereal. Eat more fish, especially halibut.

2. Walk Around the Block

While it may seem as if moving about when you feel exhausted is the quickest route to feeling more exhausted, the opposite is true. Experts say that increasing physical activity, particularly walking, increases energy, you will also be surprised what fresh air will do for your brain function.

I personally like walking because it’s free, easily accessible, easy to do, doesn’t need training or equipment and you can do it anywhere.

By taking a brisk 10-minute walk it will not only increase your energy, but the effects lasted up to two hours. And when the daily 10-minute walks continued for three weeks, overall energy levels and mood were lifted.

3. Take a Power Nap

Research has shown that both information overload and pushing our brains too hard can zap energy. But studies by the National Institutes of Mental Health found that a 60-minute “power nap” can not only reverse the mind-numbing effects of information overload, it may also help us to better retain what we have learned.

4. Don’t Skip Breakfast or Any Other Meal actually.

People who eat breakfast are almost always certain to being in a better mood, and have more energy throughout the day. By breaking the fast soon after rising supplies your body with a jolt of fuel that sets the tone for the whole day. Also by eating breakfast you are also kick starting your metabolism. This will also help you to burn fats throughout the rest of the day.

5. Reduce your Stress and Deal With Anger levels.

Stress is the result of anxiety, and anxiety uses up a whole lot of our energy and causes negativity within our lives that is also draining of our energy levels.
6. Drink More Water and Less Alcohol

You may already know that it’s easy to confuse signals of hunger with thirst we think we need food when we really need water. But did you know that thirst can also masquerade as fatigue. A quick glass of water not only satisfy’s hunger but will help keep your brain alert longer.

7. Eat More Whole Grains and Less Sugar

The key here is keeping blood sugar balanced so energy is constant.

We all know that When you’re eating a sweet food, you get a quick spike in blood sugar, which gives you an initial burst of energy or rush. However that’s also followed by a just as fast drop in blood sugar, which in turn can leave you feeling even more tired that in the beginning.

8. Have a Snack

snacking is more than just eating between meals. Have something healthy that combines protein, a little fat and some fiber, like peanut butter on a whole-wheat cracker, or some yogurt with a handful of nuts.

The carbohydrate offer a quick pick-me-up, the protein keeps your energy up, and the fat makes the energy last.

9. Make It a Latte

Pair a quick caffeine hit with the sustaining power of protein by having a low-fat latte instead of just a cup of coffee.

The milk turns your java into a protein drink, which provides not only extra energy, but extra calcium, which is good for your bones. Combine it with a handful of almonds, the healthy fat should also satisfy your hunger.

10. Check Your Thyroid Function and Complete Blood Cell Count

It certainly won’t provide an instant boost. But if you’re constantly low on energy especially if you feel sluggish and still tired even after a good night’s rest.

You can also to your doctor about a blood test for thyroid dysfunction as well as anemia if you are concerned.

Thyroid can be a particular problem for women it often develops after childbirth and frequently during the perimenopause but a simple blood test can verify if this is your problem. If you’re diagnosed with low thyroid function, medication can bring your body back up to speed.

In anemia a reduction in red blood cells can mean your body isn’t getting the level of oxygen necessary to sustain energy. So, you tire more easily.

This can sometimes occur during a woman’s reproductive years, particularly if she has a very heavy menstrual cycle.

Again with any health issues. Always consult your doctor first.


Does your toddler sleep?

Toddler Sleeping Issues!

My little guy has never been a great sleeper, I fact he has always woken minimal 4 times per night.

I’ve read all minds of books to try and get assistance with this. I’ve done control crying and white noise. You name it, I’ve tried it! Still with no avail.

I’ve been told not by one but by many that once asleep, most toddlers sleep through most nights without waking the house hold. But toddlers love to test their independence, so getting them to bed in the first place can be a challenge within itself!

Toddlers also get overtired easily. When they do, they find it harder to get to sleep. They become over stimulated and more aroused. Once you can spot these little signs of tiredness, you should start to settle your bub before grumpiness sets in. A consistent bedtime routine will be a big help.

Understanding sleep and sleep patterns is an important starting point for helping your child develop healthy habits and a positive attitude towards sleep.

Toddler sleep schedule according to our peaditrician should be :

7 am: wake up
1 pm: morning sleep of approx 2 hours
3 pm: wake up
7 pm: bedtime.
If your toddler’s day sleep is too long or too late in the day, you might struggle in getting them ready for bed until late at night.

Some toddlers like to wake with the birds at 5.30 am or 6 am. Like my little guy. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it. Putting him toddler to bed later at night in the hope of later starts in the morning doesn’t tend to work. He still wakes with the first chirp of a birdie!

In some books I’ve read they say a consistent bedtime routine helps prepare a child for sleep. Most toddlers are ready for bed between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm. This is a good time, because they sleep deepest between 8 pm and midnight.

A routine might look something like this:

6.30 pm: brush teeth and change nappy
6.45 pm: quiet time (read a book or tell a story)
7 pm: into bed and kiss goodnight.
If your child takes a dummy to bed, you might consider saying goodbye to it at around three years old. My little guy still has one but he is only 16 months old. I constantly get judged by others for allowing him to have it but it settles him and comforts him when upset so I’m happy to allow it for the time being.

Every night if I don’t wait in my little mans room until he is completely asleep he will cry and call out to me. Not daddy or anyone else, just me. This can be testing and I have tried to let him cry it out but he works himself up so much that he vomits. This then means I have to change the sheets and do extra washing. I’ve been suggested by trecillian to try these tips:

1. Avoid boisterous play before bedtime. This can make it harder for your child to settle. Imagine if you were to listen to very loud techno music then try sleeping straight away? Not going to happen as your too pumped up and exited. The same goes for a toddler.

2. Establish a consistent, calming bedtime routine. Before leaving the room, check that your child has everything they need. Remind your child to stay quietly in bed.

3. Try not to respond to your child’s calls after you’ve turned the light out, no matter how loud he protests. If you respond, he’ll try the same thing again next bedtime.

4. If your child gets up and try’s to get out of bed, return them to bed firmly or pay them back down and quietly – over and over until there’s no more getting up. Or you can return them to their bed once – if they get up again, close the bedroom door and ignore all further protests.

5. If your toddler shares a bedroom with a brother or sister, you might need to delay your other child’s bedtime by half an hour until your toddler is settled and asleep. With luck, your toddler will very quickly get the message that bedtime is for sleeping, and the disruption to all will be minimal.

6. In calling out, your child might actually need something. If your child has done a poo, change the nappy with the lights dim and no talking. If your child is scared of a monster under the bed, a quick check by you (with the light off) can confirm the room is monster-free. Your toddler might settle after that. If your child is scared of the dark, think about using a night-light. Whatever the issue is, keeping on eye on light and noise in your child’s room is a good idea.

Other issues that you may experience that I have are night terrors and or bad dreams. A night terror is when your child suddenly becomes very agitated while in a state of deep sleep. A night terror can last from a few minutes up to 40 minutes. My little one often does this and they say not to wake them as they don’t understand or realize what is happening and quite often don’t even remember. Waking them can result in them going back to sleep and experiencing the sane dream / terror.

Many children grind their teeth at some stage. Children won’t usually be woken up by the sound of their own teeth grinding – but other people in the room might be!

Moving to a ‘big bed’
Most children move from a cot to a bed somewhere between two and three-and-a-half years old. But there’s no hurry, particularly as some young toddlers become trickier to manage in a bed. Of course, you might need to move your child if your child has started climbing out of the cot or needs to use the potty at night, or if you need the cot for a new baby.

Getting help
Pills, potions and tonics aren’t usually the answer to solving children’s sleeping problems – there are better ways to deal with your child’s sleep difficulties. I’ve tried rescue remedie, baby calm, lavender, white noise. Everything. We are moving house in 3 weeks so I plan on getting trecillian in to help at the new house.

More info on this can be found at:



Delicious healthy burgers!

Mushroom burgers!

Portobello Burgers:
4 x very large portobello mushrooms
1/4 x cup sun-dried-tomato pesto
4 x whole-grain hamburger buns, split
1 x large ripe tomato, cut into 8 slices
1 x 250gm fresh goat cheese, cut crosswise into 8 slices
8 x large fresh basil leaves (optional)

Carrot-Fennel Slaw:
2 x cup shredded carrots
1 x small fennel bulb, trimmed and thinly sliced
1/2 x cup (loosely packed) fresh basil leaves, thinly sliced
2 x teaspoon olive oil
1 1/2 x teaspoon apple cider vinegar
Salt and pepper

Prepare Portobello Burgers:
Preheat toaster oven to 180 degrees Place portobellos on foil-lined oven tray, rounded side up.
Bake 14 minutes.
Flip mushrooms; spread 1 tablespoon pesto evenly on each.
Bake 10 minutes or until mushrooms are just tender.

Carrot-Fennel Slaw:
In large bowl, mix carrots, fennel, basil, oil, vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper until well combined.

Toast buns.
Place 2 tomato slices on bottom of each bun. Top each with 1 portobello, 2 slices goat cheese, 2 basil leaves, and top of bun. Serve burgers with Carrot-Fennel Slaw.

Super for women = super woman

Super for women = super women!

So we all know that when a woman stops working for an employer they no longer have paid superannuation right? So when we retire – which we never actually do as we are always still working around the house or looking after children and our loved ones it’s still working, however not paid with money. What do we use as our nest egg?

So many articles of late have bought up this very topic and so I thought I’d share a few tips that I have been doing to help me upon retirement.

1. Put a little away each week into your super account. I don’t earn a lot so can’t really afford to put much away however even though my employer puts my superannuation into my account quarterly, each week I have $20 of my own money go into the same super account. It isn’t much but when I retire it will all add up, every little bit helps!

2. Commissions – again when I make commissions (I work in a sales role) I transfer these into my superannuation account.

3. Gifts – if you are given money – sometimes my family give me birthday money and although it’s rally toying to go buy that dress that you love and think you need – perhaps use the money towards your superannuation. Or if you can’t bear to not spoilt yourself a little – let’s face if we all love gifts and new things 🙂 maybe put $20 in the super and use the rest to get yourself a little something.

4. Sell your unwanted items – perhaps you have a wardrobe of clothes that you just can’t fit into or they are no longer your style? Or maybe you have baby things that are no longer of use? Sell them! I know the thought of selling your belongings can seem overwhelming, but I promise you it’s not hard.

There are so many different selling options out there. Garage sale, eBay, gumtree, local markets and boot sales. All these unwanted items – turn them into cash. Then bank it! Put it in your superannuation.

We all know superannuation accounts are different. Mine is a good one with small annual fees and quite safe – how I like it. I like the thought of paying minimal but still making a return. It may not be a huge fast return but hey – I’m only 33 and not ready to retire yet!

Find the right super find that suits your needs and remember, adding a little extra now will only benefit you in the long term! Happy retirement!

Chapters of our lives.

I have this theory, that we go through chapters in our lives. Much like a novel / book we all have different stages / chapters.

Let me tell you a little about my chapters.

Chapter 1.
I grew up in a small country town in NSW. The whole population of the town where I grew up in is approx 2500 people. There is a lot of farming there especially with dairy cattle.

I did all my schooling there and studied to be a fitness instructor whilst studying my HSC (high school certificate in grade 12) as soon as I completed my HSC I moved to Sydney with my then high school boyfriend and started work in a university gymnasium. I did everything from teaching aerobic classes to one on one personal training, swim coaching, pool life guarding and the customer service desk. That relationship was failing as we were both too young to be 100% committed to the relationship so we called it a day.

Chapter 2.
I met a guy who was in the Royal Australian Navy. I thought he was wonderful and after knowing him approx 3 months, I moved to WA to be with him. This was a whirlwind relationship I was 20yo. After approx 6 months he proposed and I thought he was the ‘one’. Needless to say things turned sour after I found out he was cheating on me. I staied in WA though and soildered on with my life at 21yo.

Chapter 3.
After almost 3 years in WA I decided it was time to be closer to my family. My older sister had just had her first baby – a gorgeous little girl and my brother who was a jackaroo had been involved in a terrible accident and was in hospital with various broken bones, fractures on the skull and punctured lungs. So back to Sydney I moved.

I started working for a transport company selling their services and was romanced by a much younger guy. I was first not interested as we were colleagues however after him chasing me for over 12 months, I allowed him to take me to dinner. I started a new job and thought our relationship would work.

He was 5 years my junior. We actually got along very well and out romance blossomed. I was shortly introduced to his family and being South American, I was welcomed as part of their family and got along with everyone very well. This relationship for lack of a better word was ‘toxic’ he being younger just wanted to go party with his mates and as he lived with his parents an hour from the city he would ‘use’ my place (I loved alone) as a place to stay after his ‘boys nights’. I lived 15 minutes from the city.

I think I staied with him as I loved his family and with mine being 4hrs away from Sydney, I felt part of something as his mother thought if me as her own. She has 3 boys.

After putting up with his antics for almost 4 years I broke it off with him. Bought a new apartment that was mine and started over – again.

Chapter 4.
After being single approx a year and starting my own Jewellery wholesale business I thought my life was in order. Until I met my now husband.

We met at a dance party and I initially thought he was homosexual. We were dancing in a group and everyone was quite risky and he was the only guy not ‘mauling’ the girls. 🙂 until he made his move on me.

After acres hours of him trying to convince me he wasn’t homosexual we kissed. From that night on we were inseparable. We were truly in love and spent all our time together. We went visiting my friends and the first time he told me he loved me was in the rain running home after dinner. We had only been dating a month.

I won’t say our relationship was or is perfect. He is 9 years my senior, divorced, has a now almost 12 yo son to his first wife and was quite the bachelor in between his divorce and our beginning.
The first 2 years of our relationship was rocky, we broke up 3 times as he wasn’t sure he wanted to be in a committed relationship. His son and I didn’t really get along, no matter how hard I tried the child hated me. He would ignore me, kick me under the table, throw food at me and basically do anything to annoy me.

My hubby thought this was all to hard on the child so decided to call it quits on our relationship. Instead of disciplining the child the easy option was to break up and eliminate the ‘hard’ part. At every break up we were only apart 2 weeks. He kept coming back apologizing profusely. Saying he loves me and can’t be without me.

Chapter 5.
After dating my now husband for 2 years we decided to live together – well officially live together. We had spent almost every night together since meeting however both owned our own apartments.

On a holiday in Thailand I decided to sell my unit and we decide to rent his out and live together. We rented a gorgeous house that was quite the family home.

Bare in mind, my now hubby was never getting married again nor was he ever having more children (reminder that we have a 15 month old).

We lived happily together for a year when out for dinner one night the bombshell was dropped. ‘I want to see other people’ he said to me. I thought my world was ending.

Chapter 6.
So after he gave me a month to move out – I started my life yet over again. I picked up the pieces and moved on. Well tried to.

I found a new home, I decided to find a new job and I got on with things. We kept in touch and he started dating other people which hurt. People that I knew.

Within 6 weeks we was asking to forgive him. I was receiving text messages daily, being asked for dinners, emails at work and flowers left at my door.

I asked him why should I forgive and why does he feel he deserves a second chance? He had stuffed me around and this wasn’t fair. We had already broken up 3 times, why would I want to put myself through this again?

So I wrote him a long well thought out email with approx 20 reasons as to why I should consider our relationship again.

Each morning on his way to work he would leave a note and a rose on the windscreen of my car answering a question. This went on until every question I had asked was answered. I didn’t take him back that easily though. I made him start proving his love and saying me, and only me again.

Within a week I had a plane ticket emailed to my work, this ticket was to join him in Paris! At first I wasn’t sure but thought – hey he making a good effort here what have I to loose?

On the trip we did all the romantic things and at the top of the Eiffel Tower he have me a diamond ring. No not an engagement ring but a ‘promise’ ring. This was a promise that he would never break my heart again. And he hasn’t!

Chapter 7.
We broke up the last day in January, were back together in April and in Paris in May. In feb the following year he proposed, out our favorite park wit a romantic picnic. He had called in sick from his job that day however I knew something was up.

At around 4pm he called me at work to tell me that he would pick me up as he had a surprise for me. I knew what the surprise was. Let’s say woman’s instinct.

We drove to our favorite place and he had everything prepared and said ‘you know your my best friend right?, you know you mean the works to me right?, I’m
Sorry for the past but I want you in my life for forever, will you make me the happiest man in the works and be my wife? Well I said yes!

Chapter 8.
We started planning a holiday along the Amalfi Coast. His suggestion to my delight was to elope. Just me and him and the Amalfi coast, so romantic and surreal. We had set the date for our family wedding for September that year. 2 weddings within the year I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the universe.

Chapter 9.
After our Amalfi wedding we decided to start and try for a baby. A wonderful addition to our life. This was a horrible set back. I was told I had no eggs and unless I started HRT (hormone replacement therapy) I would not conceive naturally.

So I had booked myself in with Sydney’s best IVF specialist and started alternate therapies including daily Chinese herbs, acupuncture 3 times per week, yoga, meditation, all natural diet- no foods won’t preservatives, no alcohol, no caffeine, nothing that wasn’t natural.

Yes this was tough but I knew I had to do it. I also spoke to my mother and sister about using their eggs. My sister has beautiful healthy children and my mother has 3 also.

All this whilst planning our Sydney wedding. After our Sydney wedding I had my unfortunate dilemma with my boss and friend (previous post ‘friend or foe’) I then got head hunted by a competitor whom I now still work for almost 3 years later.

It took a while but with persistence and a clear mind we fell pregnant in the January. After 9 months trying we had naturally conceived. Our IVF doctor couldn’t believe it. So we canceled the HRT and IVF and monitored the pregnancy very closely.

I was sick – very sick throughout my pregnancy vomiting twice sometimes more daily. But again very well worth it!

Chapter 10.
After 9 grueling but amazing months of pregnancy watching my belly grow, see the ultrasounds, hear my little guys heat beat, feel him move inside me – yes he was super active, all that amazing stuff and more. I had my gorgeous little man in November 2012.

The past 16 months have been sleepless, restless, lots of learning. Motherhood has taught me so much.

It’s thought me to put less pressure on myself, accept mistakes, learn to accept that I’m doing the best that I can every day and stressing about being the perfect mother, wife, employee, step mother and friend is not worth it.

I had this amazing little man enter my world who is tried so hard to get, be totally reliant on me. He didn’t know if I was making mistakes or not doing something right. I was clearly just being hard on myself.

He just needed nappie changes, being fed, being clean and most importantly being loved.

Chapter 11.
So somewhere between getting married in Sydney and falling pregnant (may actually) we moved in with my husbands parents. My hubby took a voluntary redundancy – I know good timing, and to elevate any extra financial stress we rented out our gorgeous home that we bought and moved in with his parents.

We have now been living here now almost 2 years. Thankfully we have also bought our own new home.

We sold our other home 2 weeks ago and now move I to a fresh new family home in 18 days. Not that I am counting 🙂

This is yet another wonderful chapter in my life.

See I believe we all have chapters.

If you sit down and think about where you started and where you are now you are bound to have a few stories.

Think about your chapters. Weather they msgs you laugh or make you cry. We all have a story to tell. Some will appreciate your honesty, others will judge but remember the only important judge on your life is yourself.




Defining Relationships?

Sex and the city and Relationship definition?

How do you define your relationships?

Do we have to define our relationships?

Well I’m a HUGE, MASSIVE sex and the city fan. I can watch the series over and over. Oh and the movies! Yep I’m totally a fan! My husband thinks I’m obsessed and bizzar but I simply love it!!

I think we can all relate to one of them. I’m not sure which one I relate to? I think a little of each of them?

These girls defined many of us. The ups and downs of being female. Friendships, boyfriends, finances, careers, outfits – oh the outfits! Long lunches, tears on the phone, late night calls, babies and so on.

So if like me, you have watched the series and movies over and over again and again you will know and remember the most of the famous one liners and are happy to use them. Here are a few of my favorites.

The girls hit Atlantic City to celebrate Charlotte’s ‘thirty-faux’ birthday:
Carrie: “People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates – hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar.”

After Miranda’s soon-to-be hubby, Steve, recovers from testicular cancer: “Balls are to men what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag, but we’d feel naked in public without it” – Carrie

Anti-bride Miranda on choosing her wedding dress: Miranda: “I said no white, no ivory, no nothing that says ‘virgin’. I have a child. The jig is up.”

After hearing that Charlotte caught her date kissing another woman – whilst still on the date: Samantha: “Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls… because they can.”

On Charlotte’s blind optimism: Charlotte: “I read it in a magazine.”
Miranda: “What magazine? Convenient Theories For You Monthly?”

On not having the money for a deposit to buy back her apartment from Aidan after they split: Carrie: “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live?! I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes.”

On having some perspective: Carrie: “Saturday night’s dinner came and went with no call from Big. My life was suddenly shit.”

On moving to Napa: Carrie: “If you’re tired, you take a napa, you don’t move to Napa.”

On Aidan making a mess whilst he renovates her flat: Carrie: “You can stay here with your boxes of shit and your shoe-eating dog and knock yourself out putting on the Rogaine and the Speed Stick.”

On Carrie’s first book cover: Courtney (showing Carrie her book cover): “Let me talk you through it. Blurred background, aah, fast paced city. And you, naked with nothing but your ideas.” Carrie: “I get it. But, see, no matter how fast paced the city, I always manage to get my clothes on before I leave the apartment.”

On chocolate addictions and excellent voicemail messages: Miranda (leaving a message on Carrie’s answering machine): “Your good friend Miranda has just taken a piece of cake out of the garbage and eaten it. You will probably need this information when you check me into the Betty Crocker Clinic.”

On investing: Carrie: “I like my money right where I can see it… Hanging in my closet.”

On moving in with Aidan: Carrie: “I used to think those people who sat alone at Starbucks writing on their laptops were pretentious posers. Now I know: They are people who have recently moved in with someone.”

On critiquing your boyfriend’s new book:
Carrie: “And if you would shut your trap, I could tell you that I love, love, loved it! I loved it… Except for one huge problem. You have your leading lady running all over town wearing a scrunchie. A SCRUNCHIE!”

After finding out Samantha, in the quest for eternal youth, is having the fat from her derrière injected into her face:
Miranda: “Whatever happened to aging gracefully?”
Carrie: “It got old.”

Carrie: I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love. And I don’t think that love is here in this expensive suite in this lovely hotel in Paris.

Big: I have to hand it to you kid. Most people come to Paris to fall in love. You came and got slapped.

Smith: Hey, Babe, I flew back… Samantha: You flew all night? Why? Smith: I forgot to tell you something on the phone… I love you. Samantha: You flew back to tell me that? Smith: Can you think of a better reason? Samantha: No, I can’t. You have meant more to me than any man I have ever known.

Big: It took me a really long time to get here, but I’m here. Carrie, you’re the one.
Magda: What you did. That is love. You love.

Miranda: after giving Steve’s mother, who has had a stroke, a bath Let’s not make a big deal of it to Steve, it will upset him.

Charlotte: Harry, I’m a bad wife. I ordered Chinese. Harry: I got something from China, too. They’re giving us a baby. Charlotte: What? Harry: I guess God remembered our address.

(After Big went and got Carrie in paris, they returned to New York) Big: You know, I don’t live here anymore and the Four Season won’t check you in until one o’clock. Carrie: Oh, Did you wanna come up? Big: Abso-fucking-lutely!

However my all time ever favorite is Carrie defining her relationships – famously quoted below.

Carrie:(Last Line in the last ever tv series) Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.

I personally think this is well said!

For more of theses click the link below :

Working mums.

Can you be a working mum without guilt?

So I feel like I’ve been juggling / multi tasking what ever you want to call it.

I’m a wife, a mother, a step mother and until recently I also worked full time. Not full time in the essence of 5 days per week 8 hours per day in an office environment, but 4 days working from my home office averaging 6 hours per day and then in the office one day per week for 7 hours.

I have always worked full time and always supported myself. Even when I married. My husband has an 11 year old to his first wife so I have been step mum for the past 8 years. We now also have our own adorable, wonderful, amazing little guy who is 16 months old.

So that’s 2 boys and a husband in a very demanding role which requires him long hours in the office and stressful odd hour phone calls to international branches of the company he works for. Providing a stable environment for them including cooking healthy dinners every night for all of us, daily cleaning, packing lunches, doing the washing, ironing, vacuuming, groceries, dusting, mopping as we have floor boards, and many other house hold duties.

With this I still worked full time – 40 hours per week right up until a week prior to giving birth. I then proceeded to work from home averaging 35 hours per week since my bub was 5 days old. I was only in hospital 2 nights.

Yes this was a struggle as there was not a single day throughout my pregnancy where I wasn’t ill. I threw up minimal twice daily and was constantly tired and nauseous, however I loved my role and felt obliged to work as I had only been with the company / business 10 weeks when we found out we were expecting.

I told the CEO of the business straight away as I was also still within the probation period so thought it was the right thing to do. Give them the option of letting me go within the probation period. Although I was t through my 12 week safe zone, I felt I needed to be honest with the company. To my delight they decided to keep me on.

After bringing my bundle of love and joy home I worked 35 hours per week from our home office up until July where I started going into the city office on Tuesdays. I had a private Nannie for my bub as he also suffered severe reflux and had dairy intolerance which meant day care didn’t want the responsibility of him in there care at 6 months old. As he had reflux he refused his bottle and rightly so as it would be painful and burn him when swallowing the milk and reflux also causes acid burn within the trachea – quite painful. With his dairy intolerance it would mean also being very cautious as to not allow him access to any dairy.

I understand they didn’t want the responsibility so we chose the safe option of a private Nannie in our home.

This was also not a cheap option costing us $250 per day. It did however give peace of mind knowing the love of my life was safe and in his own surroundings.

I know it was a hard position for me to return to work as being a first time mum I didn’t want to leave my 6 month old son.

I also appreciate it was a hard position for my employer as they didn’t have me in the office full time. Being in the office full time provided team moral and as I am quite a bubbly, easy going, energetic, ‘up and at Em’ kind of girl I feel I provided a sense of energy in the office. I was also the only person within the company doing my niche role.

I know they wanted and needed me in the office full time however I just couldn’t do it. We didn’t have confirmed day care and we certainly couldn’t afford a private Nannie 5 days per week.

This played on my mind daily as I felt I was letting them down, especially after they were so good to me and understanding and supporting my position with my bub and also especially after keeping me employed when I announced my pregnancy.

But who was I really letting down?

The company?

My baby?

Or myself?

I loved working and felt lucky to work in the role I was in. I’m a qualified interior designer and worked for an art investment house. Quite niche and with only 5 competitors within Australia very fortunate to be employed within the industry. Id been working in this role for just over 4 years. I’d previously worked with another company doing the exact same thing for 2 years prior to being head hunted by this company. (Head hunted is where the company approaches you and offers you to work with them)

I have however sadly since resigned from this position.

There were many factors which equated to any decision, however I ask myself – have I don’t the right thing?

This is the first time ever in my life that I’ve never been employed. Well since I was 15 – I started waitressing and worked in a restaurant kitchen 4 nights per week after school at the tender age of 15 but prior to that was baby sitting on a regular basis from about 13 years old earning approx $50 per week (back then – think circa 1993 – this was a lot of money for a tween) This is also the first time ever that I’ve had to rely on someone else. I’ve always provided for myself.

So this is a bad thing you ask? It is as I’m very self sufficient and proud. At any point in my 20’s I would work 2 jobs and an very proud to say purchased my own first home at 26. With my own hard earned money with no hand outs or gifts or help from anyone. Just me and my savings account. 🙂

So I’ve had to learn, to ask my husband for money – this is a task to me as I’m a proud person to hates to ask for anything.

I’ve always been on a budget as I’ve also arrived to save and provide for myself so this isn’t new, but I’ve never been unemployed.

How will I fill my days?

Well I plan on spending every minute with my little guy. I’ve felt guilty working whilst he has been so young. I’ve been consumed with thoughts that I’ve missed out on precious moments with him.

Now it’s time for me to relish in being a mummy. Gosh we tried so hard to have him – that’s another story of daily Chinese herbs, acupuncture 3 times per week, daily meditation, a clean natural diet with no preservatives and weekly yoga!

So my time to be a mummy!

Tell me do you feel guilty?

Do you feel society puts pressure on you to work and be a mummy?

Do you feel judged for not wanting to be employed?

How do you juggle being employed and being a mummy?

Don’t get me wrong, I actually believe that being a mother is the most rewarding job ever. If I were to write a list of daily jobs that make up being a mother you may be shocked however I defiantly take my hat off to those mothers who can do it all.

I struggled not with time management but with guilt. I couldn’t get my head around leaving my little guy 5 days nor could I stop feeling guilty that I had a sense of owing the company that I worked for.

All in all a very tough decision for me.

Well I always have my blog!

Tell me your story. Do you work? How do you juggle? Do you feel guilt with regards to your company or your family?


Cherry ripe cheesecake balls…!

So this easy yet delicious recipe isn’t for those dieting. It’s rich in flavor and absolutely  devine! It was passed on to me from a friend and the basics can be varied for different flavors.


  • 250 grams cream cheese, softened
  • 4 cherry ripe bars, diced
  • 3/4 cup dessicated coconut
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • dessicated coconut to coat
  • chocolate dukkah to coat or cocoa or grated chocolate.

Beat the cream cheese and sugar with electric mixer until smooth (I use Philadelphia cream cheese) add coconut and mix well. Then add the diced cherry ripe bars and mix with wooden spoon.

Take one teaspoon of mix and roll into balls. These can be as large or as small as you like. Place coconut and dukkah – or your chosen dressing  in small bowls,  now lightly roll your balls in the chocolate dukkah or your chosen flavor.

Refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.

Recipe Hints and Tips:

  • Cherry Ripe Cheesecake Balls must be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator at all times unless serving, They will keep for 4-5 days in fridge.
  • Chocolate dukkah can be bought from some supermarkets or you can substitute it with drinking chocolate or finely shaved chocolate in any flavor you fancy.
  • Change the type of chocolate bar to give you endless options, peppermint crisp for example for a tasty yet easy after dinner mint style dessert!